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Actor Yasmeen Fletcher confirms that her character Nakia Bahadir will stick to her comic roots and wear a hijab in Ms. Marvel’s Disney+ series.
One of the characters in the Ms. Marvel Disney+ series will wear a hijab, just like in the comics.
Yasmeen Fletcher, who portrays Nakia Bahadir on Ms. Marvel, was asked if her character would wear a religious veil on the show as she does in the comics. “Yes, I will be,” Fletcher answered. “This character means so much to me so I look forward to seeing the impact she makes on the younger generation.”
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Yasmeen Fletcher has confirmed she will wear a hijab when she portrays Nakia in #MsMarvel 🧕🏼
First appearing in 2014’s Ms. Marvel #1, Nakia Bahadir is the longtime best friend of Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel. The daughter of Turkish immigrants, Nakia is a student at Coles Academic High School, a practicing Muslim and a social activist in her and Kamala’s hometown of Jersey City.
Nakia won’t be the only character to maintain her look from the comics. Set photos from Ms. Marvel show lead actor Iman Vellani in an accurate recreation of Kamala’s superhero costume. The outfit was originally designed by artist Jamie McKelvie, whose goal was to reflect both Kamala’s inspiration — Carol Danvers, the original Ms. Marvel — and her background in Islam, with the costume partially modeled after the traditional shalwar kameez dress.
Ms. Marvel does not have a release date but is expected to air on Disney+ in early 2022.
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