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AEW’s debut console game will likely have an extensive roster, but it could benefit further from working with other wrestling companies.
AEW's console game is currently in development with Yuke's, and fans can't wait for a chance to play it. The company's debut console game is set to have a stacked roster, especially with recent acquisitions like CM Punk, Ruby Soho, and Bryan Danielson. AEW's TV output has received near-universal acclaim, and fans are hoping that this will translate to its debut console game. While AEW has a large and impressive roster in its own right, there's a chance that the playable character selection could be even more spectacular if wrestlers from outside the company are featured.
All Elite Wrestling recently announced its intentions to honor the late Owen Hart. This will include a tournament on AEW television and his inclusion in the upcoming AEW game. Owen Hart hasn't been featured in a wrestling game in nearly 20 years, and for fans of old-school wrestling, this could be another reason to check out the AEW game when it launches. Beyond the company's recent signings and the addition of Owen Hart, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the roster of AEW's console game. Thanks to AEW's relationship with other wrestling companies, there's a chance that the game's roster could be brimming with even more talent.
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The 'Forbidden Door' refers to working relationships between different wrestling companies for their mutual benefit. While WWE doesn't work with other established promotions, AEW works with multiple, something that helps set it apart. Impact Wrestling's current world champion is Christian Cage, an AEW star, and wrestlers from NJPW have crossed over to AEW television, like Satoshi Kojima, who recently faced off with Jon Moxley. These crossovers are emblematic of AEW's willingness to work with other companies. AEW's opening of the 'Forbidden Door' could be a net positive for the company's upcoming debut console game as well.
The game's roster has already been beefed up with recent AEW signings like Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, and CM Punk. The mix of independent stars, homegrown talent, and veterans of the business could help expand the game's potential audience. AEW has a working relationship with the likes of Impact Wrestling and NJPW, which could present an opportunity for guest stars in the game. This could pave the way for the likes of Rich Swann, Chris Sabin, and Kenta to appear in the title, as well as several other stars from the two companies.
As far as its roster goes, the AEW game is doing a lot right. The mix of talent that is all but confirmed to appear is diverse, and it should appeal to a variety of wrestling fans. With the possibility of Impact Wrestling and NJPW wrestlers appearing too, the game could appeal to fans of those companies. Players could be empowered to enact dream matches with wrestlers from different companies and reflect the crossover appearances that have been happening so often on AEW's television programs. The AEW console game is making a case as a serious alternative to the upcoming WWE 2K22 game, and with the possibility of a deep roster, it could gain a lot of interest from wrestling fans.
AEW's debut console game is currently in development.
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