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Disney Magical World 2 is heading to Nintendo Switch.
A surprise game announcement was made during the most recent Nintendo Direct – and no, it's not Kingdom Hearts. Disney Magical World 2: Enhanced Edition is being remastered and is launching on Nintendo Switch this Holiday season. The title is a cute RPG and management style game featuring all your favorite Disney characters.
Best of all, the upcoming Switch release will include all DLC from the original game. While the human characters may seem a tad creepy in retrospect, the original is often considered a hidden gem among Disney fans.
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Both the first and second installments in the franchise made their debut on Nintendo 3DS, and they each managed to pull in a surprising number of fans. Many would say it's a cross between Animal Crossing and Kingdom Hearts – and a key feature of the game is collecting and crafting items to enhance your cafe experience for your guests.
This announcement during September's Nintendo Direct seemingly came out of nowhere and was not even hinted at in any previous leaks or speculation. Fan reaction to the announcement was mixed, especially during the YouTube live stream with some joking Mickey Mouse was coming to Smash.
Disney Magical World 2: Enhanced Edition's graphics also seem to have been given a facelift compared to the 3DS version. Although Kingdom Hearts itself has yet to appear on Switch, we're at least getting more Disney to make the wait a bit easier. Recently another entry into the Disney Classics Games Collection was announced that will include The Jungle Book alongside Aladdin and The Lion King.
Currently, on mobile, there are a ton of Disney titles out there including Disney Magic Kingdoms, Disney Emoji Blitz, and Disney Tsum Tsum among others. Disney Tsum Tsum came out with a Switch version which was very quickly abandoned by most players.
With the lack of Disney content on the Nintendo eShop at the moment, perhaps more titles are on the way such as Epic Mickey and other retro Disney games. Since Nintendo Online is expanding with N64 and Sega Genesis titles the possibilities are truly endless going forward. More info will no doubt be revealed closer to Disney Magical World 2's release date.
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