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There are dozens of Disney characters whose story would benefit from a romantic pairing. These are 10 Disney characters that deserve a romance arc.
From Belle and the Beast to Carl and Ellie, Disney has crafted some seriously heartfelt love stories in the studio’s history. Every year, hundreds of weddings and romantic events are inspired by the best Disney couples or loving scene from one of their legions of films, but there are still some couples and characters that don’t get the honor.
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They might be somewhat forgotten, overlooked, or simply lacking a love story of their own, but there are dozens of Disney characters who would benefit from a little romance. It certainly wouldn’t hurt the studio, and it would give the fans more of what they already love.
Truth be told, Milo and Kida probably have one of the most realistic relationships of Disney’s animated characters, but it’s still one that warrants further investigation. Although a sequel was made, there should be something for the two that features their courtship in the forefront.
The reason their relationship works is that they are what the other one seeks. Milo has spent his life searching for proof of Atlantis and Kida wants to understand and interpret her people’s culture. There are multiple scenarios that would make for an excellent follow-up to the sci-fi classic.
During his animated series on Disney Channel, Stitch was given a pink alien love interest as he and Lilo scrambled about collecting Jumba’s missing experiments. Angel, or Experiment 624, was the girl of his dreams and yet she only appeared in a few episodes.
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She’s seen with him in countless park appearances and merchandise, but as far as an actual solid love story, they have none. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but something cute and cuddly fitting the both of them would definitely make fans very happy.
Buzz and Jessie’s relationship is cute and ripe with comedic possibilities, but it’s one that has only been teased and hinted at as far as the Toy Story movies are concerned. As of Toy Story 4, the pairing has only been used as character development for both but hasn’t really been a focus.
There doesn’t necessarily need an entire movie dedicated to it, although that was the case for Woody and Bo, but a short film featuring the pair in a romantic setting would be a romantic comedy done with a touch of Pixar genius.
While it’s true that Mr. Incredible and Elastagirl are already married in both Incredibles movies, that doesn’t mean their relationship gets the time it deserves. Both movies are primarily focused more on the family unit, and while that’s absolutely fine, Bob and Helen’s relationship occasionally gets glossed over.
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They’re two of the few Disney protagonists that are an actual married couple, and their marriage alone could open up for its own sequel. Since the first film opens with them on their wedding day, it might be nice to see how the two met in a prequel inspired by classic-era comic books. The potential to expand is certainly there.
With the wave of ’90s nostalgia in recent years, A Goofy Movie has been rewatched and discussed by the Disney fandom. But despite Max and Roxanne’s cute/awkward high school crush being a key part of the film, their relationship really wasn’t expanded on since.
Outside animated series like Ducktales and House of Mouse, Roxanne has essentially been MIA and so has Max, to a certain extent. This is one couple that could easily benefit from a reboot or a cameo somewhere other than throwbacks.
He might not have a love interest (yet), but there’s no denying seeing Olaf trying to win the heart of an equally wide-eyed snow-gal wouldn’t be absolutely intoxicating. Judging from his playful nature with Gale and the friendship they seem to develop, there’s no reason Disney couldn’t create a wind spirit companion for him.
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Giving Olaf a second party to play off of would be an excellent addition to his character, as well as open up the door to create more short features with him. Surely he’s not the only one out there who likes warm hugs.
Charlotte should have gotten a more Disney fairytale ending than she did in The Princess and the FrogAfter all, she did spend a lot of time with who she thought was Naveen, the man she assumed she was going to marry. She was emotionally invested in someone, and that doesn’t just go away.
Now that she’s learned not everyone is who they appear to be, hopefully, she’ll give Travis from her party a chance. If nothing else, it would give her an opportunity to develop her character a little better.
Hades is a very popular Disney villain, and he’s had a healthy career outside of Hercules and the animated series. But while Disney’s take on the Olympians featured many of the mainstays of the Greek pantheon, Persephone was shockingly absent.
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With the Hades and Persephone story becoming more prevalent, thanks to adaptations like Lore OlympusDisney couldn’t be granted a better time to throw their hat in the ring. And with James Woods still voicing Hades long after the movie, it would be an opportunity for another entertaining performance.
Captain Jack might have had a passionate fling with Angelica at some point in his career, but it’s only mentioned in exposition and not thoroughly displayed. He’s proven to be quite the romantic when he wants to be, or whenever he’s had enough to drink, and it’s a side fans that would love to see more.
The eccentric captain might claim to be “in love with the sea,” but it’s been proven time and time again that he works a whole lot better with others. He needs someone to share in the spoils of his adventures and keep him on a short leash when the need arises.
This pair of Zootopia‘s finest are already shipped by most of the fanbase, but apart from an “I love you,” Nick and Judy haven’t been seen as 100 percent romantic. With a Zootopia spinoff series coming to Disney+, hopefully, this means the pair will be canonically put together for the occasion.
Nick and Judy work so well together, it’s hard not to want them to end up as an item. They’re great foils to one another on a comedic level, their friendship is one that’s already exceedingly developed, and watching them go full circle would be an absolute delight. It’s a golden opportunity Disney should take full advantage of.
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