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Many DC characters would find themselves at home in the more grounded Marvel Universe, where their personalities would be a better fit.
DC created the superhero as modern readers know it with Superman and ever since then has put out some of the best and most respected superheroes in the comic industry. DC’s heroes are paragons of virtue, powerful, archetypal characters who battle some of the evilest and most powerful villains in existence. DC’s characters can often feel very different than those of their competition, the heroes and villains of Marvel.
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That doesn’t mean that every character in the DC Universe is exactly the same. Many DC characters would find themselves at home in the more grounded Marvel Universe, where their personalities would mesh better with the characters there.
Post-Metal, DC started a group of titles under the “New Age of DC Heroes” banner. Every single one of them was meant to be Marvel pastiches done in the DC style but only two of the comics ever really caught on- The Terrifics and Sideways. The Terrifics was an FF homage using existing DC characters but Sideways was all-new, starring the titular character after he gained superpowers.
Everything about Sideways screamed 21st-century Spider-Man, from the costume to the character’s demeanor. Sideways was a great character but he definitely would have worked way better in the Marvel Universe.
Metamorpho has always been a weird character in the DC Universe, as he is one of the first times a DC hero seemed intentionally patterned after a Marvel one. In this case, it was the Thing. The Orb of Ra made Rex Mason into a periodic table freak and he’s spent years lamenting his monstrous appearance, basically acting like Ben Grimm.
Metamorpho would become one of the most powerful Justice Leaguers most people know nothing about before joining the Outsiders and later the Terrifics. His blue-collar aesthetic always felt more Marvel than DC.
Introduced in Sideways, Tempus Fuginaut immediately reminded readers of a certain Marvel character, Uatu the Watcher. After that book’s end, Fuginaut would return in The Tales of the Dark Multiverse series of one-shots, taking the same role that Uatu had in the What If… comics, presenting the stories of the broken worlds of the Dark Multiverse.
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Like other characters introduced during DC’s “New Age of DC Heroes,” Tempus Fuginaut is pretty much just a Marvel character in DC clothes, serving the same purpose but with minor differences that allow him to co-exist alongside his Marvel counterpart.
When he was first introduced, Black Adam was merely a villainous opposite of Shazam, a tried and true comic book trope. As time went on, Black Adam got more and more fleshed out, flipping from a villain to an anti-hero back to a villain. Now he’s more of a hero than ever before, having joined the Justice League. All of his character development has made him a better character, one who would fit perfectly in the Marvel Universe.
Black Adam’s penchant for ultra-violence and his more hardcore attitude toward heroism fit in more with Marvel and he almost has a Doctor Doom vibe with his leadership of Kahndaq. Black Adam would fit in amazingly with the Avengers.
Deathstroke is another anti-hero/villain type that always felt more like a Marvel character than a DC one. One of comics’ best mercenaries, Deathstroke’s origin has all the trapping of a classic Marvel hero, starting as a supersoldier as well as his grudge with the Teen Titans.
He was always more fleshed out than his fellow villains. The fact that DC has given him multiple titles because of his anti-hero mystique proves that going in a Marvel direction with the character was the right way to go.
Even though DC has had an obsession with Barry Allen since his return, it can’t be stressed how little readers cared about the character at the time of his death in Crisis On Infinite Earths by George Perez and Marv Wolfman. He was a hidebound relic of the Silver Age and his death would allow his protege Wally West to step into his chunky yellow boots. Wally was a very different Flash, one fans preferred for a long time.
It felt like creators took a Marvel approach to him, humanizing him and focusing on his personal life and troubles as much as his super-heroics. This approach made the character a star and worked to bring the concept of the Flash back to ascendancy. Wally’s personality and humor are a much better fit for Marvel than DC.
Jack Kirby’s Fourth World changed the DC Universe forever, creating a new cosmic mythology full of techno gods like only Kirby could create. While most of them aren’t exactly Marvel characters, Mister Miracle definitely had a Marvel feel to him. Raised in the dark world of Apokolips, tortured and tormented before escaping with his love Big Barda, there’s always been something extremely human and Marvel-esque to this New God.
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Mister Miracle always felt more like something that would have come out of a Lee/Kirby collaboration at Marvel than a DC comic. He’d be excellent in the Marvel Universe.
Ted Kord was created by Marvel alum Steve Ditko but the version that fans came to love in the ’80s was different from that version. DC took the Charleston character and like many DC characters of the ’80s injected a lot of Marvel into him. It worked brilliantly, as playing the wealthy genius vigilante as a comedic character with a more human side made Blue Beetle a fan favorite.
Blue Beetle’s human foibles make him a much better Marvel hero than a DC one. He would thrive in Marvel’s New York City, helping out heroes like Spider-Man, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.
While there are certainly some things about Booster Gold that are DC, Booster Gold would definitely feel way more at home in the Marvel Universe. Booster Gold would be so much more entertaining in the Marvel Universe, which is saying something because he’s consistently one of the most entertaining DC characters.
Booster Gold would play off Marvel characters so much better than he does DC ones. Besides Blue Beetle, everyone treats him like a buffoon. His style would definitely be better suited to the Marvel Universe.
Batman was always different from other DC characters. His origin was darker and he was more of a vigilante than a superhero. The Silver Age would fundamentally change the character to a much less serious version but the late ’60s and ’70s work of Denny O’Neil and Steve Englehart would darken him up again. Frank Miller would bring over the hard-boiled style he brought to Daredevil in the mid-80s and Batman’s transformation into a Marvel character was complete.
Batman would fit in with the more grounded and realistic heroes of the Marvel Universe better than he does with the gods of DC.
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