4 Things We Loved About Marvel Future Revolution (& 4 Things We Don't) – Game Rant

Marvel Future Revolution has a lot to offer, especially for a mobile game. Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement.
Marvel Future Revolution features a variety of fantastic superheroes and enjoyable gameplay. Marvel's first open-world RPG on mobile, the game exceeds expectations in some areas while falling short in others. No game is perfect, and there are many pros and cons to Marvel Future Revolution.
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Leaning into the multiverse plot point that is frequent across Marvel media, Future Revolution takes place after an event known as "the Convergence," providing a neat explanation as to how so many players can control the same superheroes. MMO and RPG gamers will find a lot of the gameplay and content similar to previous titles they've played. Yet despite all of its exciting features, there are areas where the game shows room for improvement
Mobile games are coming closer and closer to matching the graphic quality of console games as time goes on. Future Revolution boasts up-to-date graphics that help to immerse the player in the world, and provide a more visually appealing experience. The textures are crisp, there's a high level of detail on character models as well as the environment, and all-in-all the graphics make it pleasant to farm for levels for long periods of time.
Comic book fans are always going to enjoy the aesthetics, and the game ensures that the game is accessible to anyone with a smartphone while refusing to skimp out on graphical quality. Marvel Future Revolution, despite being free to play, boasts superior graphics to lots of the old Marvel games.
All MMOs have a degree of farming, in fact the farming/ grinding feature is present in a lot of amazing MMO games. Unfortunately, players can often feel that farming on Marvel Future Revolution is a little soulless and unenjoyable.
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The game revolves around lots of farming for items, power upgrades and story quests; this can feel like a bit of a drag at times. Using multiple characters is a good way to reduce the game's chances of feeling stale by mixing up the gameplay.
While Marvel Future Revolution does only have eight characters to balance and manage, the game is surprisingly good at achieving this balance. Apart from the Star-Lord character, all of the playable characters have strengths and weaknesses that can work against each other.
The game's PVP mode highlights the quality behind Marvel Future Revolution's character balancing, which helps to increase the immersion in combat against both other players and AI. While there are a lot of powerful Marvel characters, each character feels viable to use, which is a good sign the character pool has been balanced well.
Netmarble succeeds in balancing all eight playable characters, and in making each character's playstyle feel slightly unique. However, for an MMO based on Marvel, more playable characters are always going to be desired by players.
The MCU has popularized a lot of characters, but it feels strange having characters like Thor and the Hulk missing. Even featuring more Marvel villains would be a welcome addition. Marvel Future Revolution would be greatly improved if it increased its character pool, even more so if these new characters have distinct, exciting, and new playstyles that enrich the experience further.
Marvel Future Revolution is an impressive mobile game, even by today's standards. The gameplay feels exciting, fast-paced, and fluid. It offers great aerial gameplay with the various flying and web-slinging superheroes, as well as responsive beat 'em up gameplay in the melee characters such as Captain America. Spider-Man's web-slinging mechanic is more than a match for a lot of Spider-Man games.
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Future Revolution boasts excellent optimization on the mobile platform and sets the standards for future MMORPGs on mobile. The performance is consistently good on all major smartphones, and even translates well to PC-emulating methods such as Bluestacks.
While the gameplay is enticing enough to keep players hooked, the lack of voiced dialogue can sometimes make the story feel a little dull. With an MMO, it is to be expected that there'll be a large element of dialogue that hasn't been voiced, but sometimes that can be a major drawback
The inclusion of more voice lines and cutscenes in Marvel Future Revolution would add more immersion and engagement, helping players feel more connected to the world. There are a lot of characters that deserved better, more of an immersive role in the game with voiced dialogue and cutscenes.
The synergy between different characters leads to an enjoyable squad-building feature that feels very Marvel-like, with multiple popular team-ups from over the years. While the low character pool does mean that the squad building can feel a little limited, the character synergies are still a solid way of experimenting with different squads.
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As more characters are added to the game, the potential for character synergies naturally increases. Squad building gives an added sense of reward and purpose for gaining new characters and allows the player to go up against different types of bosses to see how that team performs.
A problem with a lot of MMO games is the repetitive quests that get stale fast but are required to constantly replay, normally due to farming for valuable items. Marvel Future Revolution, unfortunately, falls victim to the same issue.
There are a few quests that can get boring quite quickly. This can lead to the gameplay feeling stale, when all it's truly missing is a variety in content. Adding new quest types and more dynamic environments would improve the game's immersion and expand on its features.
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