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Marvel’s Abomination just returned to fight a few more rounds in the MCU, but his fight against one of Marvel’s strongest mutants didn’t go so well.
Long before he appeared in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the Abomination established himself as one of the toughest brawlers in the Marvel Universe. When he debuted in 1967’s Tales to Astonish #90, by Stan Lee and Gil Kane, he gave the Hulk an almost-lethal beating. Since then, he’s crossed paths with several other powerhouse Marvel heroes, including the Omega-Level mutant Nate Grey, the Age of Apocalypse escapee better known as X-Man.
While Nate was hardly the most fearsome physical threat that the Abomination ever faced, he still gave Abomination one of his more noteworthy defeats, thanks to the many telepathic powers of his mind in a surprising upset victory in X-Man #20 by Terry Kavanagh, Steve Skroce, and Bud LaRosa.
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Unlike the events that led up to Bruce Banner’s mutation into the Hulk, Abomination was a result of curiosity getting the best of spy Emil Blonsky. After infiltrating the Air Force base where Banner was researching gamma rays, Blonsky decided to try the device out on himself. Luckily, he also possessed the genetic factor that allowed him to absorb the gamma radiation instead of dying from the exposure. Unfortunately, the gamma radiation mutated Blonsky into a green monstrous form that Betty Ross called an Abomination. Unable to transform between human and monster, Abomination possessed super strength and also retained his human intellect.
After punching his way around the Marvel Universe for years, the Abomination retreated to the sewers of New York to become the leader of misfits cast out of society comprised of mutants, humans and covert time-traveling refugees. He became a benevolent leader, looking after this community while trying to keep a low profile.
Around that time, Abomination encountered Nate Grey, another kind of outcast. The dangerously powerful X-Man was created by Mister Sinister combining the genetic material of Cyclops and Jean Grey as the ultimate telepathic and telekinetic weapon to defeat Apocalypse. After the apparent end of his reality sent him hurtling into the Marvel Universe. he tried to adjust to this new world with the help of a mutant named Threnody, who was also an underling of Mister Sinister at one point. While unsure if he should really trust her, Nate stayed by her side as he also tried to keep a low profile.
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At one point, it’s revealed that Threnody once belonged to Abomination’s underground community. After she’s abducted by one of her old community members, Nate goes in search of Threnody throughout the city and locates the Abominations’ community. The Abomination and Nate begin to trade blows before Abomination gains the upper hand, throwing Nate into the walls of the underground sewers and slamming him to the ground in a similar fashion to how the Hulk handled Loki in The Avengers.
Walking away feeling victorious, the body of an incapacitated Nate Grey fades as the real Nate and Threnody look from the side. It turns out the Abomination was fighting nothing but a manifestation in his mind, projected by the master telepath and telekinetic mutant. The two take this opportunity to escape the sewers before the Abomination realizes what really happened.
In their own ways, Nate Grey and Abomination are both reflections of some of Marvel’s most famous characters. While both are powerful in their own right, the battle definitely proves that brains beat brawn in the Marvel Universe.
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