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From Dwayne Johnson in Moana to Idris Elba in Zootopia, Disney often taps famous action stars to voice some of their most iconic characters.
Over the years there has been a wide range of actors who have taken on voice animation roles for Disney. These actors have come from a range of different genres, and that has included some huge action stars portraying animated characters with larger-than-life performances that have given certain characters energy and charisma.
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Whether they’ve voiced heroes, villains, or sidekicks, there have been some surprising names that have cropped up in Disney movies over the years. Actors taking on roles that are totally different from what they normally do is something that helps develop their talents, so which action stars can audiences hear the voices of in Disney’s stories?
Dwayne Johnson has always been a top action star, which is a genre he’s well-suited to thanks to his past as a WWE Superstar. He’s been involved in some huge action blockbusters throughout his career, but he is also someone with great energy and personality.
That is why he was perfect to voice a Disney character, which he did in the movie Moana. Johnson got to play the demigod, Maui, who became one of the most popular characters within the movie, with Johnson putting in tons of excitement as well as brilliant rapping to bring the role to life.
Mel Gibson has had an amazing career acting in various action movies, whether it be Mad Max or Braveheart, he has taken on a lot of great roles and wowed audiences with his work. However, he did also get to show a different side of himself when putting on the voice for John Smith in Pocahontas.
It’s a role that he was actually well-suited to, as John Smith is a true hero who is prepared to fight and battle for what he believes in. However, Smith is also involved in the big romantic angle of the movie as well, which showcased a different side of him as an actor.
Mel Gibson isn’t the only action star who is part of the voice cast in Pocahontas, because he is joined by none other than Christian Bale in the movie. The Batman star was only young when he took on this role and hadn’t carved out the legendary career he since has, but Bale is another name people don’t typically expect within a Disney movie.
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He has a much smaller role than Mel Gibson, as he plays Thomas, who is a young member of the crew that is eager to impress. John Smith takes Thomas under his wing and tries to teach him, which creates a nice dynamic between them throughout the movie.
Gal Gadot is a talented actress who is also known for being involved in the superhero world. Her role as Wonder Woman has taken her career to new heights, and throughout her life, she has worked best in different action movies.
However, she was able to be part of Ralph Breaks The Internet to showcase her voicework. The popular sequel saw Ralph dive into the internet to visit even more games, and that’s where they come across the character of Shank, who is the lead character in Slaughter Race. 
Ving Rhames has had an excellent acting career, often being involved in action movies. Whether it be the iconic Pulp Fiction or the Mission Impossible series, Ving has always been a great presence within his movies, often being quite a serious star.
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Of course, Ving is known for his deep, booming voice and that made him perfect to play Cobra Bubbles in Lilo & Sitch. He was built up as someone who was scary, being the social worker for Nani and Lilo, but he always had their best interest at heart and he ends up becoming quite attached to the family.
Idris Elba is a brilliant actor and someone with a very iconic and noticeable voice, which is why he stood out when he was involved with Zootopia. Idris is typically found in the action genre, but he proved his ability within the animated world with this role.
His character, Chief Bogo was the head of the police in the movie, becoming Judy Hopps’ boss. He was portrayed as being fairly serious, which suited Idris’ tone, and he ended up being a fantastic character within the movie.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been involved in a real range of movies throughout his career, but plenty of those have been in the action genre. He makes a great lead hero as he is easy to like and relate to, which has been clear in many of his movies.
This includes Treasure Planet where he took on the lead role within the movie as Jim Hawkins. The role actually came fairly early in his career, which is clear by how youthful Jim sounds in the movie.
Samuel L. Jackson is someone who has an iconic and well-known voice, which is why his role of Frozone in The Incredibles franchise is one of the most recognizable amongst fans. Of course, he is known for being involved in the MCU as Nick Fury, which features a lot of action, but he does far more fighting in this animated world.
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Samuel L. Jackson gets to voice one of the most popular Disney Pixar characters, with Frozone being a real hit amongst fans. While he isn’t one of the lead characters, as a friend of the Parr family and he gets to be involved several times helping out when needed.
Chris Pratt has been the lead actor in several major action franchises. From Jurassic World to Guardians Of The Galaxy, he makes for a fantastic hero. He is someone who can be taken seriously in that role and is able to bring the right level of charm and reliability to the audience.
However, he got to be involved in the fantasy world when he was cast in Onward, where he was able to be one of the lead actors alongside Tom Holland. The two popular actors played brothers in this movie, with Pratt being the older of the two, known as Barely Lightfoot.
One of the newest Disney Pixar movies is Soul, which puts a large focus on life after death and the importance of treating others kindly and openly with trust and communication. The movie brings Jamie Foxx into the Disney bubble in the lead role, as he plays Joe Gardner.
Typically, Jamie Foxx can be found in different action movies, but that isn’t the case here, with this movie not being about action at all. However, his voice was perfectly cast to this role which helped to make Joe stand out.
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