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Marvel’s Wolverine and Spider-Man 2 will coexist in a shared universe, but how will the two get a chance to meet and start bringing Marvel together?
The announcement of Insomniac Games producing Marvel’s Wolverine with a connection to its upcoming Spider-Man 2 game was exciting for fans. The creation of a shared video game universe like the MCU is definitely an enticing prospect. Theories and ideas abound about which properties and characters Insomniac could introduce in the future, but the imminent question is how the Wolverine and Spider-Man 2 games will align in the first place.
Little is known about Marvel’s Wolverine or Spider-Man 2, with each game having only received a teaser trailer and no official gameplay or story content. While Logan and Peter Parker have teamed up several times over the years in comics and a few games, the information shown to the fans so far doesn’t lend any solid facts on how the two will be connected through Insomniac’s Marvel universe.
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There are hints in the Wolverine trailer that Logan will be in Madripoor at the Princess Bar. However, that is a long way from New York where Peter Parker and Miles Morales live. Will Wolverine come to the big city, or will Spider-Man run into Logan abroad? Or were fans thrown a red herring instead?
Wolverine has lived a very long time. In all of his years, he has traveled the globe from country to country; sometimes in search of answers, sometimes to try and hide from his true nature. Iconic stories have him running through Canada alongside Alpha Flight, in Japan to learn discipline and control, and of course, traveling the world with the X-Men. As a man who prefers to work alone and keep to himself, there is any number of reasons Logan could return to New York and encounter Spider-Man.
However, the stoic mutant might not be willing to explain his motives, leaving more questions than answers. Wolverine tends to be a short-sighted character, following the trail laid out before him. Whether hunting down someone from the Weapon Plus program, battling Sabertooth, or helping to right an injustice, he will often focus on a single objective directly in front of him. The teaser trailer for Marvel’s Wolverine, however, could have offered a thread with the inclusion of the Princess Bar.
Having previously been run by a criminal organization while Logan fought against a drug cartel in Madripoor, the Canadian could have discovered an evidence trail leading to a crime boss or criminal organization with ties to New York as is so often the case in Marvel. With Kingpin having already made an appearance in Marvel’s Spider-Man, his character is well established and could return as a connection or supplier of information to the Madripoor crime ring, which Wolverine might be tracking down for answers. The cartel could even have connections to Mr. Negative’s gang from the previous game. This would be a simple way to have Wolverine encounter Spider-Man in a small cameo appearance and start to build on the interconnected world within Insomniac’s games.
The story of Spider-Man Miles Morales had Peter Parker take a backseat as the web-slinger. Parker accompanied Mary Jane on an overseas trip for a news piece she was writing, leaving Miles to protect New York alone. As an established concept, and with Mary Jane often willing to put herself in danger for the sake of a story, sending the reporter into Madripoor to cover the events of the cartel and the Princess Bar is entirely possible. Peter wouldn’t want Mary Jane to go alone, and so traveling with her to keep her safe would undoubtedly lead to Spider-Man bumping into Logan.
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There is also the concern of Kraven the Hunter appearing in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. With the game now including both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities that players will get to jump back and forth between the two, as seen in other Spider-Man games like Shattered Dimensions. The voiceover during the trailer could not be anyone other than Kraven, but the reveal in the alleyway was Venom. With two powerful villains, it seems likely they will divide and conquer to protect New York. Since Venom was teased in Miles Morales, it makes sense those two would go head-to-head, while Peter tracks down Kraven.
Kraven is an exceptional and accomplished hunter. Not only could Spider-Man use the help of a certain experienced tracker in taking on the animalistic Kraven, but this could be another opportunity for Spider-Man to travel, albeit against his will. In the past, Kraven has kidnapped Spider-Man and released him into a hunting ground of his own design to make for a more sporting challenge. This is yet another opportunity to encounter Wolverine, whom Kraven would no doubt consider equally worthy prey for hunting.
The trailer for Marvel’s Wolverine runs for less than a minute but it is packed with potential clues as to the game’s location and possible narrative. What fans might not have considered are the clues about the Princess Bar being a red herring. Wolverine barely ages, and as mentioned, he has traveled the globe several times. What fans see in the Wolverine trailer could be set at any point in time or even be part of a flashback. It could also be a recreation of the Princess Bar for the benefit of Wolverine, given his connection to the location.
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While the clues referencing the bar and Hulk are exciting, Wolverine did spend a lot of time in New York and traveling North America. It’s possible by the time the game begins that Marvel’s Wolverine‘s plot could run parallel to that of Spider-Man 2. The inclusion of the Princess Bar could only be a nod to Logan’s past and not a significant plot element of the game.
It’s exciting to think of Insomniac creating a shared universe of Marvel games. Marvel Comics has always had a complex, interconnected web of characters and storylines that seemingly united the world of mutants and superheroes in one way or another. This means there are dozens of ways for Marvel’s Wolverine and Spider-Man 2 to connect, whether through a unique and complicated series of narrative events or something as simple as a surprise cameo.
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