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Between swimming in Robert California’s pool and listening to Creed’s life lessons, living with some of The Office characters has its perks.
Very few characters from The Office seem like they’d make decent roommates. At some point in the series, every one of them has not cleaned up after themselves, been accused of bad hygiene, and not pulling their weight.
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But though that’s true of many of them, some have shown attributes of a perfect roommate. Between kicking back with Robert California in his mansion, listening to Creed’s life lessons, and eating Kevin’s chili, living with some of them may have some perks.
Robert California is The Office’s best branch manager because he hosts parties for his staff, but those parties aren’t just at a Chili’s restaurant. The Sabre CEO invites his employees to his mansion to party all night, and it seems living with him would be no different, as he has frequently gone into the office hungover.
The character has a full wine cellar, a pool, a spa, a home cinema, and so much more. And though his flatmate would no doubt have to endure listening to him ramble about his ex-wife and would be endlessly judged, it’s a small price to pay for the amenities that come with the mansion life.
On paper, Erin sounds like she’d be a great roommate, as she showed that she cares for the people when she moved in with the sweet old lady in Florida. However, though she means well, Erin messed up the lady’s meds, which could have had devastating effects. If she doesn’t even take medicine seriously, she’s surely negligent when it comes to other things too.
Erin also admitted that she doesn’t have a toothbrush, claiming that there’s always one around. So anybody living with her would have to share toothbrushes, and there are few things more disgusting than that. By extension of living with Erin, her foster brother would be part of the move-in package too. Though it’s something that doesn’t make any sense about Erin on The Office, the two are strangely affectionate.
Michael is another character who is a homeowner, and though it might not be a mansion like Robert California’s home, Micahel’s condo is nice enough. What’s more is that whoever lives with him will be living with a live-in landlord, so any problems that arise could easily be sorted, especially as Michael is such a people pleaser.
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Though Michael doesn’t have an off-switch and there are times when he’ll need to be told to dial it back, he would always be an entertaining roommate. He’ll always be the one to make breakfast as well, along with the milk and sugar.
Angela’s house isn’t a nice looking place to live, as the decor isn’t homely and it will actually make people feel uncomfortable. She has ugly art up on the wall and there are weird cat ornaments scattered around, as nobody wanted to buy them at the office garage sale.
But worst of all is that Angela’s cats are her only friends on The Office, and if the nanny cam is anything to go by, she acts rather strangely with them too.
A lot of The Office fan theories about Creed point to him being a terrible flatmate. Some think he’s the Scranton strangler and others believe that he’s part of an organized crime organization. Either could be true, but he also has a lot of fascinating life experiences and an endless amount of stories that could keep any interested roommate occupied for days.
Being Creed’s roommate could even mean going scuba diving together, and they could even share some wild life experiences too. As he’s constantly trying to fit in with a younger crowd, it could make for some unforgettable nights.
There are countless times when Todd Packer went too far on The Office, such as the constant sexual harassment and defecating in Michael’s office. None of his actions are funny, and living with him would be hell on Earth. He’d be pinning mistletoe over his crotch during Christmas and putting laxatives in food.
But worst of all, he never learns and his biggest downfall is not being able to read the room, meaning that the harassment would be non-stop. It’d only be a matter of time before whoever was his unlucky flatmate got a restraining order against him.
Though Kevin’s whole thing is that he’s not as intelligent as the other office workers and works in accounting, his idiocy wouldn’t get in the way of him being a great roommate.  The reason why Kevin would be great to live with is simply that he’s low maintenance.
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Kevin is never a part of any drama and he almost always has a happy-go-lucky attitude. Even better is that though it isn’t exactly substantial, there’ll always be food in the house, whether it’s M&M’s or girl scout cookies. And as long as he doesn’t end up spilling it, Kevin cooks a mean chili.
When Jan moved in with Michael, it happened to be the worst period of his life, and that was no coincidence. Even though she didn’t own the condo and wasn’t even paying rent, she fully took over the home with her office, her candle-making business, and playing her assistant’s music at max volume.
Jan turned Michael’s home into a toxic environment, and it hardly seemed like a one-off thing. Not only that, but she was constantly drunk too. Jan would be less of a roommate and more of a pain who would refuse to leave the property if she was ever kicked out or evicted.
On the face of it, Dwight would make a terrible roommate, as he is strict, demanding, and can sometimes be a bit of a bully. However, as time went on, whether he genuinely changed or that it was simply fans warming to him, his rough edges were significantly smoothened. That demanding nature of his became fair, and Dwight grew more empathetic.
Although Dwight has loads of weapons, they are only used in defense. His roommate would surely feel the safest they ever have in the company of Dwight. On top of that, when Jim and Pam stayed at his beet farm for a weekend retreat, Dwight refused to read a bedtime story, but still ended up doing it anyway. And who doesn’t want a bedtime story read to them to end the day?
Jim seems like the charming and charismatic guy whose always up for a good time that everybody would want as a friend, but a roommate is a different thing entirely. The pranks that Jim pulls seem funny when looking at them as an outsider, but those jokes would often grow tiresome, considering how relentless they are.
How bad of a roommate Jim has even been depicted when he and Darryl briefly lived together. Jim wouldn’t clean up after himself, always left food lying around, and used Darryl’s stuff without asking, and when he was pulled up on it, he acted like an entitled jerk.
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