Broome Switches from COVID Map to Charts and Graphs –

Broome County’s “dashboard” offering information on the pandemic in the county is looking very different as of September 24.
The map that has been available for view at since the start of the pandemic, pinning numbers of cases on outlines of the individual municipalities as well as listing the numbers for active cases, total cumulative cases, hospitalizations and deaths has been replaced with a page that displays several graphs and charts.  There are categories broken down by age groups, sex, infections and deaths.
The new format also provides information on breakthrough cases.
The new layout may help answer questions from residents who have frequently asked the ages of those who have tested positive and who have died as a result of COVID-19.

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar has scheduled a briefing for reporters with an update on the pandemic in the county via video conference September 24.
Some Counties in the Southern Tier, specifically, Chenango County, have been providing at least weekly information concerning the number of new positive test results that are being found in people who have already been vaccinated.  The Tioga County Health Department facebook pages also lists, in addition to new cases, the number of new cases in vaccinated, unvaccinated and in residents whose vaccination status is unknown.


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