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India’s benchmarks will be reset but will not be as stringent as the new global guideline
Quad summit shows India matters in an emerging world order. But the Af-Pak challenge remains
That Organised Fashion is a tyranny is well known. In the name of what is currently in vogue, many abominations have been inflicted upon men and women down the
With key experience across the White House, state department, business and consulting, she is seen as an Indian American going places
The click-click of cameras can end as abruptly as it started, leading to feelings of low self-worth and self-doubt
When startup promoters sell out, they become financiers themselves for new startups and help accelerate the spread of creative wealth
India’s largest group by revenue, the House of Tatas, is the largest wealth-creator for shareholders, followed by Reliance Industries Group, Bajaj, Adani — as group stocks rally
8 months after touch 50k, sensex has raced another 10k in record time. That’s good news for young and old investors, alike. This is their mantra for investing in the stock markets
There has been a steady rise in women investors during the pandemic and research suggests they make better investors being more patient and more goal-based
79 years ago after 28-year-old Michilotte Madhavan from Mahe faced a firing squad in Paris, he remains a forgotten hero
Bioengineering and bioprinting sound like the stuff of science fiction. But they are very real – and thanks to Bangalore-based Pandorum which has bioengineered a liquid cornea, these futuristic technologies could give millions the gift of sight
‘Annihilating caste’ and ‘dismantling Hindutva’ are great war cries. But they will not solve the inherent problem of group inequality in human history
Even today, research is male-biased
The story of Indian diplomacy overcoming tremendous odds in a high stakes contest
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