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Parks And Recreation and Disney both have beloved characters that make audiences laugh. Here’s how those beloved characters might match up.
Greg Daniels and Michael Schur’s Parks and Recreation has gone down in history as one of the best workplace sitcoms of all time. Part of the show’s widespread appeal is the zany cast of characters who all seem to get along despite their vastly different personalities. Though Parks and Recreation doesn’t feel distinctly like a Disney movie, it’s not hard to envision the core cast as Disney characters.
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Like every beloved Disney movie, Parks and Recreation is full of heroes, comedic characters, and even a villain or two. With so many Disney characters to chose from, it can be hard to narrow down the Parks and Recreation characters to just one character so the results may be shocking.
Andy (Chris Pratt) is the Park’s department resident himbo, serving as one of the silliest character for much of the show’s seven-season run. While many are quick to draw parallels between Andy and Emperor’s New Groove’s Kronk, deep down Andy truly embodies the spirit of Pinocchio.
Pinocchio is, of course, the title character of the 1940 Disney classic, who goes from being a wooden puppet to a young boy. Like Andy, Pinocchio is whimsical and extremely gullible. These two don’t always understand what’s going on around them which gets them into trouble However, they do learn to become great leaders as Pinocchio saves his father and Andy becomes a successful child entertainer.
Ann (Rashida Jones) is best known to Parks and Rec fans for being Leslie’s best friend and the resident nurse of the eccentric friend group. With these two traits in mind, Ann might be considered a human version of Nana from Peter Pan, but her true Disney alter ego is Princess Anna from Frozen.
Though Ann might not be as energetic as Anna is, the two both have a strong affinity for love, While Anna immediately falls in love with Hans, Ann falls in love with just about any guy she meets including Andy, Tom, and Chris. Clearly, these two both crave attention which leads them to make bad decisions when it comes to love.
As the youngest member of the Parks department, April (Audrey Plaza) is the snarky intern who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. April doesn’t take anything too seriously which somehow makes her a better employee.
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Like April, Megara from Hercules is snarky and cynical. She uses sarcasm heavily and regularly puts the men around her in place, including Hercules. Those these two have a tough exterior, they have a heart of gold that shines through as they allow themselves to be vulnerable and fall in love.
Ben (Adam Scott) might not show up in Parks and Rec until season two but he becomes a major character that has some of the best storylines in later seasons. While he starts out as a no-nonsense accountant, he is really just a nerdy and insecure man running from his past life.
By that description, Ben sounds an awful lot like the king of the jungle himself, Simba. Both these characters were extremely cocky as youngsters which caused serious problems for them. Simba lost his dad and Ben brought upon the Ice Town debacle. Yet they learned to overcome their mistakes and grow into compassionate and powerful leaders in their respective worlds.
Chris (Rob Lowe) could have easily become a villain in Parks and Recreation but the writers had other plans for him. Instead, he’s the high-energy, loving, optimistic, and health-obsessed City Manager at Pawnee. While Winnie the Pooh’s beloved Tigger might not be the manager of the Hundred Acre Wood, he does have a lot in common with Chris.
Both of these characters are extremely energetic which oftentimes annoys those around them. Tigger also could have been the villain of Winnie the Pooh as Christopher Robin’s newest stuffed animal. Tigger’s obsession with bouncing and Chris’s obsession with working out is also extremely similar.
Donna (Retta) became a major character in the later season of Parks and Recreation and definitely a fan favorite. Though she is the department’s office manager, she’d much rather be shopping and enjoying the finer things life has to offer. She also ends up forming one of the Parks And Recreation‘s best friendships/duos with Tom.
Like Donna, Daisy is a total fashionista who loves shopping and the finer things in life. She and Donna are also both fashionable in ways that makes them stand out among the other characters in their worlds.
More commonly known as Jerry, Garry (Jim O’Heir) has the unfortunate privilege of playing the character everyone loves to hate in Parks and Recreation. Though Garry often makes a fool of himself in the office, he’s actually a loveable teddy bear who is an amazing husband and father. He also has several talents, including being an artist and amateur inventor.
Like Garry, Archimedes Q. Porter, Jane’s father in Tarzan, is seen by many as a bumbling idiot, but he actually has a lot going on. Both Garry and Porter are devoted fathers who would do anything for their daughters, including leaving civilization behind.
Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) is the glue that keeps the parks department running. She’s ambitious and never backs down from a challenge. Even though she’s determined, she’s always optimistic and never wants to put anyone down.
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Just like Leslie is the Queen Bee of Pawnee, Minnie Mouse is the queen bee of Disney characters. These two also happen to be amazing friends who always know how to uplift those around them, even when they have to deal with grumps like Ron Swanson and Donald Duck.
Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) is the antithesis of Leslie. He’s anti-government, anti-getting-things-done, and certainly anti-people. Yet he seems to have a soft spot for several of his co-workers, including Leslie Knope.
In the Disney universe, all those qualities could be used to describe Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Grumpy may not like to show it, but he ends up having a soft spot for Snow White. He also ends up being the most competent of the dwarfs, which is a trait he also shares with Ron, who is actually an amazing boss despite his efforts not to be.
Tom (Aziz Ansari) may be one of the youngest employees in the department, but that doesn’t stop him from always speaking his mind. Tom was born to be a business owner, which is something he actively pursues. He’s confident and a little bit goofy, but that’s what makes him so loveable.
There’s only one character in the Disney universe who is remotely similar to Tom, and that’s Kuzco from The Emperor’s New Groove. Kuzco and Tom are both self-centered and believe that they’re the greatest person in a room. However, they both learn the power of being selfless, which helps them achieve their wildest dreams.
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