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The MCU has largely stayed away from scary characters but even as it moves more into horror, these figures are too terrifying to appear.
The roster of characters in Marvel Comics is incredibly deep, to say the least. Decades of building their universe have resulted in hundreds of heroes, villains, and supporting characters to work with. And all of them bring something important to their respective stories.
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So far, the MCU has only utilized a fraction of what the comics have to offer, though more are on the way. That being said, there are more than a few who might just be a little too scary for the world the MCU has built. But if they did show up, they’d probably be a lot different than what fans are used to.
When the X-Men finally make their way into the MCU, several of their villains will inevitably follow. Big names like Magneto, Mystique, Apocalypse, Sabretooth, and Mister Sinister are quite likely going to be on that list. The Brood, not so much. They never even appeared in Fox’s X-Men films.
These obvious homages to the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise, these unsettling monsters exist to eat and reproduce. Given the nature of the bloodless violence in the MCU, it’s hard to imagine how the Brood would fit into it without taking the bite out of them.
It all started when Hobgoblin went to the demon N’astrih for more power. In response, N’astrih bonded him with a random demon from Limbo. Eventually, Hobgoblin got tired of this arrangement and found a way to expel the demon, creating a being called the Demongoblin.
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To be blunt, it’s incredibly unlikely that all of that story will ever play out in the MCU. And even if the producers were so inclined, it’s even more unlikely that they’d want to bring Demogoblin into the story in the first place. He doesn’t fit their PG-13 world.
Saying that Carnage is unlikely to be part of the MCU seems odd given that he’s part of the Venom sequel. But it’s important to keep in mind that the Venom film series could be considered MCU-adjacent at absolute best. The likelihood of seeing Carnage in the proper MCU is not high.
This is a serial killer wrapped in a living alien suit that loves to brutally murder as many people as possible. Carnage is a character who works well in the Venom franchise, though. Keeping that in mind, never say never. Carnage may face off with Hulk on the big screen, yet.
When it comes to deep-cut characters, Manphibian takes the cake. An alien being, he chased an enemy across the universe until they both ended up trapped on Earth. Manphibian eventually got loose and joined S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as an iteration of Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos.
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The thing about Manphibian is that he has a tendency to violently tear his enemies apart and possibly eat them. This is not a character that fans should expect to see in the MCU anytime soon unless a director is trying to fit an Easter Egg in somewhere.
The Fear Lords are a group of extremely powerful beings lurking in the shadows of Marvel Comics, waiting to destroy everything. Nightmare is the most recognizable member of them and has been rumored to make his MCU debut in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel.
One member of the Fear Lords who is extremely unlikely to join Nightmare in the MCU is the Straw Man. This deranged scarecrow-like being lives in a painting, can form almost invulnerable straw bodies, and can paralyze people with his laughter. Nope.
Marvel Comics in the early 1990s produced some incredibly interesting characters and Sleepwalker might have been the most interesting of them all. Part of a race of beings who exist in and defend the dreams of humans, this Sleepwalker was trapped in the mind of Rick Sheridan and was only released when he slept.
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Honestly, it would be incredibly cool to see Sleepwalker in the MCU. He has a cult-like following among comic book readers from that era. That being said, Sleepwalker also might be a little too much for MCU fans to handle.
Dr. Ted Sallis was one of many scientists over the years who tried to revive the Super Soldier program that gave the world Captain America. And like so many of those attempts, Ted failed. When his facility was attacked, he injected himself with his version of the serum and dove into the nearby swamp.
The end result was his transformation into the silent green monster known as the Man-Thing. He has fought numerous demons and entities in defense of the Nexus of All-Realities, something that might actually could him into the MCU at some point. It would still be a surprise to see the MCU use this character.
Every time a new MCU series debuts on Disney+, there are endless people online looking for signs of Mephisto in them. This demon has stylized himself to be quite reminiscent of the Christian interpretation of the Devil, though even he has been known to admit that he’s not the same guy.
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What’s interesting about the constant theorizing about his debut is that it leaves out the idea that the MCU might not want to use the character. Mephisto is the closest thing Marvel has to the Devil and he might not ever find a place in the MCU.
Without question, Daimon Hellstrom is a classic comic book character. The son of a demon who called himself Satan, Daimon and his sister Satana were born with incredible powers. They used those powers for both good and evil over the years, usually good but it depends on their mood.
As the son of a demon with hellish powers, Hellstrom appearing in the MCU was a longshot to begin with. Then, a terrible live-action series left an incredibly bad taste in most fans’ mouths. At this point, seeing Hellstrom in the MCU in any meaningful capacity would take a miracle of some sort.
Billions of years ago during the formation of Earth, the Elder Gods were also born. That included Chthon, a being of extreme power and malice. In Medieval Times, the sorceress Morgan Le Fay and her followers bound Chthon to Wundagore Mountain, a place that would eventually be the home of Scarlet Witch.
Given the direction of Wanda’s life in the MCU, there’s actually a 50/50 chance that Chthon will be a factor at some point. But if the MCU does make use of Chthon, it will be a much different version of the character than comic books fans are used to.
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