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The heroes of Generation X had a rough time in the early 21st century, but the era of Krakoa has been a huge step forward for them.
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X-Men #3, now on sale from Marvel Comics.
Things have never been easy for any generation of young mutants in the Marvel Universe, with plenty of dangerous threats targeting them as the future of their people. One of these groups, Generation X, went through some particularly tough times over the last two decades when their original series ended. But recently, things have been changing for the mutant heroes, and largely for the better.
The Krakoa era has been a good one for plenty of underutilized mutant characters — but perhaps none more so than the roster of Generation X, who’ve increasingly been given bigger places within the mutant nation, as seen in X-Men #3 and other titles.
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Introduced in the “Phalanx Covenant” crossover, the young mutants who’d go on to form under the banner of Generation X were a fresh face of mutant students. Synch, Chamber, Husk, Jubilee, M, Skin, and Mondo each had their own unique and powerful mutations, and Generation X lasted for over seventy issues before it was canceled in 2001. But the immediate time around and after the end of the series proved to be a difficult one for the team: Synch and Skin were both killed, while Chamber and Husk enjoyed brief stints on the X-Men before being relegated elsewhere. M joined up with the original X-Corp and the X-Factor, and Mondo played background roles at best. The most high-profile member, Jubilee, lost her powers during Decimation and briefly became a vampire before regaining her mutant abilities.
But in the era of Krakoa, the Generation X veterans have been getting increased roles across the island nation and in the various X-titles. Jubilee has found a place with the current iteration of Excalibur, helping protect the bridge between Krakoa and Otherworld. Monet has become one of the heads of the newly restructured X-Corp, positioning her to be a titan of the business world. Chamber and Mondo worked alongside the New Mutants during an adventure into space, and the former appeared in X-Men Unlimited #4 while Mondo has forged a bond with Krakoa. Husk and M were some of the mutants who took part in the fateful mission against the construction of a new Master Mold in House of X, and Synch has since been formally elected to the X-Men — where he’s repeatedly proven his sheer potential.
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In these ways, the Generation X characters have also been given the chance to grow up in ways they hadn’t before. Before the modern era, the Generation X characters were typically being used in minor roles or as background characters, with much of M’s role in books like X-Factor being defined by her effect on others like Multiple Man and Strong Guy. Meanwhile, Jubilee’s role as an adopted mother to Shogo became a central element of the character at the expense of her being in the field. But while other mutant groups like the New Mutants have been shifting into the role of teachers and the Academy X-era mutants have just been happy to be reunited and get to be teenagers again, Generation X veterans have found important duties and responsibilities on Krakoa.
Generation X was always teased as the future of the X-Men, and the next step in Xavier’s dreams for the future of mutant-kind. And although the tumultuous events of the 21st century may have stalled (and even sometimes completely upended) the growth and development of these characters, it’s exciting to see them among those heroes who’ve best adjusted and grown in the First Age of Krakoa. With any luck, they’ll continue to be the future going forward, and blaze new paths for mutant-kind.
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