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While Marvel has achieved success with characters like Venom, the symbiote and several others have greater potential in DC’s dark material backdrop.
Comic book characters have increasingly become popular after mainstream movie franchises, with Marvel and DC Comics both experiencing great success. It has also shed light on which characters have been used to their full potential and which ones would do better if they were to jump ship to the other brand.
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Venom will be reappearing for his second outing in Venom: Let There Be Carnage but some argue that Marvel’s family-friendly approach limits him from what DC’s darker environment could provide. He’s not the only one who will be better suited in DC, as there are a number of characters with the same problem. It’s worth looking into where they will shine in DC’s universe and how they might fare.
Spider-Man is generally a light-hearted hero whose storylines are about the role of responsibility. Venom’s demonic appearance can go against the Spider-Man theme and his fiendish persona suits the DC Universe’s gritty nature better.
Venom would work marvelously well in stories with heroes like Superman and Batman since both superheroes having inner darkness that the symbiote could exploit. Batman, in particular, has a number of scary villains in his rogues’ gallery and Venom would fit right in with the likes of Clayface, The Joker, among others.
Sentry is seen as Marvel’s counterpart to DC’s Superman but has never reached the same heights in terms of popularity. Even in Marvel, Sentry has been overshadowed by powerful superheroes like Adam Warlock and Thor, and his overall presentation suits DC.
The similarity with Superman can work to Sentry’s benefit as an additional option for DC fans. Captain Marvel/Shazam has proved that the likeness with Superman can still work and Sentry would be very believable as a Superman ally. If nothing else, Sentry would make a solid supporting hero in the Justice League as the group has powerful superheroes that are similar to himself (as opposed Marvel’s Avengers, who are relatively weaker).
DC hasn’t truly replicated the same effect The Hulk has had on Marvel, while Abomination hasn’t found his footing in the franchise either. He would make for a worthy opponent to someone like Batman, who has had face-offs against the likes of Bane and Solomon Grundy but not the sheer force like Abomination.
DC could even provide Abomination with a superhero arc as the comics lack a similar figure to The Hulk. Abomination is also an intelligent person who combines this with his strength, which makes him similar to Bane (except he is a bigger enemy to deal with due to his incredible strength).
There are few characters as tortured in personality as Cable, who essentially lost his emotions after being raised with a techno-virus that devoided a person of love and care. His dark personality has rarely suited the X-Men series, which has kept switching between presenting him as a grim and comedic figure.
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DC doesn’t compromise on the dangerous subject matter and Cable’s full potential as a tragic figure can be explored. His no-holds-barred attitude toward violence and intimidation also feels off-putting in Marvel’s open-natured environment, whereas DC tends to distribute characters based on the genre they suit in the most.
The Punisher has always been something of an acquired taste for Marvel fans as his extremely violent persona doesn’t usually mesh well with this comic book universe. His use of lethal force, torture, and lack of ethics are all in contrast to the mainline Marvel heroes; however, this could help him stand out in DC.
The Punisher can be a stark contrast to the no-killing rule of the Justice League, and while it also applies to Marvel heroes, DC’s overall bleaker outlook justifies a superhero of this sort. It also has notorious villains that can accommodate The Punisher’s brand of justice.
Debuting around the same time as the Red Hood, Bucky Barnes’ anti-hero persona has worked well for Marvel. However, with there being some similarities between him and the Red Hood, the chances of seeing the two characters either team up or lock horns is very tempting.
The Winter Soldier is also somewhat limited in serving as a Captain America supporting player, whereas DC can give him the platform to portray his ability to wreak havoc on villains. DC usually has its characters embrace their darkness and it sounds like a better deal than Marvel’s attempt to make the Winter Solider lighter in attitude.
Franklin Richards is a character so powerful that he’s been shown to accomplish pretty much everything he wants, to the point that he has created several universes. Unfortunately for him, Marvel’s limited scope in terms of power has made him somewhat nonsensical, as he makes things too easy and uninteresting.
In DC, Franklin can be placed in a role similar to Mister Mxyzptlk, showing up occasionally where his powers make sense in terms of the plot. DC stories have the tendency to explore cosmic scenarios more than Marvel and Franklin will have more room for plotlines with large-scale implications.
The presence of the Kingpin has relegated Hammerhead to the sidelines for the most part, which is a shame because he does have strong mob mannerisms that could help make him a notorious villain. Hammerhead comes across as a lot more threatening in attitude than most and this will do well in the DC environment.
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He could be a notable antagonist to street-level heroes like The Question and Green Arrow, with these kinds of characters usually going up against criminal organizations. Hammerhead’s “power” of using the plate in his head can be highlighted in a more brutal way as opposed to how it’s used in Spider-Man, where it’s sometimes played out as a joke.
The stuff of nightmares, Carnage is tailormade for the brutal demises that DC never backs away from in depicting. His murderous tendencies are so extreme in Spider-Man stories that Carnage hasn’t shown up as much as he could have, meaning Marvel hasn’t fully utilized him.
Imagining Carnage in off-the-rail stories, featuring the likes of the Suicide Squad, sounds amazing and he could be a true force to be reckoned with. Other possible scenarios could be someone like Batman or Nightwing investigating Carnage’s streak of kills, with the result being a true fight between smarts and horrifying power.
Essentially a Marvel version of DC’s Suicide Squad, the Thunderbolts started out as a serious group but have become relatively comedic in later times. DC should make better use of the faction by steering them firmly in an anti-hero direction, as opposed to interchanging them between good and bad.
The group will do well by merging with the Suicide Squad or be seen as an alternative to it. The Thunderbolts have also suffered from a lack of firm leadership, but characters like Green Arrow, Deathstroke, among others, at the helm, could get the job done in establishing the group for what it’s supposed to be.
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