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While Logan will likely have multiple elements to his gameplay in Marvel’s Wolverine, having more playable X-Men could increase variety in combat.
Marvel’s Wolverine will offer Insomniac’s take on Wolverine and his style of combat, but having more playable X-Men in the game could give more variety to its fights. Logan’s mutant abilities make him a competent fighter, but his fighting style could potentially lead to repetitive battles. To remedy this, Insomniac could include segments where players can control other members of the X-Men.
Adding more X-Men could benefit Marvel’s Wolverine in the same way that having multiple playable characters benefitted Marvel’s Avengers. Marvel’s Avengers has nine playable heroes currently, each with their own move-sets and powers. With this, players are not locked into one playstyle but can instead attempt the game’s missions with a fresh hero each time. Having a similarly large cast of characters could help keep the gameplay of Marvel’s Wolverine fresh.
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Since many of Wolverine’s fellow X-Men have vastly different mutant abilities compared to him, their inclusion could help prevent his combat from becoming stale. With his adamantium claws and healing factor, Wolverine tends to engage his foes head-on like a brawler rather than relying on tricks or equipment. While this fact could help differentiate Wolverine’s combat from Spider-Man’s in the Marvel’s Spider-Man games, it could also lead to straightforward and repetitive fights. His X-Men teammates, however, have powers that lend themselves to different styles of play. For example, the mutant Gambit could throw kinetically-charged playing cards as projectiles or charge his staff for close combat. Alternatively, Nightcrawler’s agile movement and teleportation ability could be used for hit-and-run tactics or repositioning during fights.
Adding more X-Men to Marvel’s Wolverine could have the secondary effect of expanding Insomniac’s Marvel game universe. From long-time allies like Cyclops and Storm to younger initiates like Jubilee and Shadowcat, Wolverine has formed a number of close relationships with his teammates over the years. The camaraderie he has with the X-Men is not only an important part of his character; it also provides a viable reason for the inclusion of more mutants in Insominac’s Marvel titles. While Marvel’s Wolverine can focus on Logan, it can also set up other heroes and pave the way for their inclusion in future games, from X-Men storylines to team-ups with Spider-Man.
Currently, there is no confirmation that the X-Men will play a role in Marvel’s Wolverine. Still, the game was only recently revealed and has no release date. It’s certainly possible that further updates could confirm the team’s inclusion alongside Wolverine, but only time will tell.
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