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Marvel has an impressive lineup of martial artists.
Marvel has a wide variety of characters with different skillsets. While their many respected heroes and dangerous and intimidating villains are known for being tremendously powerful, power isn’t everything. Some of them are expert fighters, with their martial arts mastery adding a whole new dimension to their offense. For some heroes and villains, their martial arts mastery has made them even more devastating than they would otherwise be.
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As with anything in life, some of these Marvel martial artists are better than others. These martial arts masters are often the cream of the crop, using their skills to fight evil or battle the heroes.
Silver Samurai has been fighting Wolverine for a long time. A competitor for command of the Yashida crime family with Wolverine’s lover Mariko, Keniuchio Harada wore the armor of the Silver Samurai, using his mutant power to charge his sword to cut through nearly anything to become one of the Yakuza’s most dangerous bosses.
Besides being a Yakuza boss, he’s also helped the X-Men and battled evil as a member of Big Hero Six. Now a resident of Krakoa, his sword skills are nearly unmatched.
Daken Akihiro is Wolverine’s son and has served as one of his father’s greatest foes in the past. Wolverine believed he had been killed with his mother, but Romulus retrieved the boy and gave him to a Japanese family to raise. He was trained by Cyber and became an assassin. Eventually, Romulus would unleash him on his father.
The two would battle it out, but in the end, Wolverine was able to defeat his son, drowning him. After being resurrected, Daken and his father would eventually reconcile on the island of Krakoa. Daken’s mastered several martial arts and is a great swordsman.
Elektra grew up as the daughter of a Greek ambassador, but when he was killed, she vowed to get revenge. Training with Stick, she would become one of the deadliest ninja assassins in the world, working to find the man who killed her father. She’d also meet the love of her life, Daredevil, get killed by Bullseye, and then come back to life.
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Elektra would prove to be an amazing martial artist, using her skills to battle some of the most skilled fighters around. Whether it be as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., a superhero, or otherwise, she’s one of the greats.
The current Psylocke is Kwannon. Kwannon was once a member of the Hand, trained from a young age to be an assassin for the organization. Those skills, combined with her telepathy, made her an amazing assassin. Eventually, she switched bodies with Betsy Braddock and then died of the Legacy Virus. After being resurrected, she would take up the mantle of Psylocke and become an integral part of Krakoan society.
Psylocke’s skills have seen her through thick and thin. She’s one of Krakoa’s fiercest fighters, finally using her skills for good, and has taken her place as the leader of the Hellions.
Ogun was once a member of the Japanese navy and trained Wolverine, teaching him ninjutsu and the samurai arts. A powerful telepath and sorcerer, Ogun was able to survive his death and bind his soul to an oni mask, which he would use to take over the bodies of others. Wolverine has defeated him several times but he always comes back, once even impersonating Kitty Pryde.
Ogun’s skills have allowed him to challenge some of the greatest martial artists in the world. His skills, combined with his powers, have made him a deadly foe for Wolverine. He’ll never stop coming at Wolverine, as the only thing keeping him going is vengeance.
Laura Kinney’s time as Wolverine showed off just how great she could be, but even before that, she was one of the best. Wolverine was created to be the ultimate assassin, and she fulfilled that promise before escaping Weapon X. As a hero, she would survive all manner of terrible conflict, with her amazing fighting skill keeping her going through it all.
Wolverine is one of the best fighters on Krakoa, and she’s never stopped learning. While she doesn’t have the weapon’s mastery of her father, her hand-to-hand skills are amazing, as she’s learned from both her father and other great martial artists.
Wolverine has been alive for a long time and has spent most of that time learning how to fight. As one of the most dangerous mutants on the planet, Wolverine’s fighting skills are just as important as his adamantium skeleton, healing factor, and claws. He’s mastered several martial arts and is an expert swordsman.
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Wolverine has defeated some of the greatest martial artists on the planet. There are few out there who can match him, and while he does lose, the people who beat him are certainly powerful themselves.
Stick has trained some of the toughest fighters on the planet. Stick turned to martial arts to overcome his blindness and eventually joined the Chaste and battled against the Hand. The trainer of Elektra and Daredevil, Stick’s skills have proven to create some amazing fighters, and he’s a deadly opponent on his own as well.
Stick has been fighting the Hand for a long time and has survived everything that organization has thrown at him. Few men have survived the Hand’s attention like he has, and it’s all because of his skills.
Shang-Chi was trained by his father to be his greatest assassin. Shang-Chi would master multiple Chinese martial arts, and his skills are so impressive that it feels as though he basically has superpowers. Shang-Chi would break away from his father and work against him, becoming a secret agent and a superhero, and even joining the Avengers.
Shang-Chi has proven to be one of the greatest martial artists on the planet, using his skills to hang with superpowered heroes and villains. While he doesn’t always win, he’s certainly one of the most skilled fighters on the planet.
Daredevil was trained by Stick and has become one of Marvel’s greatest martial artists. He’s had some amazing fights over the years and has beaten some of the most skilled heroes and villains around. Daredevil’s ninja skills have made him into one of the best vigilantes in New York City, allowing him to hang with foes who should have beaten him.
Whether it be one opponent or many, Daredevil’s fighting skills have allowed him to stay at the top of the superhero game. Many have tried to beat him, but few have ever succeeded, and there are few martial artists who can hold a candle to him.
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