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A new mod for Skyrim has added a Witcher race that features faster regeneration, new abilities, and spells and powers from The Witcher series.
Two of the most popular games of the last decade, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, have crossed over in a new mod that brings in Witchers as a playable Skyrim race. Although the game will be ten years old in November, Skyrim still boasts a prolific modding community that continues to add to the game or reinvent it entirely. References to other franchises are a common theme of Skyrim mods, but the new mod adds elements of The Witcher series that were never available before.
Released to near-universal acclaim in 2015, The Witcher 3 featured Geralt of Rivia, one of the titular Witchers, as the game’s protagonist. In the game’s setting, Witchers are mutants that have altered their bodies to be faster and stronger than ordinary humans in order to fight monsters that inhabit the world. These superhuman abilities are carried over in the new mod to Skyrim, where the Witcher race has several enhancements that give it an advantage over the playable races in the base version of the game.
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The mod, according to the description on Nexus Mods (via PCGamesN), gives Witcher characters faster regeneration for their health, Magicka, and stamina. It also makes their unarmed attacks about three times stronger to reflect the supernatural strength that Witchers enjoy. Every customization option that is available for the other races in Skyrim is also usable for the Witcher, allowing players to create a wide array of characters that may differ greatly from those in the original Witcher games.
Along with the race itself, the mod adds a few new abilities and spells to Skyrim. The Endomorphosis ability increases the Witcher’s movement speed, and the Igni and Aard signs from the Witcher series are included in the mod. The developer, RobA, has stated that more spells will be added in the future, possibly including The Witcher 3‘s strongest sign. There is also a list of recommended mods to use alongside the Witcher race, from graphical improvements to a complete overhaul that adds weapons, quests, potions, and monsters from the Witcher series to Skyrim.
The Elder Scrolls and the Witcher series have some of the most dedicated fans in video games. Though both released their most recent entries years ago, their communities still thrive and continue to talk about, play, and mod the games to this day. Fans of The Elder Scrolls and The Witcher 3 even bring their passion for the games into real life. Adding the Witcher race to Skyrim is a natural extension of that enthusiasm, and the fact that such a mod was made in 2021 makes it clear how beloved both franchises are by fans of the games.
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Source: Nexus Mods (via PCGamesN)
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