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Players have plenty of options to build their teams in Marvel: Future Revolution. Here are a few great options for different scenarios.
Marvel Future Revolution is Marvel's first mobile open-world RPG and features an array of the most popular superheroes from the universe. Set after an event known as "the Convergence," multiple versions of the superheroes all co-exist inside one world. This sets the stage for a plethora of online players (in an assortment of different Marvel costumes) to work together as some of the same superheroes to keep the multiverse safe.
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These heroes form synergies, working together as a team of four for those situations where one superhero doesn't quite cut it. By ensuring that the best possible team has been assembled, players will be building in order to win and find combat situations much easier to progress through.
There are four different roles that make up a team composition: Main Carry, Support, Bruiser/ Tank, and Assassin. For a team to succeed it needs a mixture of these different roles. Of the eight playable characters featured in Marvel Future Revolution, there are typically two for each role, but some can be built differently in order to switch up team composition.
In Blitz Mode, squads of four take on a boss that will exploit weak points in a team. When building team compositions for Blitz Mode, it is important that players consider all aspects of a team and ensure that all characters have a pre-defined role that works well with each other.
This high DPS team is focused on damage output and quickly finishing off bosses before they can get a foothold in the fight. With Captain Marvel soaking up all of the damage and repositioning, Black Widow and Storm focus on AoE damage and picking away at a boss' health. Finally, Iron Man's skills can use his drones and assortment of abilities to further chip away at bosses.
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This team is useful for grinding levels, but beware of fights that go on for a long time. None of these characters have particularly great sustain, so it's important that players finish off bosses quickly with this team composition.
This team composition is a highly balanced squad where each character has a clearly defined role. Storm and Black Widow handle the damage dealing, while Captain America soaks up all of the boss' damage and sponges with his high sustain, defensive kit. Finally, Spider-Man can perform knock-ups, break the boss' guard, and debuff the enemy with slows. Captain America players in particular will enjoy their role in this team.
This MCU superhero team is focused on taking on bosses that have slow attacks or attack trajectories that are easy to predict and dodge. More advanced players will be better suited to this type of team, as its very skill reliant on dishing out damage and then dodging before the bosses can inflict any damage of their own.
This team is well-suited towards beginners, as it is a relatively safe team composition designed to protect the damage dealers (Storm, Captain Marvel) so that they can deal with the bosses. Spider-Man handles crowd control while Captain Marvel and Captain America soak enemy hits, freeing Storm up to inflict massive amounts of damage. Be careful that Storm doesn't get killed, however, as the lack of damage output available in the other characters means that the team is heavily reliant on her survival. This team boasts some of the most powerful Marvel characters.
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Special Operations is focused on four-character teams to take on groups of enemies and save innocents. Long-range firepower, mobility, and agility are the most important things to keep in mind when creating team compositions for this mode.
This team focuses on AoE damage to deal against multiple enemies at once, while still retaining enough damage-dealing potential through Storm and Iron Man to take on single bosses. Have Storm and Iron Man deal damage while Captain America's skills soak up all of the enemies' damage. Doctor Strange also contributes to damage dealing.
This team focuses on fast-paced combat from a distance, with lots of kiting abilities in the characters. There are multiple character synergies in this team composition that allows it to work as a smooth unit. It works by having the Black Widow superhero use her high DPS to take on singular, bigger enemies, while Iron Man and Doctor Strange perform AOE attacks to take out crowds. Finally, Spider-Man supports by offering debuffs and crowd control.
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