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Wolverine has a long history within the video game world and here are some of the best titles featuring the X-Man.
Wolverine is perhaps one of Marvel’s most famous characters and has therefore been featured in a huge number of video games. While rarely the titular character, Logan has been a part of plenty of ensemble experiences in a variety of different gameplay formats. From action RPGs to fighting games, the character’s full range of abilities has been adapted in plenty of creative ways.
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With Insomniac’s Wolverine currently in development, there’s no doubt a desire to go back to previous titles featuring the X-Man and look at how other studios managed to bring the comic book character to life. The ultimate question though is which of the games brings audiences the best portrayal of Logan?
Although it’s not a title that features Wolverine as a playable character, as one of the best Spider-Man gamesWeb Of Shadows simply had to be mentioned. The web-head video game from Shaba Games, Treyarch, and published by Activision, provided Spidey with an ally in the form of Logan.
The two team up in various moments of the game, but not before they face one another in an exciting boss battle. The Venomized-Wolverine is also a highlight of Web Of Shadows, with players having to try to defeat this overpowered iteration of the comic book character. It’s a great portrayal of the source material and provides fans with a few fun surprises.
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is perhaps one of the most controversial Marvel video games out there. While sequels had been canceled in the past, fans are now enjoying the current iteration of the title on Nintendo Switch. Wolverine has been a consistently featured member of the roster though.
Ultimate Alliance from Vicarious Visions and Activision tried to re-tell the Civil War narrative from the comics. It’s an interesting take featuring a lot of great button-smashing gameplay. It’s an underrated title that has garnered a lot of unearned criticism, but players can form their own X-Men squads featuring Wolvie, even getting boosts for specific formations.
Although it has now been shut down the MMORPG Marvel Heroes offered fans a really unique open world to explore, as they battled some of the comic’s most famous and forgotten villains, all while masquerading as a huge roster of heroes. Wolverine was amongst those playable characters and really added a lot to the experience.
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Gazillion Entertainment and Secret Identity Studios’ Marvel Heroes featured an original story that continued to be engaging throughout. Wolverine factored into the experience early on and became a favorite amongst many players. His fast claw attacks made cutting through Hydra Agents and Hand warriors a lot easier!
Capcom has become well known for their take on the Marvel characters but Children Of The Atom was an interesting moment in the studio’s history, as it marked the first time that they were allowed to use these comic book heroes. The arcade-style fighting game is definitely a classic of the genre.
Although there were still a few bugs to sort out for future installments to the franchise, overall Capcom did a stellar job in producing an intriguing and simple system that allowed players to take on the role of Wolverine. With a few complex combos to work out and a great roster for diverse matchups, the title offered everything a fan could need! Future fighting games like Netherrealm’s will likely look to the original for inspiration.
Sticking with Capcom, arguably one best of the Marvel Vs. Capcom series, the fourth installment really unleashed what the studio was capable of. The fighting-style combat system was back once again, with further combos and spectacular special attacks, with Backbone Entertainment also contributing to the experience.
As should be expected Wolverine was amongst the roster once more and was a reliable ally to place in the battle arena. The three-on-three tag teams were a fun change for veterans of the franchise, while the huge selection of playable characters was genuinely something to behold. It is perhaps among the best superhero games.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine might just be one of the poorest adaptations of a Marvel character in general. Despite the reception to the universally hated production, the video game spin-off is actually amongst Logan’s best.
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Perhaps it’s because of the streamlined narrative that audiences play through, or maybe it’s the surprisingly good graphics. It could even be the Uncaged Addition that really went off the rails that convinced fans to love the title. Ultimately though, the brutality of the kills and the portrayal of Logan’s healing factor definitely contribute to an enjoyable and convincingly accurate title.
The sequel to the much-loved X-Men Legends, the second iteration of the title from Raven Software, SuperVillain Studios, and published by Activision was far superior to the original thanks to advanced gameplay mechanics, new abilities, and even an online mode.
The Action RPG might be a little button-mashy at times, but the campaign that sees the X-Men try to stop the Age of Apocalypse is genuinely exciting. Wolverine is a brilliant addition to the title, and it is cool to see him so entrenched with the rest of the team, as the player builds up their squad to do battle with against the forces of evil.
There’s a classic feel to the X-Men arcade game that even modern MCU fans can respect. The retro quality of the title hasn’t made the game any less impactful with age. The side-scroller is still worthy of the X-Men name and boasts some wonderful visuals.
Konami was the studio behind the development and there’s something endlessly satisfying about suiting up as Wolverine and slicing through legions of criminals in 2-bit. With other characters like Storm and Cyclops to choose from, players were immersed in the experience thanks to the great soundtrack and fast-paced gameplay that never felt clunky.
With so many video game titles based on movie releases, it’s usually common for most of them to be forgotten. There’s something that stands out about this X2 spin-off title though from GenePool Software and Activision, which actually features Wolverine as the titular character.
The game actually departs largely from what fans got to see on screen, with Logan going on a solo mission and battling against foes not even seen in the film like Juggernaut and Wendigo. An interesting inclusion for the title is that not only did the healing factor genuinely make a difference, but Logan’s claws were actually retractable as well, at the player’s choice.
Fans often sleep on the LEGO series of video games, but every time Traveller’s Tales brings out a title in the LEGO format it becomes a real hit. They are always a lot of fun, thanks to the witty writing, absurd moments of comedy, and surprisingly heavy-hitting action.
What’s more, LEGO Marvel Superheroes is bolstered by an original campaign that’s sure to keep an audience’s attention, alongside gameplay mechanics that continue to be engaging; from puzzle-solving to racing. Wolverine is amongst the game’s roster and is equipped with abilities that match the comic book character perfectly.
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