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If you want to sail across the seven seas while dancing, to sing, and being friends with your favorite Disney character, there has never been a better chance until now!
With Disney Cruise Line swinging back into action as the Disney Dream, Disney Wonder, Disney Magic, and Disney Fantasy start to come back to life, with the Disney Wish looming behind, ready to set sail, Cast Members are being brought back to work! One of the best parts about taking a Disney Cruise Line is that you can experience the magic of Disney on a ship!
Aside from staying at a Disney Resort, Disney Cruises are the only other place you will be able to meet all your favorite characters, from Mickey Mouse to Minnie Mouse, to characters from Marvel, Star Wars, all the Disney princesses, and so many more. On top of seeing some of your favorite friends, another major plus is being able to see the stunning Broadway-level shows that Guests put on.
Now, Disney is hiring to fill some of these positions fleet-wide! Disney is looking for both character performers and musical theater performers to help create the entertainment on their ships. Auditions are happening both online and in New York. 
The online character and dancer submission will require the following:
Disney Cruise Line® is accepting PHOTO SUBMISSIONS for Tiana, Mulan, Jasmine, Moana, and Black Panther Disney Character Look-Alike Performers and BIPOC Character Performer/Dancers for imminent and future opportunities onboard Disney Cruise Line.  We hire versatile performers for entertainment events, meet & greets and staged appearances.  Contract includes competitive pay, travel, room and board, and significant contract completion bonus.  All performers appear as fully costumed Disney Characters as well as a Look-Alike performer.
Seeking individuals with a slender to athletic build, to portray Tiana, Mulan, Jasmine, Moana and Black Panther. We are also seeking BIPOC character performer/dancers of a high dance level, of varying height ranges. Performers should be able to demonstrate high-energy character animation levels, full range of body movement, and imaginative improvisation techniques.
SEEKING submissions from individuals to portray the following Look-Alikes ONLY:
Mulan 4’8” to 5’0” and 5’2” to 5’3”.  Height must be accurate and will be confirmed if you proceed to next-steps.
Jasmine 5’2” to 5’3”.  Height must be accurate and will be confirmed if you proceed to next-steps.
Moana 5’2” to 5’3”.   Height must be accurate and will be confirmed if you proceed to next-steps.
Tiana 5’5” – 5’7”. Height must be accurate and will be confirmed if you proceed to next-steps.
Black Panther 5’11” – 6’1” Height must be accurate and will be confirmed if you proceed to next-steps.
SEEKING submissions from:
BIPOC Character Performer/Dancers 4’8″ – 6’3″ 
Submissions will be accepted through September 24th, 2021.
Please click the “My Profile” button at the top of this page to create or update your profile before submitting to the audition. Make sure your profile includes an up to date resume, eye color, accurate height and 3 current photos of you (not headshots). 
Failure to upload all required photos, or using photos with a filter will result in voiding your submission.
Wear simple clean makeup. A fresh, natural look is best.
For full body photo, please wear form-fitting attire
Below are the inductions on what you need to know to apply!
Note: Performers will only be notified if they are being considered for a call back following their initial submission. Your submission will be valid for 6 months.
New York will be holding their in-person auditions on September 29 and 30; you can see the process below:
Disney Cruise Line audition appointments available for fleet wide needs, for current and future sailings. Disney takes pride in the art of theatrical storytelling, producing the highest caliber theatre at sea. Casting will have an intentionally inclusive BIPOC approach, including the representation of classic roles brought to life on the Walt Disney Theatre stage.
Casting needs:
 Trained Musical Theatre actors for various roles. 
Please prepare the following:
Submission Instructions and Requirements:
This is a 3 step process.  Candidates must create or update their audition profile, select an open appointment and check-in.

Safety protocols in place – masks are required when transitioning through the studios.
If selected, performers will be hired as crew and must complete all application, pre-employment, and onboarding requirements.
Performers will be considered Crew Members while working onboard.
Must be willing to comply with all Disney grooming guidelines and employment standards.
All performers must be at least 18 years of age.
All performers must be fluent in English (understanding, speaking, and writing).
Travel is required.
We strongly encourage performers from all cultural backgrounds to submit
Click here to apply today! 
Have you ever wanted to work for Disney Cruise Line?

Toronto based Disney lover who binges The Office and puts on live performances of Beauty and the Beast in the shower daily! I also run a disnerdy Youtube channel called That Disney Girl and would love to chat on Insta too @_thatdisgirl!
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