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Disney is home to a huge array of beloved classic films, and rewatching each one feels just as enjoyable as the first time.
One of the best things about Disney is how rewatchable they are. With so many movies suitable for all ages, they make for excellent entertainment to watch alone or with the whole family. Although it can be tough to find the ideal film for a movie night with so many options, some are better to rewatch than others.
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It’s easy to forget sometimes that Disney is more than simply cartoon princesses; while that was their key focus for a while, the production company is responsible for so many beloved films that fans love to rewatch.
By embracing the concept of Greek mythology for the first time, Disney was fairly ambitious with this animated picture. Hercules, a god’s son, was captured by Hades as an infant and forced to reside among humans as a half-man, half-god.
Although Hercules didn’t perform too well at the box office in 1997, this beautifully presented story is worth seeing because the creators have thought outside of the box and it feels very unique and refreshing. While it may have been overlooked before, this film stands the test of time and retains its enjoyability through multiple viewings.
Finding Nemo is an emotional rollercoaster that is full of unforgettable characters that both children and adults have grown to adore. This film has a lot of memorable moments, as well as some of the best character development ever seen in a Disney movie.
Regardless of how many times it is put on the television, watching the film seems like embarking on an adventure each time. It’s tough not to watch it again and again since it’s so entertaining and warms hearts – especially when it allows viewers to see the unconditional love Marlin has for Nemo.
Toy Story was the film that rocketed Pixar into the powerhouse animation studio that it is today. The bizarre notion of toys that come alive when no one’s watching sounds disturbing at first, but they quickly endeared themselves to audiences. Fortunately, the film was such a success that Disney and Pixar developed three more of them, and are still widely loved by fans today.
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The vibrant characters and witty humor keep both adults and children in the audience engaged. This film has a nostalgic quality to it, transporting viewers back to their childhood memories, making it well worth a rewatch.
Lilo and Stitch take the audience on a fantastic trip through the themes of family, love, and acceptance. It also shows the viewers that blood isn’t what makes a family either; families are born out of love and can consist of friends, relatives, or even animals.
The stunning visuals, meaningful plot, and compelling characters make a revisit to the movie time well spent. The movie also has a great soundtrack, featuring songs from Elvis Presley, which are always a joy to listen to.
Tangled‘s reimagining of the Rapunzel story is full of joy, humor, and adventure. The narrative keeps the viewers on their toes at all times. This, paired with the incredible animation and voice acting, results in a great Disney princess film.
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Tangled was once considered an underappreciated Disney film, but it is now widely regarded as one of the more popular Disney princess adaptations due to its strong and empowering leads. It is a work of art that will be admired for generations.
Fantasia is one of Disney’s most daring and unique films, and its premise is simply fantastic. The movie mixes classical compositions with short animated stories, each diverse and innovative in its own right, and provides a musical education for many younger audiences.
While this film may appear to be a big hit or miss for many individuals, the lack of a defined storyline allows the audience to feel and express what they want about each segment. Because of the synesthetic experience, it is ideal for a relaxing movie after a busy day.
Mulan is a courageous hero who risks her life by pretending to be a man so she can go to war instead of her sick father. This movie was truly ahead of its time as it demonstrated an empowering role model who proved that women can do whatever a man can.
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Even though this film was launched in 1998, it is still motivating for younger viewers today and is well worth rewatching with family members who will like it as much as the older generation did.
When fans think of the best Disney movies, A Goofy Movie isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, that doesn’t mean A Goofy Movie is not great, as this coming-of-age story is a hidden gem.
This movie is a fun experience that features the charming character Goofy. It is also a musical, which makes the film entertaining for the entire family. It depicts Goofy’s wacky shenanigans while also telling the story of a struggling father and his distant son. Whether someone is watching this for the first time or rewatching it, the movie remains enjoyable every time.
The 1990s were an amazing decade for Disney. They produced lots of new popular, classically animated films that drew both children and adults to the theatres. The Lion King provided the audience with a joyful and catchy soundtrack, as well as epic storytelling and a wonderful cast of voice actors, making this classic really ageless and influencing so much animation today.
The Lion King communicates important principles like friendship, love, and hope. Simba makes wonderful companions who help guide him to being the lion he eventually becomes, which is delightful for everybody involved watching and undoubtedly provides great rewatch value.
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