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Fans may be used to seeing Marvel Team-Ups, but every so often superheroes and their deadliest enemies end up working together against a common foe.
Team-ups happen in the comics fairly frequently, and they usually follow a familiar pattern when two Marvel crimefighters meet up for the first time. After a quick fight usually fueled by misunderstandings, they find a common enemy that often brings them together in the end.
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However, Marvel heroes have also found themselves in situations that forced them to ally with their sworn enemies against a larger threat. While these Marvel villains are more commonly known as arch-enemies, they get the chance to explore their heroic side. Today we’ll take a look at a few examples of unorthodox team-ups that challenge the usual relationship between costumed rivals.
1989’s Dr. Strange And Dr. Doom: Triumph And Torment from Roger Stern and Mike Mignola united two of Marvel’s most powerful sorcerers as they undertook a journey through Hell. They were initially called together to compete in a contest to determine Earth’s sorcerer supreme which was won by Dr. Strange. He was then required to help out his competitor by granting a favor.
Doom asked for Strange’s help in freeing his mother’s soul from Hell, which brought them up against Mephisto. Doctor Doom‘s inevitable betrayal of Doctor Strange almost damned all three of their souls to Mephisto’s hell before they were able to truly team up and free Doom’s mother, though it cost the armored villain her love.
While Thanos had earlier placed himself as one of Marvel’s most dangerous villains during The Infinity Gauntlet event, he soon found himself allied with his former enemies like Adam Warlock and the Avengers during the follow-up Infinity War event from Jim Starlin and Ron Lim.
Adam Warlock’s evil side known as Magus returned and began gathering five Cosmic Cubes that he used to threaten all of Eternity. Thanos teamed up with the assembled heroes he had previously fought against, and while he had ulterior motives that also threatened his new allies, he helped them stop Magus and save the universe.
Steve Rogers was kept alive over the years due to the super-soldier serum in his blood, though during the ’90s, he began to lose the super-soldier serum which led to his apparent death. However, during the “Operation: Rebirth” storyline, he was saved by the recently returned Sharon Carter. He then learned he was given a blood transfusion from none other than the Red Skull.
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This eventually brought him back to full strength and placed him in league with his greatest enemy, as they worked together to stop a cult of Neo-Nazis from freeing Adolf Hitler’s soul from inside a cosmic cube. While the partnership was successful, the struggle for control of the cosmic cube almost left Captain America trapped inside before he was able to free himself and stop Red Skull.
Eddie Brock’s hatred for Spider-Man started long before he bonded with the alien symbiote to become the Lethal Protector known as Venom, and he quickly made a name for himself as one of the web-slinger’s deadliest enemies. Following the birth of a new symbiote that bonded with serial killer Cletus Kasady to become Carnage, they were brought together against a common foe.
While Venom and Carnage have occasionally teamed up against Spider-Man or in an effort to kill the symbiote named Toxin, they are usually bitter enemies which often sees Spider-Man and Venom working together to stop the symbiotic serial killer. Venom and Spider-Man have even formed a close relationship in the modern age as Brock committed fully to being a hero.
Thor and his fellow Asgardians lived life under a prophecy of doom known as Ragnarok, which told of their end at the hands of the giant Fire Demon named Surtur, though he attempted to take over Asgard a number of times first. When Surtur attempted to storm Asgard and threatened Odin, Loki surprised everyone by teaming up with his long-time rival and brother, Thor.
This wouldn’t be the only time Thor and Loki found themselves on the same side, as they worked together to stop the Egyptian god Seth and later fought against The Sentry during Norman Osborn’s Siege, even though Loki was partially responsible for that event.
Nathan Summers is the time-traveling mutant known as Cable who spent most of his life fighting a war in the future against the eternal mutant known as Apocalypse, which led to an ongoing rivalry between the two characters that continued when Cable returned to the present. When the psionic being known as Onslaught first manifested, Apocalypse awoke and joined the fight.
He was urged into the battle by Uatu the Watcher, who suggested for him to ally with his old enemy Cable. They entered the Astral Plane together on a mission to free the captive Franklin Richards, though Apocalypse revealed his true intention to kill Franklin instead. Thankfully Invisible Woman had tagged along and was able to save Franklin’s life, though they failed at freeing him.
Magneto was one of the X-Men‘s oldest enemies, who formed his own team called the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to actively oppose Professor Xavier’s dream of human and mutant harmony in support of his own dream for mutant superiority. Magneto came to realize that even though he felt that mutants should be the rulers of the planet, it wasn’t going to happen through his actions.
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So he submitted to the X-Men and decided to join with the team and fight for mutantkind’s survival instead. He first brought Kitty Pryde back to Earth after she was lost in the Breakworld bullet as an act of good faith, though he quickly climbed up the ladder to become a leader in the new Krakoan mutant society.
The Weapon X organization was responsible for experimenting on mutants like Wolverine and Sabretooth over the years, though a new faction returned that planned to create powerful mutant-hunting cyborgs. They began kidnapping mutants like Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Warpath, Domino, and Lady Deathstrike so they could take samples and combine them with Hulk‘s DNA.
Despite years of brutal rivalry between Logan and Sabretooth, they joined forces with the other hunted mutants to form a new version of Weapon X. Sabretooth had been previously inverted during the AXIS event which led Old Man Logan to put him in charge of the group after he left, though Sabretooth soon reverted back to his evil self and they became enemies once again.
Scott Lang had spent some time in prison before he began his costumed career when he was forced to steal Hank Pym’s Ant-Man uniform in order to save the life of his daughter. He had a hard time starting over as an ex-con despite years spent working with heroic teams like the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, so he decided to start his own business called Ant-Man Security Solutions.
He offered a job to a failed villain named Grizzly who was attempting to hunt down a previous Ant-Man, Eric O’Grady/Black Ant. Lang saw a kindred soul in Grizzly and decided to help out other former villains looking for a new start. He hired former Captain America villain Machinesmith as well, though Ant-Man Security Solutions was later shut down after Lang was arrested again.
Matt Murdock has had a long-standing feud with Wilson Fisk in their respective identities of Daredevil and the Kingpin that eclipse most hero/villain relationships due to the extreme measures both have taken in their ongoing war. However, things changed when Fisk managed to become the mayor of New York, and Daredevil dealt with a tragedy that kept him out of costume.
When The Owl took over as the Kingpin, he sent a team of supervillains to New York that forced Daredevil back into action alongside other citizens in Hell’s Kitchen. However, he was also joined by villain and former love interest Typhoid Mary as well as Wilson Fisk in the battle against the supervillain team to save New York, though their rivalry and hatred for each other continued.
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