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One of Wade Wilson’s best friends in the X-Men has powers that may put them in danger of falling into the sights of the Vampire Nation.
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Deadpool: Black, White & Blood #1-2, on sale now from Marvel Comics.
While Deadpool’s personality and self-aware gift of gab have made him one of Marvel’s most popular characters, most of the characters within the Marvel Universe itself view him as an annoying nuisance at best and a borderline supervillain at worst. One of the few exceptions is Gabby Kinney, the youngest member of the Wolverine Family, who has formed a surprising friendship with the Merc with the Mouth that, to her loved ones’ extreme discomfort, has only gotten stronger with each adorably gruesome misadventure the two have gone on together.
Their concern isn’t unwarranted either, as Deadpool’s chaotic exploits often make him powerful enemies who are more than willing to strike back at him by threatening the people he cares about.  Rather unfortunately, Deadpool’s recent actions in the pages of Deadpool: Black, White, and Red have put him on the blacklist of the Vampire Nation, who now have a new reason to target Gabby thanks to her relationship with Wade and Wolverine.
Debuting in Tom Taylor, David Lopez and David Navarrot’s All-New Wolverine #2, Gabby Kinney is a clone of Wolverine’s daughter Laura Kinney, X-23. One of several clones created by Alchemax to serve as the company’s enforcers, Gabby and her “sisters” escaped and sought revenge against their creators. In the process, Alchemax managed to kill every sister except Gabby and an albino clone named Bellona, who asks Laura to look after Gabby before escaping. During their time together Laura and Gabby develop a strong bond of sisterhood, with Gabby taking on the name Honey Badger and becoming Laura’s sidekick. Gabby’s family grows even bigger when she and Laura move to the mutant nation of Krakoa and form a family with Wolverine and his formerly-villainous son Daken.
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Deadpool himself first meets Gabby when he helps the Wolverine Family save the population of Roosevelt Island from a deadly alien virus. Gabby and Deadpool quickly bond through their macabre senses of humor, to the point where Gabby tells a horrified Laura that Wade’s her best friend. Gabby’s admiration for Deadpool grows even deeper when he helps her destroy a  laboratory holding her sentient pet wolverine, with the two trading friendly wisecracks as they slaughter the undead animals inside. Deadpool even gives Gabby the honor of lighting the building on fire once he’s thoroughly doused the halls with gasoline.
In Deadpool: Black, White, and Red #1’s opening story, “Red All Over” by Tom Taylor, Phil Noto and VC’s Joe Sabino, Deadpool discovers that Palmive Industries, the company behind the original lab, has continued their inhuman research and asks Gabby to help him destroy some escaped specimens after Spider-Man and Wolverine both turn him down. This bloody adventure establishes that Wade hasn’t lost his unique affection for Gabby, regardless of his outspoken hatred for Krakoa and its “fascist” mutants-only policy. Unfortunately, that fact might not bode well for the young mutant after the events of the second issue’s “Deadpool Party” by Karla Pacheco, Leonard Kirk, Rachelle Rosenberg and Sabino. Here, Deadpool and Gambit massacre an entire clan of vampires — something the Vampire King Dracula and his newly-formed Vampire Nation probably won’t take well.
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While Deadpool’s healing factor makes physical retaliation difficult, many of Wade’s enemies have gotten around it by attacking his loved ones. What’s worse, Dracula already had a practical reason to target Gabby. Recently, Dracula has been using Wolverine’s regenerative blood to grant vampires immunity to sunlight, eliminating one of vampirekind’s few existing weaknesses. When he learned about this, Wolverine cut Dracula off at the source by poisoning his blood. Dracula has never given up easily, however, and all three of Logan’s children have inherited their father’s healing abilities. Gabby was already the most likely target because of her youth and isolation from Krakon society, but Deadpool’s slight against his people might prove to be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing his replacement donor.
The Vampire Nation has already proven that they view Krakoa as a threat to their ambitions, so it’s unlikely that they’ll hold back if Dracula decides that Gabby’s going to pay the price for Deadpool’s transgressions against his people. Although Deadpool might not be a big fan of Krakoa and vice-versa, time and time again he’s proven that the people he cares about are more important to him than upholding his grudges If Dracula does decide to make Gabby an unwilling guest of the Vampire Nation, he’ll learn very quickly that no international treaty or sense of personal resentment will keep Deadpool from rescuing his best friend and bringing her home to her family, even if that family happens to hate his regenerative guts.
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