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Marvel’s mobile game Marvel Future Revolution lets players take on the role of various famous Marvel heroes, but which are the best?
Marvel Future Revolution is a mobile open-world RPG game that sees the multiverse ripped open during an event known as "the Convergence", leading to multiple versions of the same people all roaming around in the same world. Similar to Marvel's Avengers, players get to play as different popular Marvel heroes as they navigate through the world, undertaking quests and building up their gear in order to become more powerful.
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There are eight playable characters in Marvel Future Revolution, which complement different playstyles and are useful in different situations. Using a combination of these playable characters is the best way to ensure players progress through the game.
Mixing single target and AOE damage in a way that's similar to other playable characters, Star-Lord, unfortunately, falls short of the damage capabilities that Black Widow, Captain America, and Storm offers.
While players can have a lot of fun with Star-Lord's comedic delivery and half-graceful, half-clumsy fighting style, there are undoubtedly better picks to play when starting out. Star-Lord can be effective particularly in the early game but he tends to fall off in the mid-late game, making him less viable than other playable characters.
Black Widow has the potential to be one of the highest damage dealers in the game. Her attack and critical damage are definitely useful when fighting against mobs, but her low healing and defense can quickly turn her into a liability.
Useful in 1v1 situations as well as for crowd control, her slight difficulty over other playable characters is worth overcoming for players who enjoy intense fighting while in the thick of the action. Black Widow also has high skill gauge recovery, making ultimate attacks more common than players would find using other characters. With more unknown abilities and characterisations than Black Widow's MCU counterpart, this Black Widow is more true to the comic book version.
Spider-Man has long been a fan favorite of the Marvel fanbase, leading to him being the first choice for most Marvel Future Revolution players. Excelling in dodge rate and HP, Spider-Man is a bruiser character with a lot of sustain. His alternate costumes allow players to switch things up and keep him looking fresh.
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While he's useful in long-winded fights involving multiple enemies, and in late-game, he's a harder character to play than the others and has a swift learning curve required. Fans of PVP will have a lot of fun with Spider-Man, who excels at fighting other players.
Storm is a staple in X-Men video games, and her inclusion in Marvel games is always fun. One of the fastest levelers in the game, Storm can help players with quick progression through Marvel Future Revolution's story, and she has excellent crowd control abilities that help to clear rooms full of enemies quickly.
Similar to Doctor Strange in terms of playstyle, Storm is a DPS mage with great skill gauge recovery leading to more use of ultimate skills. Her ice attacks lead to status effects on mobs, making her a great support character for farming party stash gear. In the late game, players would be best off switching to Doctor Strange for a similar playstyle but stronger abilities.
Captain Marvel is undoubtedly one of the top damage dealers in the entire game, but unfortunately, her lack of mobility lets her down. With great stamina recovery, ranged DPS, and guard damage, she is a very useful character at all stages of the game.
Her teleporting skills can be used offensively or defensively, giving her great versatility in different combat situations. She is useful for PVP or for farming for parts against groups of mobs and is fairly easy to pick up for beginner characters.
Doctor Strange has a very similar playstyle to Storm, but is much more effective with crowd control and damage, making him one of the best playable characters in Marvel Future Revolution. His cooldown decrease, stamina recovery, and ultimate skill gauge give him some of the highest sustain out of all the playable characters.
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Doctor Strange's damage dealing makes him useful for both PVP and for fighting against the most powerful Marvel villains. While the damage can fall off around the late game, more experienced Marvel Future Revolution players will be able to customize his build so that the damage fall-off isn't as great.
Iron Man is a great character for beginners and his abilities scale alongside the player's progression, making him viable from the early game way into the late game.
A burst mage and blaster, Iron Man combines high accuracy with critical damage to be effective in both ranged and melee combat. Being a beginner-friendly character, he can fall off a little in the late game as other characters pass him by. Beginners who are getting to grips with the game are best off starting as Iron Man players until they become more experienced and want to try other characters.
Captain America has long been considered one of the most powerful Marvel characters and is the best character pick in the game. A tanky bruiser who excels at fighting and regenerating health back to sustain for a long time against groups of enemies. He is viable at every stage of the game.
His mobility is higher than players would expect for a tank, with a dash ability that allows him to dash from enemy to enemy and beat them up with his shield or fists. Players who prefer simple melee combat instead of ranged or maged DPS will excel at playing Captain America.
Marvel Future Revolution was released on August 25, 2021, and is available on Android and iOS devices.
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