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Debut digital collectible series brings the iconic horror character to the blockchain in an exclusive crossover with the Dead by Daylight™ video game
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., September 23, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The malevolent Pinhead™, recently revealed as the latest character added to the popular Dead by Daylight™ video game, is coming to tear your soul – and the blockchain – apart courtesy of the new Masters of Horror™ line of digital collectibles created by Boss Protocol. The new Pinhead generative collection features everyone’s favorite Hellbound Cenobite in all his terrifying glory, in an NFT collection as unique as the character itself!
"We’re excited to launch the officially licensed Pinhead NFT as part of our new Masters of Horror collection," said Tim Hesse of Boss Protocol. "Now gaming and horror fans can get a truly one-of-a-kind collectible adapted specifically for the blockchain that also, for the first time ever, grants certain owners access to content in one of the most popular horror video games in the world!"
Kicking off the collection is Pinhead, the leader of the Cenobites featured in the Hellraiser movie franchise. Hailing from another realm, they are angels to some and demons to others, called to our world by special puzzle boxes that hold unspeakable pain and untold pleasures to those who can unlock their power. Featured in multiple movies as well as an upcoming series now in development at HBO, Pinhead comes to life in a generated NFT collection limited to 10,000, based on the actual model created for the hit video game Dead by Daylight. Selected Pinhead NFTs will also grant access to the Pinhead Chapter of the game as an added bonus, showing off the new integration capabilities of the Boss Protocol solution.
One of the features of Boss Protocol NFTs is not only the ability to unlock content and grant redemptions, but also providing access to more content post-drop. Owners of the Pinhead NFT will also receive a unique, one-of-a-kind, Lament Configuration Box that will be given to each owner of the Pinhead NFT at a future date at no additional charge. The Box is an iconic symbol of cinematic horror and the gateway to future Hellraiser content.
"Bringing real added value to this growing space is a key goal of our company," explained Hesse. "We’re huge fans of Hellraiser, and giving fans and collectors more for their money using the capabilities of our platform is important to us as we move forward."
Original Pinhead actor Doug Bradley is also lending his support to the collection, including actual voice overs recorded specifically for the collection that will be added to ultra-rare editions of the NFTs.
"I am delighted to have this opportunity to re-visit an old friend, and I look forward to working with Boss Protocol on this exciting new project," explained Doug Bradley, the actor who portrayed the leader of the Cenobites in the original Hellraiser film and its sequels. "A few more sights to show you, perhaps…"
The Pinhead generative collection is the first in a series of exclusive NFT drops in the Masters of Horror line of digital collectibles from Boss Protocol. Upcoming releases will not only highlight other horror icons, but also include the ability to redeem NFTs using the company’s proprietary system to unlock additional content and special access you won’t find anywhere else.
The platform was developed in partnership with Moonwalk, a company specializing in building online communities using blockchain, NFT’s, and virtual wallet solutions.
"Moonwalk is thrilled to be working with Boss Protocol to bring Pinhead to a new generation of fans through the Masters of Horror Collection," said Shiv Madan, CEO of Moonwalk. "Our unique platform enables fans to unlock content directly through Boss Protocol’s Website to bring true utility to the NFTs that Boss Protocol is creating."
Each of the unique digital collectibles in the Masters of Horror series feature highly detailed artwork adapted from the actual models created for video games, films, and other forms of entertainment, making them truly important pieces to add to any collection.
Fans can visit the Boss Protocol website at and sign up to receive additional updates as well as advance word on when the Pinhead drop will occur. Terms and conditions apply.
About Boss Protocol
Boss Protocol is a digital entertainment, gaming, and collectibles company that has worked directly and via its affiliates with leading entertainment, sports, media, and gaming brand leaders to deliver original content in the gaming and media spaces. The company is currently producing NFT collectibles with redemption and utility capabilities for a number of leading game publishers, film studios, musicians, and media companies.
About Moonwalk
Moonwalk is the NFT platform for online brands and communities. Moonwalk’s blockchain-powered loyalty programs enable brands, creators and sports teams to create their own Web3 economies. The Moonwalk platform drives engagement and revenue by interconnecting rewards and payments across a brand’s digital ecosystem, from social to content and shopping. For more information, visit
About Dead by Daylight
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