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These mechanical marvels with hearts of gold have easily found their way deep into the Disney fandom. From aides to heroes, Disney has iconic robots.
Robots, automatons, and other technological beings have been a fixture in science-fiction and other genres for centuries. Naturally, the wonderful world of Disney has made its own reimaginings of the character trope across media. But while they’ve helped create some of the most memorable robot characters across movies, TV, and even theme park attractions, there are some that just have a little more soul in their silicon.
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Whether they are built to be companions, heroes, sidekicks, or just a helping hand to their human companions, these mechanical marvels with hearts of gold have easily found their way deep into the Disney fandom.
He might not have been one of the big players in the original Tomorrowland attraction featuring a terrifying monster from beyond the stars, but the darkly humorous S.I.R. did have a primary function other than introducing guests to the ride. He helped weed out the scaredy cats.
Voiced by the incomparable Tim Curry, S.I.R. was in charge of the demonstration of the alien teleportation technology the guests would watch inside the main ride. Assisted by his furry companion, Skippy, the butler-like robot provided a rather explosive representation of how the attraction functioned, at the price of Skippy’s scorched hide.
For a friendlier robot experience, Disney Parks fans need only look to a galaxy far, far, away. Before he was a DJ at Oga’s Cantina in Galaxy’s Edge, Captain R.E.X. Was the one behind the wheel of the Star Tours shuttle before its massive overhaul and reimagining.
His career didn’t just stop at Theme Park attractions as the pilot droid has also been seen in a handful of Star Wars spin-offs including the popular Rebels series from Disney XD. Even so, there’s no denying R.E.X. absolutely rocks the mic and the speakers when he’s laying down some sweet, interstellar, beats.
The Black Hole was Disney’s answer to the likes of Star Wars, Alien, and 2001: A Space OdysseyAnd although the film was a bit of a melange of themes, imagery, and atmosphere, it did provide two very unique and interesting robot characters in the form of V.I.N.CENT and B.O.B.
Think of these two robots as BB-8’s floating ancestral prototypes, but with voices. As a pair of utility robots, assistance is in their nature. But when said assistance requires helping their human friends escaped a shift plummeting toward a literal black hole, this pair goes above and beyond the call of duty.
Occasionally known as Bulby to some, Gyro Gearloose’s lightbulb-headed sidekick packs a lot of punch for something so little. Definitely more of a dynamic character in the 2017 remake than in the original, Lil Bulb has been on both sides of the fence when it comes to either being helpful or harmful.
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Depending on the wattage of his bulb, the little bot can be either a best friend or the worst enemy. That’s especially true when Gyro’s Bulbtech falls into the wrong hands. Either way, he’s a very colorful and expressive sidekick for someone with a blinking light for a face.
Easily one of the funniest and most loveable robots on the list, Treasure Planet’s stranded and brainless navigator, B.E.N. is one of the film’s most energetic and entertaining characters. A reflection of old Ben Gunn seen in the original Robert Louis Stevenson novel, the rusty old robot helps Jim Hawkins and his friends discover the Loot of a Thousand Worlds– and the boobytrap behind it.
Think of B.E.N. as a spaceship’s navicomputer with a personality, a very big personality. He might not have control of his volume and subtlety, but he certainly knows how to make a statement.
They say behind every great man is a great woman, but the floating yellow robot who acts as Prof. Brainard’s friend, confidant, and essentially right-hand companion needs a special mention. Weebo goes above and beyond the call of duty ensuring that the absentminded professor doesn’t completely blow himself up in the laboratory.
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Along with all the various deeds she does in and out of the house and lab, she’s also incredibly protective of her creator, even going as far as giving up her life to protect Flubber and the Professor’s experiments. She was truly a friend to the end.
Vision is more than worthy of an honorable mention, especially after the events of WandavisionNot only is the android superhero responsible for saving the world along with the other Avengers, but he’s one of the few robots in fiction to thoroughly and genuinely understand the human condition.
He’s intelligent, insightful, and loyal enough to protect a zombified Wanda from annihilation. There’s no denying that he isn’t top-tier robot material.
While his design might have rolled a few eyes at first, BB-8 has certainly won a few hearts since his introduction in Disney’s Star Wars trilogy. He might be one of the more comical cast members in the franchise, but the little ball droid has certainly earned his place amongst the heroes of the galaxy far, far away.
Don’t forget that he helped reunite the Resistance with Luke Skywalker, participated in the attack on Starkiller Base, and was the reason Finn’s cover wasn’t blown upon their first encounter. The Force is certainly strong with this one.
WALL-E deserves some sort of award for being the sole robot left cleaning up the refuse of humanity while the race’s survivors are partying on a space-cruise drinking cupcake-in-a-cup. A bit more eccentric than the average garbage truck, this little compacting robot has learned how to make a wasteland into a home sweet home.
Not only that, but this little guy is one of the shining examples of how even robot characters can learn to understand complex abstracts like love and affection. Pixar is no stranger to emotional storytelling, but there is something particularly special about seeing WALL-E fall head-over-wheels with EVE.
A robot’s prime directive is what essentially gives them a reason for living, functioning, or existing in general. When that prime directive is providing care and assistance to humanity, it will definitely garner some attention from the scientific community. The fact that he’s also a superhero is just icing on the cake.
Baymax is the pride of both Hamada brothers, giving a new definition to the term “protect and serve.” Baymax is more than prepared to defend and heal on multiple levels. From mending wounds and treating mental health concerns to bashing bad guys and bringing them to justice, fans were more than satisfied with Baymax’s care.
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