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When the Eternals movie was first announced at SDCC 2019 for the MCU’s Phase 4, people had questions. Who the heck were these Eternals? How will they fit into the MCU? Well, now we know (kind of). Marvel Studios released the final Eternals trailer and fans got a clearer picture of what these beautiful superheroes will be doing in the MCU. We wrote about the history of the Eternals, but basically, they’re the creation of divine beings, the Celestials (Ego, Peter Quill’s father, was one of these beings). The Celestials created early humanoids as a way to kickstart human evolution, thus creating the Eternals (the gorgeous, good-hearted ones) and the Deviants (the ugly, evil ones). The former was tasked with protecting Earth (and later, humankind) from the wicked plans of the Deviants. While we’ve gotten a glimpse of these new characters, I’m going to take a closer look at each of the 10 new superheroes. In this first post of the series, I’m asking: who is Ajak?
Ajak, who is played by Salma Hayek, is the Eternals powerful leader. She’s very wise, but also stoic and can seem standoffish. As their leader, she’s the only one of the group who can communicate with the Celestials. She’s a skilled tactician and possesses Healing powers, which she can use on her fellow Eternals. She also has the same abilities as the others, including super strength, speed, and durability.
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Ajak was one of the original Eternals created by Jack Kirby in the 1970s, although the character was originally male instead of female, just like her fellow Eternals, Sprite and Makkari. Hayek had actually suggested leaning into the Ajak-as-Eternals-mother-figure and it seems to have worked out well. She said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:
“She’s full of contradictions. She’s the bridge between the Eternals and the Celestials, and it’s never easy to hold two sides together.”
Ajak is Siberian-born and is a member of the Eternals sub-race known as the Polar Eternals who live in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Like the other Eternals, he’s played a role throughout humanity’s history, making appearances in 2500 BC Babylon and helping out the natives in Peru, where he assumed the identity of the Incan god Tecumotzin and the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. It was during this time that he really became the go-to communicator for the Celestials, even building a city in Peru for their use called the City of the Space Gods. Ajak is female specifically for the Eternals movie and in her every day life, she’s an archaeologist.
Are you excited to learn more about Ajak and how she’ll be as the leader of the Eternals? Let us know in the comments below!
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