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The story of the Titans might be a lot darker than most Disney tales, but the characters actually have quite a lot in common.
Disney’s animated movies have their spots of darkness, especially when it comes to the tragic origin stories of many of their princesses, but as a whole, the films aren’t nearly as dark as a series like Titans. When characters like Dick Grayson spend their formative years being manipulated by Batman, it might be difficult to see the Disney-like happy ending for them.
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That doesn’t mean the Titans don’t have a lot in common with Disney characters. Aside from tragic origins and lost loved ones, the Titans also have a lot of similar personality traits to Disney heroes. They approach problem solving and helping people in a lot of the same ways as Disney princesses do. As a result, it’s not too difficult to find Disney counterparts for the Titans characters.
When Gar Logan is introduced in Titans, he’s got some dark backstory despite his sunny disposition. He’s always up for a little adventure, and he’s got a mischievous streak that means he’s down to play games or pull pranks during his heroics. Gar also has a great capacity for learning, as he proves by quickly learning to handle all of the technology in the old Titans’ safehouse and the Batcave.
All of that lines up with Gar’s Disney counterpart being from an animated property based on a book. Jim Hawkins of Treasure Planet is inspired by the same character in the novel Treasure Island. He leaves home for an adventure and finds himself surrounded by dangerous pirates. Like Gar, Jim is a fast learner, a believer in found families, and someone who takes betrayal very seriously.
Conner makes his debut in Titans season 2, initially seeming like an antagonist before joining the team. There’s a long legacy behind him as he’s created in a lab from Kryptonian DNA and that of the criminal mastermind Lex Luthor.
Like The Lion King’s Simba, Conner is eager to prove himself, but there’s a legacy associated with him. For Simba, there’s pressure to be a great king, while for Conner, it’s to live up to Superman’s image. Simba also wrestles with the “bad” in him when he thinks he’s responsible for his father’s death, just as Conner struggles to overcome the stigma of having Lex Luthor’s genetic makeup. Conner has a lot of growing up to do in the series, and he’s working through a lot of the same issues Simba does before he returns home.
Jason is a bit overzealous in his effort to be a hero. He’s got the confidence of someone who’s been in the business of saving lives for decades, but he’s still a teenager. His overconfidence masks his insecurities, but his impulsive nature means he can sometimes hurt more than help.
That’s not unlike Moana’s characterization of Maui. Though he talks big and introduces himself in a musical number, he’s also blamed for the birth of Te Ka. His actions lead to a “villain” making a big impact, not unlike Jason’s actions in Titans‘ season 3 leading to a villain coming into a whole lot of power. Maui eventually finds a way to fix his past mistakes with the help of Moana. Jason can too.
Not all of the Titans have superpowers. Some of them are just really good at hand-to-hand combat. Rachel certainly isn’t the latter. During her early time in the show, she doesn’t fully understand her power or her family history, much like a very sheltered Disney princess.
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Rapunzel spends her formative years in a tower where her magical hair is only used for the good of one person – the woman who kidnapped her. As a result, she’s very naive, but also, very open to new experiences. Rachel isn’t used for her power by those around her until her father seeks her out. It’s her father that attempts to exploit that power before Rachel fully understands it, and she has to stand up for herself, just like Rapunzel.
Though Donna is an Amazon, a lot of her past as Wonder Woman’s apprentice is glossed over. Fans still get to see her wield her own lasso of truth in the first two seasons though. It’s clear, in her small contributions to the storyline that Donna isn’t just one of the smartest Titans, but also one of the hardest working.
Like Dick Grayson, Donna leaves the world of the Titans behind for a while and gets a job as a police officer. No matter how much she wants her own life, just like Cinderella pining to go to the palace, she gets sucked back into the world of the Titans, also like Cinderella working for her step-sisters. Donna’s dysfunctional family never treats her as badly as Cinderella’s, but she does spend just as much time trying to clean up their messes.
When Ariel dreams of life on land in The Little Mermaid, it’s because she’s ready for new experiences, a little adventure. She wants out of the sheltered life her father wants for her, and she wants to experience things like walking on two legs. Dawn’s path to becoming a hero is similar.
Dawn joins up with Hank when he’s grieving, and their desire to experience more out of life sees them donning the Hawk and Dove costumes (for Hank, again). Dawn isn’t just out to right wrongs and seek justice; she’s also out to feel like she’s truly living. That’s very much in line with the dreamer that is Ariel.
Hank might not initially seem like he has much in common with Hercules. After all, he’s angry, jaded, and self medicates to dull the pain from his repeated injuries. That’s all a product of the cycle of grief he’s caught in though. When Hank stops focusing on what he thinks a hero should be and becomes the hero he’s meant to be, he’s very much like Disney’s version of Hercules.
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Both characters put themselves through difficult training regimens and nearly impossible tasks to prove their worth as heroes before realizing that accolades don’t make them heroes: truly doing for others does.
A woman who takes up her father’s mantle in a male-dominated field, regularly saves lives, and keeps a huge part of her life a secret? The audience could be talking about former Batgirl Barbara Gordon – or Mulan.
Both young women step out of their comfort zone to do the opposite of what’s expected of them. Mulan trains with her father’s sword to take his place as a soldier. Barbara becomes a thief, a vigilante, and eventually, a police officer, taking her father’s former position as Commissioner. Both women work to do the right thing, no matter what it costs them.
As her sister tells it, Kory is the golden child on their home planet. A princess who is beloved by the people, that might not initially sound like Merida, who seems to do the opposite of what her kingdom wants. The two, however, have a lot in common after all.
Both young women set out on missions on their own, far from home. Merida’s mission involves making sure her mother isn’t a bear anymore, and Kory’s is to get rid of Rachel, so they’re very different tasks. The outcomes are similar though as Merida realizes how much she truly loves her family (and they grow to understand her). Kory also creates her own family on Earth with Rachel and the rest of the Titans as her power grows.
Dick Grayson, of the Flying Graysons, lost his family at a young age. Instead of growing up on the streets of a major city like Aladdin, however, Bruce Wayne took him in and trained him to be his sidekick. The Genie is more like Aladdin’s Bruce Wayne, bringing Dick the things he wants in life, but with a catch.
Aladdin and Dick even have a lot of the same skills – scaling buildings, lying through their teeth, and stealing small objects. They also tend to allow their objectives in life to be derailed when they fall for someone. For Aladdin, that’s only Jasmine, but for Dick, that’s Kory, Dawn, Donna, and even Barbara. He’s charmed and had relationships with most of the heroines he knows.
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