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X-Force is Marvel’s X-Men-affiliated team of black-ops mutants, and it boasts some incredibly powerful heroes.
X-Force has gone through a lot of changes over the years. When it started in the early ’90s, it was an evolution of the former New Mutants team, following Cable because they didn’t trust Magneto, who was the new leader of the X-Men. There was one huge difference between X-Force and the X-Men: X-Force was a black-ops mutant team.
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Because X-Force was a team that was proactive in protecting mutants, they often found themselves labeled as mutant terrorists, which meant they had giant marks on their back from everyone from supervillains to the X-Men themselves. It also meant they needed to recruit the most powerful mutants around to keep them strong, both in pure strength and the power of their mutant abilities.
Colossus has always been considered one of the X-Men’s strongest members. His mutant powers allow him to transform from an already powerful young man into a mutant made of organic steel. While this weighs him down, his mobility remains intact and he becomes faster.
In a pure one-on-one fight, there is almost no one who can match Colossus outside of the strongest of the strong — superheroes like Juggernaut or Thor. His strength level is at class 100, but comics fans know very well that Colossus has been beaten at times, including in a bar fight with Juggernaut, proving he is not all-powerful.
At first glance, Domino doesn’t appear to be a powerful superhero. However, there is almost no one who can beat her without relying on trickery. This is because her mutant powers are ones that few people can counter. Her mutant power is basically luck, through which she can initiate random phenomena that affect probability in her favor.
This power is not precise, as there are very minute chances that she could get caught in bad luck, but they are so small that she seems almost unstoppable at times. However, she has little control over her powers and has to be in imminent danger for them to trigger.
Deadpool has only one true power, a healing factor that he gained from Department K in Canada, developed through previous experimentation on Wolverine. This means that Deadpool is almost immortal, and Lady Death herself has said he can’t truly die.
His immortality makes Deadpool able and willing to do just about anything he wants in a fight. As an assassin, he is someone who can take out an entire enemy base in an apparent sacrifice only to emerge from the rubble, healing from his injuries as the only survivor.
X-23 is a clone of Wolverine. Movie fans got to meet her in the movie Logan, but in Marvel Comics, she is much older and has even taken on the name Wolverine, giving the comic books two different people using that name. She is also respected enough to have earned a spot on the new X-Men team in 2021.
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She has similar powers to Logan, such as her regenerative healing factor, including immunity to poisons and disease. She has his acute tracking senses and possesses the bone claws of her predecessor. She is also trained to kill, much like Wolverine, and is ruthless in a fight.
Psylocke has undergone some serious changes to her character over the years. Initially, she was Betsy Braddock, the former Captain Britain, who ended up kidnapped by Mojo and changed into Psylocke. However, when she ended up body-swapped with an assassin named Kwannon, her character changed.
She became a deadly warrior in addition to her own mutant psychic powers. In current Marvel Comics, Betsy is Captain Britain again, having separated from Kwannon, who remains Psylocke. Psylocke is a mutant with telepathic powers and telekinesis, able to transfer her telepathic powers into her katana, which makes her a deadly warrior for X-Force.
Fantomex is a name that is likely unfamiliar to anyone but core Marvel Comics fans. He was created from the same program that gave the world Wolverine. Whereas Wolverine was from the Weapon X program, Fantomex came from the Weapon XIII project.
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He is an artificially evolved mutant with three brains that can all process information and work independently from each other. He has a pain suppressor that allows him to fight through battles regardless of injuries. He also lacks much of the morality of his teammates and will kill anything he decides is an inherent danger.
Sunspot was one of the original New Mutants, although he didn’t join the X-Force team until after they were created. For a long time in the beginning, Sunspot had little control over his powers and considered himself a danger. However, once he found control, he became more of a leader, even starting his own Avengers team.
His powers are immense, as he can absorb solar energy and use it to enhance his strength and power. He can rechannel the energy into power to fly, lift things weighing up to 50 tons, and emit concussive energy blasts that can destroy almost anything.
Wolverine has the same regenerative healing as fellow X-Force members X-23 and Deadpool, but he has a huge advantage over both of them. Wolverine has been alive for well over 100 years and has the experience needed to help him in any fight.
Wolverine has been one of the most powerful and deadly X-Men members and was an incredibly valuable member of the Avengers. He also has his rage, which makes him almost unstoppable when he loses control. In the series Old Man Logan, Wolverine killed every member of the X-Men thinking they were villains, showing his true power when he taps into it.
Cable, aka Nathan Summers, is the son of one of Marvel’s most powerful mutants, Cyclops, and the clone of Jean Gren, Madelyne Pryor. As a child, Nathan was sent to the future to save him from the Techo-Organic Virus. In that future, which was ruled by Apocalypse, he became one of the Earth’s greatest mutant heroes.
Cable is a mutant with near Omega-level powers, a powerful telepath thanks to his mother. Rachel Summers said she saw a future in which Cable became a more powerful telepath than anyone else on Earth, although he has not yet reached that level of power in the comics. Add on the fact that he is a cyborg thanks to the effects of the virus, and he is one of X-Force’s most powerful leaders.
Hope Summers is the most powerful mutant hero who has ever worked as a member of X-Force. She was the first mutant born after M-Day on an alternate Earth after Scarlet Witch stripped almost all mutants of their powers. This made her seen as a mutant messiah, trained by her adoptive father Cable to return to the past and save other mutants.
Her main power is the ability to mimic any other mutant’s powers, making her an Omega-level mutant with almost no limitations. She can also instantly regulate these powers to their maximum efficiency, even if the person she gets them from has not yet mastered them. She is also one of Krakoa’s most protected mutants, as she is a member of The Five, the mutant island’s resurrection team.
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