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Prisoners Of The Ghostland features Nicolas Cage as a hero with bombs strapped to various body parts; here’s what he loses throughout the story.
Nicolas Cage’s Hero is saddled with a bomb suit in Prisoners Of The Ghostland, and here’s how many body parts the explosive outfit claims. Cage has turned into some fantastic, moving performances throughout his decades-long career, including Leaving Las Vegas and, most recently, Pig. Regardless of his ability to dig deep and deliver subtle work, he’s much better known for his hammy “mega-acting” style, best seen in the likes of Vampire’s Kiss, Face Off and The Color Out Of Space.
He set a particularly high bar for Prisoners Of The Ghostland, claiming it was his wildest movie to date. That’s big talk considering some of his previous efforts, but the movie is suitably bizarre in both concept and execution. The movie’s aesthetic is a bizarre blend of East meets West, with cowboys and samurai hanging out side by side while using modern technology. Cage’s character – dubbed Hero – is tasked by the evil Governor to venture into a place known as the “Ghostland” to rescue his “granddaughter” Bernice (Sofia Boutella).
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He has five days to complete his task, and in a nod to Escape From New York, Nic Cage’s Hero is fitted with a special suit fitted with explosives. This Prisoners Of The Ghostland outfit has six small bombs, with two attached to his neck, his arms and even one for both testicles. That latter is to ensure he doesn’t try to attack Bernice, while the arm bombs are primed to explode if he tries to hit her. Naturally, it would have been disappointing if none of the explosives were activated, and the first claims a very sensetive part of his body.
He gives a little too excited when giving Bernice some water, causing his left testicle bomb to explode, which makes him pass out. A little later in Prisoners Of The Ghostland, Hero and Bernard are attacked by mutants, and the explosive on his right arm detonates, which disables the limb but at least injuries his attackers too. None of the other bombs explode in the movie, however, and the suit is later deactivated.
In Prisoners Of The Ghostland’s ending, Hero makes use of his injured arm and attaches a blade to it, which comes in useful. While the final movie is flawed, it can’t be denied it is a wild ride filled with memorable visuals, fun characters and Cage chewing the scenery with gusto. It would have been a big copout if Hero hadn’t lost something along the way, but he should count himself lucky; he still got to keep his head.
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