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While these Disney princesses looked awesome and stylish, they likely would’ve opted for something more practical if given another opportunity.
Disney princesses’ outfits are beautiful, iconic, and the inspiration for countless cosplays, Disneybounds, and accessories. There are times when anyone who grew up with the Princesses wanted to have a fairy godmother create their perfect gown, or wished they had a beautiful dress to dance around the forest in. Beautiful as they are, however, not all of them are the most practical – or even flattering! Ariel probably would’ve opted for something a little more formal compared to her shipwrecked look upon officially meeting Eric.
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Plus, Cinderella’s feet would have fared far better in something other than literal glass slippers. While audiences couldn’t imagine them wearing anything else, these princesses probably would’ve chosen different clothing had they known what they would be facing.
Jasmine’s outfit that she wore when she ran away from the palace was practical in the sense that it was suitable for the desert climate, and for the marketplace, but it wasn’t exactly the best disguise. The head scarf was loose upon her head; while it covered her jeweled ‘crown’, it was knocked off her head with the slightest wind – including just walking near a fire breather who burped! Given that the guards immediately recognized her when she later pulled the scarf off to reveal her distinctive headband, having a head covering that was so loose, and a ‘disguise’ that was really just a brown outer layer with her palace clothes underneath, wasn’t the best way to stay hidden.
Ariel and Eric were meant to be. Ariel didn’t exactly nail the perfect outfit when Eric officially met her on land, though; in fact, it was just some old canvas barely held up by some rope. The fact that it could have fallen apart at any moment is what made it so impractical.
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Of course, Ariel didn’t exactly chose this outfit – when Ursula changed her tail into legs, she neglected to deposit her on land or give her anything to wear, so Ariel ended up naked and exhausted, and had to make do with whatever she found. Her later fresh-out-of-the-water outfit, when Triton changed her, was a shimmering blue dress – and a huge improvement.
Mulan’s dress made for a perfect disguise as part of her plan, but it wasn’t exactly ideal when it came to fighting the Huns. She made do with what she could, especially when she used a fan to snag Shan Yu’s sword and turn it on him, but she probably would have preferred her armor and her own weapons if the situation had been a bit different. After all, dresses aren’t always easy to get around in, especially if they restrict movement, as seems to be the case to a certain degree for Mulan’s outfit.
Rapunzel didn’t exactly pack the items she would be needing when she left the tower. Considering it was her first time away, she was likely to forget something, but shoes seem like something she should’ve thought about, especially since her bare feet hadn’t touched the ground before. All the running and racing she did had to have been hard on her feet, and the way her dress is cinched at the top certainly makes it look uncomfortable for running or sleeping in, especially if it was hot outside. Plus, it wasn’t practical for trying to fight off and escape from the villainous Gothel. At the very least, Flynn should’ve given her a heads-up; he and Gothel had shoes, after all.
Belle’s outfit choices for the winter may be adorable, but they’re certainly not practical. She had no idea that she would be taken prisoner when she went looking for her father, but she should’ve been a bit more prepared when she decided to leave the castle in the midst of a storm, as she had only her dress, a thin cloak, and flats.
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Her flats would hardly save her toes from frostbite, and they made it harder to run in the snow. Plus, she certainly didn’t have anything to defend herself with when she encountered the wolves, as she had not even a boot to throw. It’s a good thing the Beast was there, to both prevent her from becoming a meal or a human ice cube.
When the Huntsman spared Snow White’s life and urged her to flee and never return, Snow White didn’t exactly have time to grab any essentials. She was kind to do the cleaning with help from some of the animals at the home of the seven dwarfs, but the fact that she did so in what must have been her best dress, and in kitten heels no less, surely isn’t the most practical.
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Not only was she likely dusty and dirty, but it had to be uncomfortable to clean in and later sleep in, regardless of how exhausted she obviously was. It is also the only dress she is seen in while living with the Dwarves, which begs the question of how and when she washed it!
While not technically a princess, Jane was originally included in the princess merchandise, and deserves a mention, especially becuase Jane arrived in the jungle ready for a ball. While appropriate for the time period, Jane had to learn the hard way that the jungles were nothing like England, and so required a very different dress code. Jane was obviously struggling in the dense underbrush, and when she inadvertently angered a baboon, her dress was certainly a disadvantage. If not for Tarzan, Jane would not have been able to outrun and ultimately escape the baboons given the weight of her formal dress. As it was, Jane ripped a glove, lost articles of clothing (including a shoe), got rained on, and ruined her coiffed hair and dress in the process. She had to learn the hard way, but Jane switched to more practical clothing afterward.
While beautiful and sparkling, Cinderella’s glass slippers are far from practical. Not only would they be highly uncomfortable, but they’re also incredibly fragile. One of Cinderella’s best traits is that she has a positive attitude; so, she didn’t complain about the glass slippers, despite the fact that had they broken, she would’ve suffered painful and likely serious lacerations all over her feet.
While a neat idea in theory, slippers that are literally made out of glass just aren’t practical for anything, whether it be walking, dancing, or racing to leave a ball before the clock strikes midnight.
Merida’s blue dress is iconic, but she declared that she could neither breathe nor move in it. While beautiful, it’s certainly not made to wear to anything, unless the wearer doesn’t mind being incredibly uncomfortable. Merida later purposely ripped her dress when she decided to shoot for her own hand; if she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have been able to use her bows and arrows, considering she had trouble even being able to sit down in her dress. No wonder she fought her mother on it and stubbornly let down a strand of her hair when Elinor wasn’t looking.
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