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It doesn’t matter how close or longstanding the friendship is between two Marvel heroes—it’s basically inevitable they’ll have it out eventually.
Marvel’s heroes are icons, some of the most respected do gooders to ever be put to the page. They’ve become huge household names thanks to the MCU but they’ve been having some of the greatest adventures of all time for decades. A feature that the Marvel Universe is known for, one that it exported to other companies, is the superhero feud. Marvel heroes have often feuded with each other for all kinds of reasons.
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There have been lots of time where Marvel heroes who were previously friends had a massive falling out, leading the two sides to come to blows. Some of those feuds have been more serious than others but they all entertained fans immensely.
Daredevil is one of those interesting cases where he pretty much fell out with all of his friends in the superhero community because he was acting scummy. Kingpin leaked his secret identity to the media and Daredevil used his lawyer powers to basically lie to and gaslight everyone, including his superheroic friends.
All of his friends abandoned Daredevil, leaving him to deal with the mess in his own way, which would eventually end with him in jail and Iron Fist taking over as Daredevil. While it wasn’t as violent as some of the other Marvel superhero falling outs, it was still damaging to a lot of relationships.
The Terrigen Mists are integral to Inhuman culture and when Black Bolt released them into the atmosphere, it led to all kinds of new Inhumans being discovered. It also led to a disease among the finally resurgent mutant race called M-Pox. The Inhumans were unwilling to give up the Mists and it eventually led to them and the X-Men going to war.
This blatant disregard for the lives of others was one of the Inhumans’ worst acts. The strangest part about it was just how okay with it the rest of the Marvel Universe was, as no one really tried to help mutants or called the Inhumans out for their genocidal hubris.
In the early days of the Avengers, Thor and Hulk were teammates, if not friends. Hulk would leave the team and his relationship with the Avengers would get worse and worse. He’d end up battling them numerous times over the years and on the front line of every one of those battles was Thor, the Avengers’ resident heavy hitter.
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Hulk would trounce Thor just about every time they fought, leading to whatever friendship they had souring immensely. Since then, even when they’re on the same side, they give each other a wide berth, rarely if ever socializing.
For a time, Namor was a member of the X-Men and among the team when the battle over the Phoenix Force heated up. Gaining a portion of its powers, he would be in the front lines of the battle against the Avengers. On Cyclops’s order, he used his Phoenix might and Atlantean armies to attack Wakanda, where the team was hiding.
The attack was devastating. Countless Wakandans died and the capital city would become a necropolis, with Black Panther a King of the Dead. Since then, relations between Namor and Black Panther have been anything but cordial, with the two monarchs never to be friends again.
Avengers Vs. X-Men was an epic that pitted the two teams against each other because of the coming of the Phoenix Force. The Avengers didn’t trust Cyclops, whose actions were becoming more desperate in defense of the dwindling mutant race, with the power of the Phoenix and the battle between the two team saw the Phoenix Force split between Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, Magik, and the aforementioned Namor.
The two teams would battle it out, eventually teaming up against Cyclops as his actions became more dictatorial and he fell to the power of the Phoenix. Before the whole thing was done, he’d end killing Professor Xavier and was imprisoned.
Civil War II isn’t well regarded by Marvel fans but it did showcase two heroes battling it out. Captain Marvel learned of the power of the Inhuman Ulysses from Medusa and thought using his precognitive powers to stop crimes before they happened was a great idea. Iron Man thought differently and the heroes picked sides between the two of them.
While not as serious as the first superhero civil war, the battle was still a pitched one and ended with Captain Marvel defeating Iron Man. He’d fall into a coma and both Riri Williams and Doctor Doom would take his place.
Nick Fury’s status as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. meant that he’d done some shady things in his time but one of the shadiest was in 2004’s Secret War. Recruiting a team of heroes for a coup attempt against Latverian prime minister Lucia von Bardas which failed, Fury ended up mindwiping the team he recruited. A year later, von Bardas attacked, laying Fury’s actions bare.
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The heroes were none too happy with him and Fury went into hiding, leaving S.H.I.E.L.D. and working behind the scenes, investigating the Skrull infiltration of the spy organization. While he’d be forgiven eventually, he’d never return to S.H.I.E.L.D.
In the stories Avengers Disassembled and House Of M, Scarlet Witch did some rather heinous things, killing three Avengers and de-powering the vast majority of the mutant race. These actions put her on the outs with her friends in the Avengers and even when she returned to being a hero, the team didn’t want anything to do with her.
She’d finally get another chance in Avengers Vs. X-Men, as her powers allowed her to have an effect on the Phoenix Force possessed X-Men. Since then, her previous actions have been forgiven by the Avengers, as the team members she killed have all come back to life.
Wolverine and Cyclops have always had a very interesting relationship. It was constantly on the verge of getting physical even though the men respected each other immensely. Things came to head between the two in X-Men: Schism, as they came to blows over whether mutant children should be asked to kill.
Wolverine was against it and Cyclops was for it and this difference in morality led them to battle against each other. They’d end up teaming together to stop a massive new type of Sentinel but the damage was done. Wolverine and half of the mutants on Utopia would leave for Westchester, rebuilding the X-Mansion and opening a new school there.
Civil War is one of Marvel’s biggest stories of the 21st century, with Captain America and Iron Man disagreeing over whether to follow the Superhero Registration Act: Cap was against it and Iron Man was for it. This ideological divide caused battle lines to be drawn up, as the heroes chose which side to support.
This led to multiple pitched battles, as the years of hidden animosity between Cap and Iron Man came bubbling to the surface. The two men became vicious enemies and the battle only ended when Cap surrendered, realizing the fighting did more harm than good.
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