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A man of exceptional sensibilities James Fleming, founder of Aberlour spirits, lived by the family motto (bestowed on it by the legendary Robert the Bruce) – ‘Let The Deed Show’, which means ‘actions speak louder than our words’. And yes, James Fleming did let the spirits that he so lovingly produced do all the talking. For the proof of the spirits lies in the drinking. That precious legacy still drives the actions of all the craftsmen in the company that define its character. And that sentiment “Let the Deed Show” is appropriately displayed on every bottle of Aberlour.
Unlocking the Magic
James Fleming had an astute sense of business garnered from his years as a dealer of grains for many local distillers. In 1879 he set up his distillery with the idea of creating a spirit of exceptional distinction. He got himself a slice of land in the Scottish village of Aberlour, and set up the distillery on the site of St Drostan’s Well, thus securing forever this priceless source of pure spring water. Situated at the confluence of the rivers Lour and Spey, the distillery is a short distance away from the peaks of Ben Rinnes.
Pure spring water for making the spirits is drawn from the Lour, and the maturing spirit in the warehouse beneficially inhales the moist Speyside air.
Even in the 1880s, James Fleming’s new set-up was considered to be ‘a perfect modern distillery’. Within a year, the business was up and running. Even when the fire of 1898 destroyed several buildings and a lot of the stock of spirits, the distillery was rebuilt and to this day is reputed for the role of modernisation and technology in keeping it abreast with the times. Yet the traditional working character of the place remains a constant. Its range of superlative single malt spirits are marked by layers of complexity and velvet richness. Aberlour distillery produces a spirit of exceptional quality, boasting characteristics that are clean, crisp and fruity with striking depth. The spirit comes in a variety of ages, including a 10, 12, 15, 16, 18 and a rare 30-year old 1970 vintage malt, as well as a cask strength release, A’bunadh, with no age statement.
Precious Deeds from Nature
The lifeblood of the spirits of Aberlour is the pristine spring water cascading down the slopes of the granite girth of Ben Rinnes, before it debouches into the Lour valley and wends its way to the distillery. The plentiful rain and snow that falls on “The Ben” filters through layers of peat cloaked in fragrant heather, influencing the flavour and character of the spirits. Only trace elements from the granite of the mountain’s surface get added to the water rather than minerals, as a result, the water emerging from the ground is very soft. Not a drop of this precious water is wasted as only the required amount for each spirits batch is drawn from the springs. The water, in fact, is barely treated in any way; and since nothing is added and nothing needs taking away it is as pristine as it gets delivered by Nature to the distillery. Yes, this precious spring water is a gift from Nature, pure and simple. The air too in the Scottish Highlands is clear and bracing, and the soft Highland mist also seeps into the maturing spirit leaving an indefinable imprint.
Let the DEED show
Rather than boasting about the distinctive qualities of his Aberlour distinctive Aberlour spirit, James Fleming remained true to his family’s motto since the days of Robert the Bruce, ‘Let the deed show’. He was of the firm belief that legacy is what we leave behind. You may be at the top, but how you journeyed there brings respect and creates that legacy. It is an essential aspect of success and an inseparable ingredient of your personality. It is what you do and not what you say that matters. Actions speak louder than words; hence being kind on your way to the top differentiates you from the crowd at the top.
A Philanthropic Spirit
A man of compassion and generosity James Fleming was not the type of man who looked for reward or recognition for his kindness. This was amply evident at the time when he built the Penny Bridge, or commissioned a community hall for the people of Aberlour and left money to fund the construction of a hospital.
Deed 1
Double cask Double Depth
Twelve years hibernating in Spanish casks and American Oak Barrels is how the spirits mature to an exquisite complexity
Deed 9
Nothing but Barley
Purity is of utmost importance. Each malted barley delivery undergoes strict scrutiny to ensure its of the finest quality
Deed 19
A Drop Of Luck
Every year a bottle of 12 year Aberlour is poured into the Spey to mark the beginning of the salmon fishing season in the month of February. The water blessing encourages a good fishing season for the community
Deed 22
A long-standing Legacy
James Fleming was not the type of man who looked for reward or recognition for his kindness, even when he built the penny bridge after a young boy’s life was claimed by the fast-flowing Spey.
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