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Black Cat might have plans to steal the Infinity Stones, but Marvel’s version of Batman, Nighthawk, has other ideas about who should get the gems.
Warning! Spoilers for Black Cat #10 by Marvel Comics below
Black Cat isn’t the only antihero trying to acquire the Infinity Stones for their own use, as Nighthawk is hot on the tail of Marvel’s greatest thief to get the powerful gems himself. In a new preview for Black Cat #10, Marvel’s version of Batman finally confronts Black Cat, catching her off guard with his impressive maneuvers. But, for Nighthawk, getting the Infinity Stones means much more than getting incredible power – but it means he can restore a reality where he was worshipped as a hero.
Nighthawk is Marvel’s pastiche of Batman and was initially introduced alongside versions of other characters inspired by DC heroes as part of the Squadron Sinister/Squadron Supreme. In the recent Heroes Reborn event, Phil Coulson made a deal with Mephisto to change the Marvel Universe to a world where the Squadron Supreme were the greatest heroes on Earth, and the Avengers never formed. Marvel embraced Nighthawk’s Batman connections even more in that universe, as he was given his own version of the Batcave, Batmobile, and even multiple sidekicks with similar ties to Robin and Batgirl. Now, he wants to bring that world back and needs the Infinity Stones to make it happen.
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Months of build-up in the recent Infinite Destinies crossover event and Black Cat series will come to a head in the upcoming Black Cat #10 by Jed MacKay, C.F. Villa, Brian Reber, and Ferran Delgado. With Nighthawk working with a brainwashed Nick Fury to acquire the people embedded with the Infinity Stones failing, Marvel’s version of Batman is taking the fight to Black Cat herself. As Felicia Hardy tries to complete her biggest heist ever, she’s interrupted by Nighthawk, who knocks her down, much to her surprise. When she finds her footing, Nighthawk arrives and tells her she showed him how to knock her down “years ago.” Check out the preview for the issue from ComicFX.
Nighthawk certainly represents the biggest challenge to acquiring the Infinity Stones for Black Cat, besides locating the people who currently have them. He desperately wants to restore the reality where he was one of its greatest heroes and will seemingly do anything to make that happen. However, he likely views this reality as temporary, meaning he’ll bend his own rules to ensure the Heroes Reborn Universe comes back.
Black Cat (while doing a great job thus far) already had an uphill battle to acquire all of the Infinity Stones. Now, with Nighthawk emerging and wanting to accomplish the same, things just got much harder. Although, perhaps there’s a bargain to be struck with Marvel’s version of Batman. Readers will learn more when Black Cat #10 comes to comic book stores later this week.
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