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Raids are the future of Marvel Strike Force, and managing resources effectively will continue to be the fastest way for players to get ahead.
Raids have always been an important part of Marvel Strike Force, but Boundless Entertainment has made it clear that Raids are going to be the only way for players to access the newest content moving forward. ISO-8 Tier 2 is only accessible through Doom 1.0 and 1.1, and players will need to play Doom 2.0 to access the upcoming Gear Tier 16 itemsets.
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While Ultimus raids still allow players to use amalgamations of whichever origins and traits they’d like to in their Raid teams, the restrictions in Doom and Greek raids mean that players need to know which heroes and villains to build for which nodes and lanes. Raids are the future of the game, and managing resources effectively will continue to be the fastest way to get ahead.
The symbiotes have been a complete team in the game for over a year, and they’re still the undisputed best squad for Bio and Spider-Verse raid nodes. The Symbiotes’ stats (particularly Speed and Attack) may seem low, but this squad thrives on debuffing the enemy, buffing each other, and healing during fights. As some of the most powerful symbiotes in the Marvel Universe, They complement each other well, with each member sharing their strengths to overcome their individual weaknesses.
Carnage gives a Speed Bar to Symbiote allies when an enemy drops below 25% health, and Scream gives Speed Up when enemies die. These two combine to give the Symbiote team incredible speed advantages once they get rolling. Symbiote Spider-Man helps keep everyone alive by granting allies drain and healing them every time a debuff is applied. If a Symbiote does get taken out, Anti-Venom can revive Symbiotes with his Special.
The Secret Avengers are one of the newest raid teams in Marvel Strike Force, and they dominate any nodes that allow or require Skill characters. The team only has three members- Captain America (Sam Wilson), Sharon Carter, and Maria Hill- but they synergize exceptionally well with fellow Skill characters Nick Fury and Kestral.
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This team is all about sustaining damage and launching indirect attacks. Sam Wilson and Sharon Carter throw deflects around and cripple enemies with Stun. Mariah Hill heals teammates when they block and summons up to three S.H.I.E.L.D troopers that will counterattack any time an adjacent ally is damaged. These pings don’t do much damage on their own, but they can trigger Kestral’s devastating passive attack, which is the primary damage source for the team.
Two of the Defenders from Marvel Strike Force‘s original release, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, have recently been given a new home on the Heroes for Hire team alongside Shang-Chi, Colleen Wing, and Misty Knight. This team is currently the strongest defensive War team in the game, but they also perform surprisingly well in raids as their diverse power sets allow for a variety of attacks and counterattacks.
These characters shouldn’t be players’ first choice for less restrictive raids like Ultimus, but they’re a solid option for the problematic middle nodes in Gamma Raid that only allow Hydra, Mercenary, or Heroes for Hire characters. Even without their War-only bonuses, Heroes for Hire has the damage and healing potential to make it through Gamma on even its highest difficulties.
The New Warriors is the newest raid team in Marvel Strike Force, and they’re custom-made to dominate the Mystic nodes in Doom Raids. This official squad only has three members at this point, but they synergize well with several other Mystic characters that players likely already have built up. Thanos is an excellent choice for feeding energy to Deathpool so that she can build charges more quickly and unleash her devastating full-power Ultimate more often, and Dr. Doom can use his Ultimate Ability more often as Deathpool feeds him energy on enemy deaths. Casual fans may not know much about newcomers Cloak and Dagger besides their two-season Freeform show, but they add significant heals and enemy debuffs to the squad.
The Pym Tech team may not be many players’ first choice in most game modes, but they’re the best bet for players playing through the higher difficulties of Gamma Raid. One of the node arms only allows Wakandan or Pym Tech characters. Shuri is a great Wakandan, but the rest of her team isn’t worth the resource investment to get them powered up. Players are better off building Ghost, Yellow Jacket, Ant-Man, and either Wasp or Stature to accompany Shuri. Ghost is especially worth investing heavily in as she’s also a character gamers will want to bring into each level of Dark Dimension.
Earlier in the game’s lifespan, BKT (Best Kree Team) was a tongue-in-cheek nickname for the raid squad consisting of Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Minerva, and Thanos. The idea was to use Star-Lord and Thanos to feed Rocket Raccoon his energy to use his Ultimate as often as possible.
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Minerva would keep the team alive with her percentage drain and revive. Rocket, Groot, and Star-Lord have fallen off quite a bit, but the same concept works by replacing them with Silver Surfer, Deathpool, and Black Bolt. The team struggles in Doom Raids, but Silver Surfer and Black Bolt using their Ultimate Attacks on repeat is enough firepower to work through the Ultimus raids.
Fans were a bit confused when Jubilee was announced as a Legendary character for the second X-Men team instead of a more famously powerful mutant, but Jubilation Lee and her team have proven to be a potent raid team at every difficulty level. The Astonishing X-Men have a bit of everything going for them; Jubilee throws out Blinds and Stuns, Iceman deals Slows and passive damage, Kitty Pride deals with enemy stealth, Beast heals and buffs his teammates, and Bishop taunts and deals massive damage on low-cooldown abilities.
While the complete team is effective, the core of Jubilee, Bishop, and Beast also works well with mutant pairs like Longshot and Shatterstar or Mr. Sinister and Emma Frost. Like their comic book counterpart, Marvel Strike Force‘s Astonishing X-Men has one of the best X-Men team rosters that will allow players to overcome any foe or challenge that they will encounter in the game.
Villain Tech characters, led by one of the Fantastic Four’s most powerful villains Dr. Doom, have enough synergy to perform well in the currently available Doom difficulty levels (though a new team will likely usurp them for Doom 2.0). The best Villain Tech team is made up of Minerva, Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Ghost, and Nebula.
Minerva is vulnerable, but her passive and percentage-based healing can keep the offensive threats healthy, and Otto Octavius helps by providing slows, regeneration, and buff flips. Doom and Ghost should have their Iso-8s set to Striker so that they can take advantage of Nebula passing out Vulnerable to enemies. Players without Doctor Doom can substitute Ultron, but he’s only effective up to Doom 1.0 without full Red Star investment.
X-Factor with Mr. Sinister shouldn’t be players’ first choice for every node, but they solve one problem exceptionally well. The mutant boss node in Doom Raids is very challenging and filled with high-health and high-damage enemies. Fortunately for players, the first wave has an enemy Longshot. If Mr. Sinister clones Longshot on turn one, critical hits will trigger the passive ability of both the original friendly Longshot and the clone. This double speed boost lets the two Longshots and Shatterstar attack endlessly without any enemies getting a turn.
The Infinity Watch team is currently the best Arena team in Marvel Strike Force and dominates every War team except Heroes for Hire. While they weren’t designed to be a raid team, they’re great for Mystic-restricted nodes or to clear out a challenging boss node for players working their way through Ultimus Raids.
Adam Warlock ensures that the team stays loaded with buffs and Deathproofs, and, if someone is taken out, Gamora, Warlock, and Nebula all get a free revive. Phyla-Vell and Moondragon offer solid drain and healing to keep everyone’s health topped off.
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