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After being a menace to the Marvel Universe for decades, Doctor Doom is now working besides heroes such as the X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy.
The tyrannical Doctor Doom has been one of the most menacing figures in the Marvel Universe for decades, and in all that time he has rarely wavered in his pursuit of absolute power. Over the years the ruler of Latveria has fought against nearly every hero in the world. However, things have been taking a surprising turn for Doom as of late, with the metal-faced tyrant throwing in with heroes to fend off a few threats to the universe.
Of all the powers at his disposal, few have served Doctor Doom as well as his proficiency in the mystic arts. This is also what makes him such a valuable asset in the ongoing fight against the dread Dormammu, even if it isn’t entirely by choice. Before The Last Annihilation began, Doom made moves to depose Emperor Hulkling and claim control of the Skrull/Shi’ar Alliance for himself, going so far as to swap bodies with the young ruler. However, an encounter with the Guardians of the Galaxy left Doom stranded in the much more diminutive body of Rocket Racoon until he agreed to help the heroes stave off the approaching threat.
With his mystical insight, Doom has been a tremendous help in uncovering Dormammu’s ultimate goal, as well as how to potentially disrupt it. As astounding as his interstellar exploits might be, they aren’t the only instance of Doom aligning himself with do-gooders in recent days.
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Savage Avengers has followed the rise to power of the ancient, evil sorcerer Kulan Gath, and in issue #24 (by Gerry Duggan, Patch Zircher, Java Tartaglia and VC’s Travis Lanham) the heroes of the world come together in a last-ditch effort to stop Gath. Interestingly enough, Doom shows up to help the gathered assorted members of the X-Men and Avengers, and is even seen leading his own group consisting of notable heroes such as Wolverine and Elektra Nachios in her role as the new Daredevil. While Doom appeared to have joined the fray in the hopes of saving his world, it is unlikely that he did so out of pure altruism, considering his traditional behavior and his habit of solely looking out for his best interests.
In 2020, Doctor Doom, by Christopher Cantwell and Salvador Larroca, closely followed the monarch as he was framed for a devastating attack, cleared his name, retook his country and went on to help save the world in a bid to become its greatest hero. Doom had a difficult time staying true to his vow of heroism, and ultimately gave up that pursuit entirely after meeting and subsequently murdering the best version of himself that the Multiverse had to offer. Still, the genuine effort that Doom made may indicate a real desire to do good in the world, and when stacked up with his other benevolent endeavors might end up being a sign of some real change happening beneath his iron surface.
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As hard as it might be to imagine a villain like Doctor Doom ever really turning over a new leaf, stranger things have happened in the Marvel Universe. Whether or not he works well with others doesn’t matter nearly as much as the work that he does.
Marvel has produced countless gritty heroes who have made successful careers for themselves in spite of their personality flaws and inapproachable nature, and there are also a number of traditionally villainous characters who have successfully turned over a new leaf. Whether or not this is the case for Doom remains a matter of debate, especially considering that even when he does something that can be considered good, he always benefits in some way. This raises the question of whether he actually has an altruistic streak, or if he is acting as he usually does, in his own best interests. Either way, wherever his story leads from this point is sure to be intriguing.
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