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Captain America/Iron Man #2 features the two Avengers confronting a new super-team known as the Paladins while hunting an escaped Hydra commander.
The second issue of Captain America and Iron Man‘s team-up series continues the two Avengers’ hunt for Hydra commander Veronica Eden, but the two find themselves possibly butting heads with a new super-team known as Paladins in the process. This is part of a five-issue miniseries following the adventures of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. These two Avengers have certainly been at odds with each other before thanks to their different ideals coming to a head, but considering they now joke about Civil War, the two seem ready to play nice with each other to take down a common enemy in Captain America/Iron Man.
The miniseries is written by Derek Landy (Black Order) with artwork by Angel Unzueta (Star Wars: Poe Dameron). Teaming up these particular characters could lead to even more conflict between the pair since, despite being two of Marvel’s biggest superheroes, they have vastly different reasons for why they fight and don’t give up. The two previously shared a title when the Captain America series went from Steve’s ongoing series to a four-issue team-up between him and Hawkeye followed by a three-issue team-up with him and Iron Man fighting their way through Madripoor.
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Marvel’s December 2021 solicitation information for Captain America/Iron Man #2, which can be found on PREVIEWSworld, teases that this issue will introduce readers to the new super-team called the Paladins. It’s unclear if Iron Man and Captain America will be throwing punches at the team though, since the solicit information mentions that they’re trying to determine whether the Paladins are “an asset or a liability.” However, they may not have a choice in the matter since the description also reveals that the Hydra commander they’re hunting is about to make “a powerful new friend.” This issue features another gorgeous Alex Ross cover, which includes the wonderfully subtle touches that Ross does so well, like rain pouring off of the two heroic leads.
The Paladins are a real unknown here, only described as “eager” and “new super heroes“, meaning they’re inexperienced and anxious to help, which could spell disaster. Marvel has had a Paladins Squad, which was a training group of students in Astonishing X-Men at the Xavier Institute. Under the supervision of X-Men Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat back in 2004, members included Armor, Wing, and Blindfold. Readers should hope the fates of this team’s members aren’t as tragic as that of the Paladins Squad.
In addition to the main cover by Alex Ross, there will also be a couple of variant covers. There will be one by Felipe Massafera (George R. R. Martin’s Fevre Dream) and a Devil’s Reign Villain Variant Cover by Leinil Francis Yu (Wolverine). The Devil’s Reign covers are a series of variants featuring Marvel’s greatest heroes as villains. The Yu cover will feature Captain America as Princess Python, a villain who previously served in criminal organizations like the Circus of Crime and in the Serpent Squad. The two greatest Avengers will cross paths with the Paladins when Captain America/Iron Man #2 is released in comic book stores on December 22, 2021.
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Source: PREVIEWSworld
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