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Marvel’s Avengers sports an array of villains and boss fights to face. But which ones are the best to fight the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?
With a team of heroes like the Avengers, they will need villains in the form of big bosses to take on face to face. In Marvel’s Avengers, there are currently four campaigns, including the new War For Wakanda expansion, which all provide a new hero for the player to control but boss fights to endure.
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Being a live-service co-op game in the same vein as Destiny 2, the boss fights return in the form of online missions known as Villain Sectors. However, if fans had to choose one fight in the Villain Sector, which boss have proven to be the most memorable?
A common complaint players had with the game during the early days of its launch was the over-reliance on AIM robots as enemies (as there was little variance between them). That certainly comes into play with the AIM Warbot, which is first fought in the Reassembled campaign while defending Hank Pym’s Ant Hill.
In the story, it is initially a thrilling battle; however, it quickly becomes a tedious hassle that boils down to hitting weak points, lowering defenses, and hitting more weak points until it’s over. When there were very few Villain Sectors, the warbot fight became even worse since it would end up being fought almost every day.
Some may be wondering who Lyle Getz is? For those who don’t remember, he is a scientist working for AIM who ends up piloting a Dreadbot and a villain of the Taking AIM campaign (starring Kate Bishop). While the rapport is appreciated in comparison to the blank robots, Lyle Getz was a poor choice for a villain. Many players hope that with future heroes added after Black Panther, they are given more iconic villains.
Lyle Getz was a very minor character in the comics, to begin with, so many felt that the fight should have gone to a more iconic villain. Putting that aside, Lyle Getz’s boss fight is essentially a rehash of any Dreadbot boss from the Reassambled campaign and online mode.
The Mega Dreadbot itself is simply a bigger version of enemies players fight throughout the game, which is slightly disappointing. However, where this boss shines is in the location and in the events happening around them: it all takes place on the Chimera Helicarrier heading towards New York.
Thor makes his mighty return to the story here, where he has to stop the Dreadbot on the deck and he uses his lightning to save the Helicarrier. It is a more thrilling sequence but the fight against the Mega Dreadbot itself is nothing that special.
There was a period where there were only a few Villain Sectors to accomplish and oftentimes, they would be repeated. Abomination, one of the Hulk’s most famous villains, was one of those and players were often annoyed to see him as the daily Villain Sector to fight. Sometimes, he was the Villain Sector for both factions, which meant having to fight him twice.
Despite the animosity towards this fight, it is not a bad one. Abomination is like fighting the Hulk, only he can emit gamma cloud that can drain health, has immense strength, and can still cause some harm (even to a high-leveled player). In the story, Hulk has a memorable encounter with Abomination.
This was the first boss fight of the entire game: Taskmaster was there to trigger the A-Day event. It leads to a well-executed fight between him and Black Widow on the Golden Gate Bridge. He requires precision timing, proper use of parrying, and the player to vary their attacks to avoid Taskmaster learning and adapting their fighting style.
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Along with a unique design that fans of the comics will appreciate, Taskmaster is a solid fight in both the story and as a Villain Sector. Unfortunately, Taskmaster suffered the same fate as Abomination and was overused daily in the online modes, which led to players disliking him.
In the War For Wakanda expansion, Crossbones joined Ulysses Klaue in his operation to destroy Wakanda and seize all the vibranium. He proves an interesting boss fight that forces the player to utilize a lot of dodging to avoid his minigun’s projectile and melee attacks. When Crossbones initiates his force field, the player goes to damage the sonic cannon that he protects.
It may not be a deep fight but it is a refreshing one with unique animations for Crossbones and some much-needed banter. Crossbones also makes for another famous villain added to the mix as well, which is why it’s strange that he has not been added as a Villain Sector.
Of all the many AIM robot enemies in Marvel’s Avengers, this one has the most effort put into it. It’s a massive aerial robot that hovers over the area forcing players to fly or find a way to get high to get to weak points. The scope of this battle is huge, feeling more dynamic and thrilling than the Warbot.
It was a bit overused in Villain Sectors but it was one of the more challenging and fun of them. It can be a little tedious as it contains a similar process to beat as the Warbot but the execution and aerial-based combat make it memorable.
Even without physically fighting the Avengers, Monica Rappaccini proved to be an effective villain, managing to be more evil than MODOK himself. However, players were ready to make her hurt for everything she had done, thus leading to the fight between her and Black Widow.
Monica pilots an exo-suit and unlike the one with Lyle Getz, this is not just a remodeled exo-suit that AIM troopers wear. She’s stronger, she teleports, she has elemental damage, she can summon AIM drones, and since it’s a single-player fight, there are no other teammates to revive the player. It’s one of many standout missions from the Reassembled campaign.
Hawkeye’s Future Imperfect campaign showed an apocalyptic future caused by AIM and the Kree. The only surviving Avengers are Old Man Hawkeye and Hulk. Hulk has changed drastically after from the death of the Avengers and become the evil mastermind, known as the Maestro.
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Maestro was another refreshing villain; his design and voice acting were stellar along with a genuinely challenging fight with new abilities that managed to not be a clone of Abomination. On top of it all, Maestro was the first new Villain Sector in a long time thus improving the online mode.
Taken from the comics, the Super Adaptoid is AIM’s attempt to turn all of the Avengers into one robotic being. It wields a hammer, a shield, has an Iron Man arc reactor, and more to take on the heroes. It was the final boss of Kate Bishop’s Taking AIM campaign.
It was yet another robot enemy but the visual of the combined Avengers element, with the accompanying challenge of those elements, make this boss stand out. In a way, it tests the player in how well they know the move sets of the Avengers.
In her quest to destroy the Avengers and become the ruler of the world, Monica, as the new Scientist Supreme, wields the Cosmic Cube. It turns her into a powerful being able to clone herself an unlimited amount of times with different abilities (from control over gravity to elemental attacks).
From the cosmic realm that she creates, the continuously rising difficulty of her clones, to the finale between her and Old Man Hawkeye, this fight was the perfect way to end Monica. Fans loved it so much that the mission returned as an Omega Level Threat to replay.
There are many reasons to return to the game with the War For Wakanda expansion and the boss is one of them. Ulysses Klaue is transformed into a being made of sound, much like his comic book counterpart and the Avengers have to fight him while stopping AIM from conquering Wakanda.
Klaue forces the player to fight him one on one until he is stunned for the force field to go down; then the player must wound Crossbones enough to make the turrets targeting Wakanda vulnerable. Meanwhile, there is a time limit to overcome while both Klaue and Crossbones attack. This fight is challenging, stressful, and was a worthy follow-up to all bosses seen prior in the game.
Much to the surprise of many Marvel fans, Marvel’s Avengers somehow turned MODOK from an infamously ridiculous villain to a genuinely threatening one. On top of that, he provides a stellar final mission along with a difficult boss fight that rivals the climax of an MCU movie.
It doesn’t end with just a MODOK fight because, in a twist, the source of the Terrigen virus rises from San Francisco Bay: a colossal Kree sentry. MODOK pilots the sentry in an epic finale that further pushes Ms. Marvel to become the savior of the Avengers and Earth itself. All of it combined makes for a visually and gameplay-wise spectacle that is worth the price of the game alone.
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