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The Midnight Sons are the latest group to make their video game debut and these comic book elements might impact the title!
The Midnight Sons are the team taking the spotlight in Marvel’s Midnight Sunsa video game being developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K games. While fans can get an early look at the intriguing horror-inspired narrative through both gameplay footage and cinematic trailers, the comics can also provide a great source of information on the project.
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Whether it’s some of the more obscure members of the team, the way the graphic novels could actually inspire the video game story with their own arcs, or some of the group’s links to dark magic, comic book fans may already know a thing or two about The Midnight Sons which may ultimately be referenced in the console experience.
Fans will be familiar with the team known as The Midnight Sons in the comics and so it therefore seems peculiar that the video game adaptation would be utilizing The Midnight Suns name. The original title of the team, of course, plays upon the fact that most of these magic-based missions take place at dusk, utilizing the power of the witching hour.
Although that might be the case for the source material, Firaxis Games noted in an interview with CBR that “the change in name highlights the fact that this is not a retelling of the original story and that it offers a completely new unforgettable adventure.” The difference in the title shouldn’t, therefore, indicate that this is a totally different version of the team though.
There are a number of incredibly powerful supernatural forces in the Marvel Universe, from infinite versions of the Sorcerer Supreme to demons and devils that wield their hellish gifts. The Midnight Sons were consequently created to act as Earth’s line of defense against such mystical monsters and dark foes.
The group has seemingly operated far longer than initially portrayed, becoming an organization with a hand in the history of humanity. The video game appears to be setting their own version of the group up in a similar way, with the ancient Midnight Suns getting reformed to face off against pure evil.
The group was originally formed thanks to the death of Dan Ketch, a version of the Ghost Rider. With his soul damned for eternity, the foundations of The Midnight Sons came together to try to save the spirit of vengeance and ultimately heed his warning.
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Proclaiming a dark force was approaching, Johnny Blaze has to help bring together a mystic nine who may be able to act as a barrier against this evil. It’s a premise that the games may take advantage of, and while it likely won’t include Ketch’s death, there is at the very least a version of Ghost Rider on hand to judge the souls of the sinners.
The dark threat that initially created The Midnight Sons was that of Lilith, a Deity that’s become known as the Mother of Demons in the Marvel Universe. Usually residing in Hell, Lilith will stop at nothing to scourge the realms of mortal men. She has been around since the dawn of time and has become an arch-nemesis of The Midnight Sons.
Interestingly, the game will be utilizing this aspect of the comic book narrative, with Lilith acting as the main antagonist. Her army of demons known as the Linin is also present in the title, but there’s an added wrinkle to her story involving an heir which will be discussed further.
The Midnight Sons have gone through quite a few incarnations over the years, and while the team has yet to make its debut in the MCU it has actually boasted a number of fan-favorite heavy hitters. Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Wong, Blade, Mobius, Bloodstone, Hellstorm, and even The Scarlet Spider have all found themselves in the group.
Often members of the team have to have some kind of link to the mystical world, with one incarnation seeing the group brought together thanks to each having a damned soul. The video game is taking some comic book members such as the spirit of vengeance and the master of the mystic arts but is adding its own characters such as Wolverine, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel.
Blade is perhaps one of the most iconic members of the roster, but he’s also the man responsible for a massacre on an unprecedented scale. After reading the Darkhold, Blade becomes Switchblade, a darker version of the anti-hero obsessed with destroying anything supernatural.
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As a result of his shift Switchblade goes on to kill and maim members of the team including Ghost Rider, Werewolf By Night, and Hannibal King. Blade and the Darkhold are sure to play a part in the video game, so there’s actually quite a high chance that a variation of this arc could be put into Midnight Suns. 
Another threat that The Midnight Sons have been ready to fight off against is the zombie invasion of Earth-616. Marvel Zombies is such a huge story both in the comics and in the animated MCU. The Midnight Sons were assembled by Mobius, with Werewolf By Night, Man-Thing, Hellstorm, and Jennifer Kale joining the fray.
While they were ultimately successful in their mission, despite severe interference from the likes of The Hood and Dormammu, this was actually a major reforming of the team, who would continue to stick together. Marvel Zombies probably won’t have an impact on Midnight Suns but there are always future DLC and sequel options to explore the narrative.
Las Vegas was pulled down to Hell during the Hydra invasion and it was up to The Midnight Sons to return it to the mortal realms. Unfortunately, what arrived was Mephisto’s cursed casino which the damned Midnight Sons had to assemble to destroy or return to the underworld.
With characters like Wong, the dog Bats, Iron Fist, and Doctor Voodoo assembling in this roster, the team cuts off Mephisto’s power supply and imprisoned him in his own hotel in the heart of Vegas. It’s a story that could serve as a brilliant side-mission for the game, or at the very least act as a fun location to explore.
The ever-expanding Marvel Multiverse has resulted in plenty of teams taking on different incarnations within multiple realities. The comics and wider Marvel materials have showcased various Midnight Sons. In the Battleworld reality, for instance, Ghost Rider is part of a biker group with the same name.
Earth-TRN012 is the reality of Marvel’s Future Flight which contains its own incarnation of the team, similar to the source material. Meanwhile, The Midnight Guns operate in Warp World where the group’s main heroes have been shifted to include spin-off characters like Agatha Darkness, Dagger Li, and Hellfire. The video game could choose to play around with its roster in this way for future community events.
Comic book fans will certainly know that The Hunter has never appeared amongst The Midnight Sons, nor have they ever been featured in a Marvel graphic novel before. The game developers have confirmed that this entirely customizable character is an original creation for Midnight Suns. 
The Hunter will be the child of Lilith, another element of storytelling that isn’t really played upon in the source material. This gives players an interesting incentive when portraying their version of The Hunter on screen though, as the character has an in-built motive for revenge to join up with The Midnight Sons.
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