X-Men Vs. The Avengers: Fans Can't Decide Who Would Win – We Got This Covered

Comics fans debating over which characters would emerge victorious in battle isn’t something new or unique. However, one debate raging on Twitter right now has caused a clear division in the Marvel fanbase.
Stemming from an original post with images of Marvel’s Avengers and the X-Men, debate raged on which superhero team would defeat the other in battle.
which team is clearing pic.twitter.com/UEJ6H6bThd
There were plenty of suggestions of which characters would dominate others, however, one rose above the rest eventually trending on Twitter because of the debate. That character was the mutant x-men character Magneto.
Fans suggested that characters like Iron Man or to an extent Captain America would have no chance against Magneto as he could simply crush their armor and weapons with his ability to manipulate metal.
He hasn't actually been an "Iron" Man in over 40-50 years!😅
Other popular names included Scarlet Witch who seemed to be the most common argument for those on the Avengers side, claiming that the character was more powerful than even Omega level mutants. X-Men fans countered this argument by citing that Wanda was killed off by Mystique in a recent comic book run.
the wanda stans are so crazy these days
A name that seemingly flew under the radar also was Rogue who has the ability to drain anyone’s power by simply touching them. X-Men fans claim this would be enough to take down any member of the Avengers in battle.
Right now the argument is still raging on with both sides making solid points on why their team would win. You can check out the post and responses here.
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