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With so many Marvel mutants to choose from, which heroes should make up the MCU’s first X-Men team and which actors should play them?
Though the MCU is already packed with exciting characters, there are still plenty more to add to the cinematic universe. Along with the Fantastic Four debuting in the MCU, the X-Men are also in the works. While it still seems like it will be a while before a solo X-Men movie debuts, there are constant rumors about mutants debuting in the MCU or hints that they already exist within the universe.
The problem then becomes which characters will be best to serve as the first mutant team in the MCU. There are so many X-Men characters that bringing in too many of them would surely overwhelm audiences. Keeping the first team to five members would be manageable and allow each of them to shine. And after Wolverine dominated the Fox X-Men movies, it would be nice to see some other great characters take center stage. Along with considering which mutant heroes should be the first in the MCU, there are also some fun casting choices for who could bring these iconic characters to life.
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Much like Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy and Hulk in The Avengers, every superhero team needs a member that serves as the muscle. Colossus is a terrific choice for that as one of the strongest X-Men. The Russian mutant can cover his body in chrome metal, making him nearly indestructible while also packing a very powerful punch. He is also a gentle giant who is not the smartest member of the team but has one of the biggest hearts. The Deadpool movies have put Colossus to fun use in a supporting role so far and it's unclear if he will be brought over into the MCU's Deadpool 3. But if he is not, he would be a very powerful member of the team who could also be really endearing.
Nicholas Braun is best known for his hilarious role in the HBO drama series Succession. He is great at playing a member of the family who is a bit dim-witted and oblivious while also making him more charming than the other characters. He is also a very tall man who could be intimidating while also having a gentle personality.
Storm was used in both the original X-Men movies and the prequel series, but she never had a chance to really be used effectively. Storm's powers are godlike, making her one of the most formidable mutants in Marvel comics. She has also been one of the most central members of the X-Men for years, providing strong leadership position and often being seen as the one on the team who never backs down in the face of a challenge.
Jodie Turner-Smith is an up-and-coming actor with a number of interesting and acclaimed projects to her name, including the upcoming Borderlands movie. In movies like Queen and Slim and Without Remorse, Turner-Smith has displayed that kind of strength and stability that would be needed for Storm. She has a powerful presence on screen that would help back up Storm's incredible abilities.
Beast has long been a fan-favorite character in the X-Men universe and his interesting characterization certainly allows him to stand out. He has the appearance of a bear-like creation and is able to sling and climb like an animal while also being covered in blue hair. But despite his appearance, Beast is also the most intelligent of the X-Men and a great intellect. This would be a fun juxtaposition to explore more in the MCU than it has been in the other movies while also providing the team with a character who can serve as the brains of the operation.
Harry Melling has done a great job playing highly intelligent characters, such as in the hit Netflix limited series The Queen's Gambit. However, he also excels at playing outcasts which would be a nice mix between the character's confidence as one of Marvel's smartest heroes and his feeling that he doesn't really belong. Melling also has a talent for both being dramatic and bringing comedic energy to his performances that would fit the MCU very well.
Jean Grey has been a big part of both X-Men franchises at Fox, each of with culminated with her at the center of the famous Dark Phoenix story. Despite the popularity of the story, neither big-screen take ended up working very well, so it seems like time that the MCU explores other aspects of Jean's character. Rather than just being a tragic character, Jean is an essential member of the X-Men and sometimes feels like the matriarch of the team. She is often the grounded one who keeps everyone together. Jean's romance with Cyclops has also not been very convincing in the movies and the MCU has a chance to really make their relationship one of the great superhero love stories.
Jane Levy is a very talented and versatile actor who has been really effective in a number of projects. She has been a badass and fun hero in horror movies like Don't Breathe and the Evil Dead remake. She also infuses these roles with a lot of heart and vulnerability which makes her a lot of fun to cheer for. Levy is also a very talented comedic actor as seen in shows like Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist and it would be great for the MCU to allow Jean to have a bit of levity in her characterization.
Although Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men in the comics, he has been very underutilized in the movies. He has been featured in both Fox franchises but is pushed to the side for other characters to get more screen time. Not only was he never able to establish himself as a leader, but he also seemed like a dull character compared to the other more colorful heroes. However, now that Steve Rogers has departed the MCU, Cyclops would be a great character to fill that void as the noble and disciplined hero that fans can't help but love.
It feels like it is only a matter of time before Henry Golding steps into a superhero role and Cyclops feels like a good fit. He has the action hero look at fit that role well in Snake Eyes even if the movie itself wasn't entirely successful. But he has also shown plenty of charm in rom-com roles as well, like Crazy Rich Asians and Last Christmas. Golding also brings a movie star presence to his roles that would allow him to feel like a leader.
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Following WandaVision, fans are eagerly awaiting a reboot of the X-Men, but can the over-crowded MCU do mutants justice right now?
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