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The X-Men have some weird and wonderful mutations but there are some missing ones that fans want to see them get in the future.
The X-Men contains some of the most powerful heroes the Marvel Universe has ever seen. The team has faced down some of the most dangerous villains around and always triumphed, thanks to their combination of teamwork and muscle. One of the best things about mutants is the fact that they’re all about change and that’s none more obvious than when it comes to secondary mutations.
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Some mutants have gained extra powers over the years, making them more useful to the team. The X-Men’s roster is always missing some powers and there are members of the team who could use a secondary mutation.
Since his debut, Archangel has always been the lamest member of the X-Men. His powers gave him a good visual but he was never very useful in a fight. After getting enhancements as a member of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, he was made more useful because of his razor-sharp metal wings but the whole thing just felt like he was now flying Wolverine.
Writers have tried to give Archangel all kinds of extra powers over the years to make him better but none of them has stuck. It’s hard to identify one secondary mutation that could make him better but he definitely needs something. He’s at his least interesting ever right now, which is saying something.
Doug Ramsey’s powers were always passive but they’ve been expanded in recent years. His power to understand any language has been used to give him computer hacking abilities and, at times, have allowed him to learn how to fight, as martial arts were a kind of body language. Writers have mostly forgotten about that last one, so he needs something to make him better for field ops.
A cool thing could be him learning to hack people using language. It’s a natural extension of his power to speak any language, as he could speak the language of nerves and organs, communicating with the body and shutting parts of it down.
Psylocke can get rather confusing but right now the classic Psylocke, Betsy Braddock, is Captain Britain and Kwannon is Psylocke. Braddock used to be in Kwannon’s body and at one point, developed devastating telekinetic powers. Those powers faded and now that Kwannon is Psyclocke again, it would be great for her to get those abilities back.
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Telekinesis would fit perfectly with her fighting style and since it was in her body that the previous Psylocke gained telekinetic powers, it would make sense for her to have them again.
Tempus is one of the most powerful young mutants ever. She can control the flow of time around her and this ability has made her a part of the Five, instrumental to mutant resurrection and one of the most important mutants on Krakoa. An ability that she’s sort of had but barely used is time travel.
While she’s had a little bit of experience with it inside her time bubbles, the fact that it’s never become a full-blown power is quite strange. It seems like the perfect evolution of her already prodigious abilities and would make her useful in new ways to the X-Men and the island of Krakoa.
Gambit has long been one of the most popular X-Men ever and his powers have been a big help to the team over the years. His ability to charge objects with kinetic energy is just the tip of the iceberg, as the full extent of his powers is actually molecular control. He only had full control of his powers for a short time, losing them in his alternate reality self, New Son.
He had to give up these powers to defeat New Son and hasn’t been able to access them since. With mutants in the ascendancy and so many intelligent mutants gathered on Krakoa, the fact that no one has helped him regain his old powers is bizarre. Gambit’s powers reaching their full potential would be great and make the character more interesting than ever.
Kate Pryde’s powers are some of the best defensive powers in comics. Phasing through attacks has served her well over the years but the science behind her powers has rarely been explained. The best explanation is that she increases the distance between molecular structures so she can be better pass through the gaps between other molecules.
This can be taken in two directions. The first would be that her body has a unique relationship to the molecular structure of all things and that she could develop the ability to make things intangible without touching them. The second would be that she has some kind of super senses that allow her to perceive molecular motion in a way that rivals any electron microscope.
Rogue’s control over her powers has gotten a lot better over the years but that doesn’t mean they’re done evolving. Rogue has learned to finally use them selectively, no longer draining everyone she touches of their powers. It’s allowed her to have a regular life but there’s a next step for her powers.
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Basically, Rogue’s powers’ next evolution should allow her to absorb powers without actually touching anyone. It would make a lot of sense for them to go in this direction, as her story has been all about learning more and more about her powers. Draining powers from a distance would take down foes and make her more powerful, a win-win.
Cannonball’s powers are pretty great. His body produces energy that allows him to fly and while flying, he’s indestructible. He can also absorb kinetic energy and redirect it, which is how he beat Gladiator on his own. These powers are great but they are only the beginning of what he should be able to do.
To begin with, his blasting field that gives him invulnerability could become more like a shield that he could put up, allowing him to be indestructible even when not flying. He could also manifest the ability to fire kinetic energy blasts from hands instead of just using the energy to fly, giving him more offensive options.
Cyclops’ optic blasts are pretty devastating but they can get better. Right now, his powers are concussive in nature but some people, including comic writers, think they are more like Superman’s heat visions or lasers. Since it’s a common misconception, it would be easy to make it just canon by presenting their chance as a new mutation.
It can be explained as him gaining the ability to regulate the temperature of the energy of the optic blasts, allowing him to use them as lasers that could melt through his targets. It would make him an even greater force on the battlefield and that’s something that Cyclops would love.
Wolverine is one of the most dangerous heroes on the planet. His whole schtick is built around hand-to-hand combat using his claws and taking massive amounts of damage that his healing factor and adamantium skeleton allow him to survive. Something that would make sense as a secondary mutation for him is super strength.
To begin with, people with pretty much the same powers as him, namely Sabretooth, have super strength. A way to explain it would be his healing factor. Muscles develop because of lactic acid burning away old muscle and replacing it with newer, stronger tissue. Wolverine’s healing factor would mean that he builds muscle much faster, allowing him to increase muscle mass easier and giving him super strength eventually.
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