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Some are mighty gods and some aren’t, but with their power, they would prove more than a match for anyone with a single Stone or all of them.
In the Marvel Universe, some of the most powerful objects are the Infinity Stones. When used in conjunction, they give their bearer godlike power. While there are some objects more powerful than the Stones, they give their bearers amazing power even when they possess only one. Over at DC, the characters are often more powerful, with many underrated all-powerful beings.
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The DC Multiverse has many beings who could rival the Infinity Stones for power. Some are mighty gods and some aren’t, but with their power, they would prove more than a match for anyone with a single Stone or all of them.
The Sandman is an undisputed classic and it introduced a score of amazingly powerful beings to the DC Universe. One of the most powerful is the second oldest member of the Endless, Death. Death is a perky, positive goth girl who ushers souls to the other side. To her, what she does is a job. Every hundred years, she becomes a human for a day to experience what the lives she takes are like.
Death will be the last being in universe. When the last thing she dies, she will take her oldest brother Destiny’s life and leave the universe. She can’t be stopped or destroyed and even someone with the Infinity Stones would find it impossible to deal with her.
The star of The Sandman, His Darkness Dream of the Endless is one of the most powerful beings in all of existence. He collects names to himself like others gain friends and he’s the lord of the Dreaming, a place where everyone goes when they sleep. While he’s at his most powerful in the Dreaming, his powers outside of it are still amazingly formidable.
He can control reality and influence the minds of anyone he comes into contact with. Like the rest of his siblings, he is greater than any god and even someone with the Infinity Stones would find it impossible to deal with him.
Lucifer Morningstar was God’s most beloved angel until he rebelled. Thrown down with his rebel angels, he established the realm of Hell and became the Adversary. He is the second most powerful being in the DC Universe, one who the Endless and the gods fear. He’s even left Hell when he got bored of the war between Hell and Heaven.
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Lucifer’s power is unmatched in the DC Universe; he’s even created his own universe. The Infinity Stones are powerful but they’d have no effect on Lucifer. In fact, they’d probably just anger him and there’s nothing scarier than an angry Lucifer.
The Infinity Stones have undeniable power but they have rarely been shown to be powerful enough to create entire universes. That’s next-level power but it is the power of Perpetua. One of the Hands, Perpetua created the DC Multiverse and is one of the most dangerous beings the Justice League ever faced. Her power dwarfs that of any other being.
Perpetua would make short work of anyone with the Infinity Stones. Her power allows her not just to create the universe but entire multiverses and that’s something the stones just can’t compete with. It’s doubtful they’d have any power over her.
Anti-Monitor is one of the most powerful villains the heroes of the DC Multiverse ever faced. Before he encountered the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3, the first known world of the Multiverse he destroyed, he had obliterated an unknown amount of universes. His powers were so great that it took the heroes of five universes to defeat him and even gods couldn’t stop him.
The Anti-Monitor is amazingly powerful. His anti-matter energies were too much for every being he encountered and while the Infinity Stones are powerful, his power would allow him to destroy them, converting them to anti-matter and absorbing them.
In the DC Multiverse, there have been four worlds of gods, with the first three ending in war. The Fourth World split into two, bright New Genesis and dark Apokolips. Izaya the Highfather is the lord of New Genesis and the master of the Source, the primordial power of the universe. Izaya mostly stays out of the war but that doesn’t mean he’s powerless.
With the power of the Source behind him, Highfather would be able to overwhelm anyone with an Infinity Stone. Even if they had them all, Highfather would still triumph. Godhood is a hard thing to master and Highfather has been a god his entire existence; he will always defeat neophytes given a chance.
Metron is the most enigmatic of the New Gods. He doesn’t work for New Genesis or Apokolips; he cares little for the war between them because his entire existence is the pursuit of knowledge. Traveling the Multiverse in his Moebius Chair and exploring everything, his power is incalculable and there are few things in existence that daunt him.
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Metron’s years of exploration have given him an advantage over any being, even one with the Infinity Stones. He speaks the language of matter and knows secrets of power that are unknown to all but him. Someone with the Infinity Stones has no chance against Metron.
Doctor Manhattan was once the only superpowered being in his world. His discovery of the Multiverse taught him many things but one thing was the same- he was still one of the most powerful beings ever. Manhattan has complete control of matter and time and can affect things on a universal level.
Doctor Manhattan is a walking version of the Infinity Stones. His power is unmatched and he’s smart enough to defeat any being he comes up against. Someone with the Infinity Stones doesn’t have a chance against him. He can overpower and outthink them and would deprive them of the Stones to study them.
The Spectre is the Angel of God’s Vengeance and the most powerful hero on the Earth. Few beings can stand against the power of the Spectre; he has complete control over matter of all kinds and has existed since the beginning of time. He has been facing all-powerful beings for long ages and has rarely if ever been defeated.
The Spectre has defeated the gods of magic and held back the power of the Anti-Monitor. He is a direct creation of God and he’s never been beaten, only slowed down. The Infinity Stones’ power is great but the Spectre is greater.
Darkseid is one of the greatest villains in the DC Universe and the lord of the dark world of Apokolips. The God of Evil, Darkseid has proven to be a cunning and powerful opponent. Killing Darkseid is just about impossible and killing his body is only the beginning; his death once caused a black hole that almost destroyed the Multiverse and he still found another body.
The Infinity Stones are powerful but even they have a problem dealing with gods like Darkseid. They’d be unable to destroy him and have no power over him, but he would be able to overpower their power and take them, using them in his quest for the Anti-Life Equation.
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