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Everyone knows about X-Men such as Wolverine but there are also some powerful mutants that have flown under the radar.
After being around for decades, the X-Men universe has amassed a seemingly endless array of characters. And that roster includes some incredibly powerful Mutants with the ability to tear reality itself apart. But some of the biggest and baddest don’t live life out in the open.
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Over the years, there have been several somewhat secret Mutants who have successfully kept their powers under wraps. Or, at the very least, managed to fly under the proverbial radar enough that no one bothers them. These mutants are still out there, though, and hopefully on the side of the X-Men.
Two of the most powerful mutants in Marvel are Pyro and Iceman. Their respective abilities to manipulate fire and ice allow them to do some incredibly destructive things. The only way a Mutant could be scarier would be if they had both sets of powers.
That’s where Oya comes in. Idie Okonkwo, aka Oya, is a deceptively powerful thermokinetic Mutant. This means that she has both pyrokinetic and cryokinetic abilities. The only odd thing about her powers is that she needs fire to make ice and ice to make fire, which complicates the situation.
While there are a lot of ways to phrase this, the simple reality is that Quentin Quire is an arrogant, obnoxious jerk. Then again, his full first name is Quintavius so being humble was never going to be in his repertoire. The reality is that he has the power to back that bad attitude up and he knows it.
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Sometimes known as Kid Omega, Quire is considered to be an Omega Level Telepath and Telekinetic. This makes him one of the most powerful psionics on Earth. Quentin’s power levels are not fully understood, even by him. Nothing could be beyond his reach.
If someone is going to take on a name like the Marquis of Death, they had better be a powerhouse. That was certainly true of Clyde Wyncham Jr. In his home reality, Clyde was being kept unconscious by the government until a bunch of supervillains attacked and woke him up. They found out why quickly.
After billions of years spent mastering his reality-warping abilities, Clyde became the Marquis of Death. He was able to snuff out billions of lives with nothing but a thought. The Marquis even once made his way to Earth-616 and took on a young Victor Von Doom as his apprentice.
The history of Nathan Summers is almost impossible to navigate. As the son of Scott Summers and a clone of Jean Grey, he was destined to be a powerful Mutant. Apocalypse infected him with a technorganic virus that limited his abilities. Nate was raised in the distant future, eventually returning as Cable.
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Complicating things further is Stryfe, Cable’s clone. The big difference between them other than their fashion sense is that Stryfe was never infected with the same virus as Cable. This means that he has Cable’s unfettered and incredibly devastating telekinetic abilities.
One of the most famous groups of all time in Marvel Comics is the Fantastic Four. They are well known around the world and across the universe. That’s partially because they have never really maintained any sort of secret identities. Franklin Richards, on the other hand, is a bit more secretive.
The first child of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, there’s a very real chance that Franklin might be one of the most powerful Mutants on Earth. His reality manipulating abilities are potent, to say the least. And the vast majority of people on Earth, including its heroes, are blissfully unaware of this.
It is rare that Selene comes up in conversation in modern Marvel Comics. There was a time that she was a feared X-Men villain, which was due in no small part to her association with the Hellfire Club. Current incarnations of the X-Men should be a lot more concerned about Selene.
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Technically a Mutant External, Selene was born 17,000 years ago and has plagued the world ever since. She really came into her own during the Roman Empire, though. Selene is an immortal witch with a myriad of abilities who is also a life-force vampire. Everyone should be afraid of her.
Not all of Marvel’s secretly powerful Mutants are destructive, chaotic, or even vampiric. Some of them actually have abilities that do good and can be used to help people. That includes Elixir who has an exceedingly rare power to heal.
An unwilling member of the anti-Mutant group the Reavers, Elxir’s Mutant abilities manifested and he reluctantly joined the X-Men. He is considered to be an Omega Level Healer, meaning that he can fix any wound and even resurrect the dead. That includes himself.
While Mister M might seem like an odd name for a Mutant, his real name is Absolon Zebardyn Mercator. At that point, Mister M seems like a downright normal name. Unfortunately, Mister M isn’t even close to being a normal Mutant.
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He’s considered to be an Omega Level threat and is also at the highest end of that classification. Mister M’s energy projection and manipulation abilities are borderline unchartable. He can manipulate everything on a subatomic level, meaning he is capable of virtually anything.
Hundreds of years before the modern era of Mutants, there was a race of proto-mutants. They were all but exterminated by humans at the time who feared them but also thought that drinking their blood would cure the Black Plague. They were not right.
Possibly the only surviving proto-mutant is Gabriel Shepherd whose powers are phenomenal on another level. He is, at the very least, an Omega Level Mutant, though it seems quite likely that he’s even more powerful than that. The crazy part is that very few Mutants are aware of him, let alone humans.
Not only is Matthew Malloy one of the most powerful Mutants to ever walk the Earth, he easily has one of the most tragic stories of all time. He watched his wife die during the Skrull Invasion. The trauma would cause his Mutant powers to manifest later in life.
After killing one of his friends, he ended up also killing several X-Men. Tempus finally stopped him by going back in time and preventing his parents from having kids. Matthew Malloy was so powerful and dangerous that the only way to stop his rampage was to keep him from being born in the first place.
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