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Your regular sessions playing Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition leaving you bored? Get ready to shake things up a little, and a lot. Not only will the game’s rules get expanded next year, but the RPG will have a bigger—and more mysterious—transformation in two years.

The 2022 tinkering comes courtesy of the D&D Rules Expansions Gift Set, a boxed collection of two already published expansion books, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything and Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, along with a third, new book titled Monsters of the Multiverse. It “collects and revises tons of D&D material released since the launch of [the] fifth edition into one convenient tome,” and contains “over 30 updated player character races and a massive bestiary with over 250 redesigned monsters and stat blocks, all for use in any D&D world.” The three books have exclusive foil covers, as does the included Dungeon Master’s screen. It’s due out January 25 of next year, will run you $169.99, and you can get more details here.
However, you may want to wait for… whatever the hell is coming next. Executive producer Ray Winninger announced during a recent D&D Celebration live-stream event that the “next evolution” of Dungeons & Dragons would be arriving in 2024. He was then extremely cagey about the details, so we don’t know whether this will be the 6th Edition of the granddaddy of tabletop role-playing games, or a “5.5 Edition” much like the one received by the 3rd Edition. Winninger did say, however, that it would be “compatible” with 5th Edition, which suggests a “5.5”… but 2024 is Dungeons & Dragons 50th anniversary, and surely Wizards of the Coast would make something grander to mark the occasion than merely adjusting the current incarnation of the game, which is already 10 years old. Surely.
Whatever it ends up being, apparently work on it has already begun. Clearly, Wizards isn’t going to be dropping more details anytime soon, but we’ll let you know as soon as they are.
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I’m hoping it’s just a reprint, like they did in 2nd Edition with the black bordered versions of the core rules.
Clean up the text, make the rules easier to comprehend and give more examples, and provide a few optional fixes in sidebars. But otherwise keep the rules almost completely the same. Only tweaking things that are absolutely, positively necessary (like monster spellcasting and racial ability scores).

They say it will be backwards compatible, but they said the same thing about 3.5 Edition, but once they started making tweaks they couldn’t stop. And it almost killed the hobby by sinking game stores and dividing the audience.
No, really.
Retailers were stuck with stacks and stacks of 3rd Party books they couldn’t give away, and accessories for the previous version of the game. They lost a tonne of money and many went under.
And it hurt WotC because most people didn’t convert and 3.5e didn’t sell as well as 3.0; many gamers just viewed it as an opportunity to stop buying accessories and call their collection complete.


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