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Wolverine has faced most of the major Marvel villains at one point or another, but which ones should show up in his big upcoming solo game?
Marvel’s Spider-Man, a PS4 game starring the titular hero, really showed the world what Insomniac Games was capable of with comic franchises. Immediately upon its initial release, the game was hailed as one of the best superhero games to ever be released, even rivaling Rocksteady Studios’ legendary Batman: Arkham series.
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In addition to the direct sequel to that game, Insomniac has also recently announced that they are currently working on a new project, Marvel’s Wolverine. Unsurprisingly, fans’ expectations for this game are already through the roof. Wolverine’s rich comics history makes this the perfect opportunity for the developers to make this game a smashing success, especially considering the long list of villains he’s faced off with over the years.
Wolverine is known as one of the most violent superheroes of the Marvel Universe, so it only makes sense that many of his toughest enemies would be just as brutal as he is. Omega Red certainly falls under this category. The Russian mutant has had a fascination with killing from a very young age.
Add this on top of his ability to drain people’s life force, his death factor ability, and his carbonadium tentacles, and you get a nearly unstoppable killing machine. If Insomniac does decide to use this character in their game, fans can rest easy knowing that the boss fight against him will be amazing.
Keniuchio Harada, aka the Silver Samurai, is one of the few people that Wolverine actually has a shred of respect for. The most likely reason for this is the fact that the Samurai is one of the best fighters in all of Marvel. His skill at hand-to-hand combat is quite exceptional, but his swordsmanship abilities are paralleled by very few.
He is also a mutant who is able to generate energy fields, which makes him even deadlier with his sword. There is no doubt that any conflict between these two characters would be quite challenging for players to survive.
The inclusion of Lady Deathstrike in Insomniac’s new game would be an incredible move for many reasons. The most obvious reason of course, is that she is an adamantium-enhanced warrior with a lust for blood, much like Logan.
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Her adamantium claws would be the perfect match to go up against the player’s adamantium claws in a boss fight. Another reason she’s the perfect addition is that the two have a long history together, giving the developers a lot of lore to dive into.
While the two may currently be allies because of the formation of Krakoa, Magneto and Wolverine have been on opposing sides of many conflicts over the years. The Master of Magnetism has waged war on both the humans and other mutants of Earth many times, forcing Wolverine to fight against him.
Magneto even once ripped Logan’s adamantium skeleton out of his body in a truly gruesome display of comic book action. It’d be interesting to see whether the two would be at odds with each other or allies in the upcoming game.
The Viper is a longtime member of Hydra, an evil organization with world domination and supremacy on its mind at all times. She has served the organization very well, even dying and undergoing a dark resurrection for its cause.
In many of her travels around the world as an assassin and agent, she has battled and schemed against Wolverine, besting him on more than one occasion. Once, she even forced him to marry her, so that she could gain power over the crime-ridden principality of Madripoor.
Many people don’t know that the iconic vampire, Dracula, actually exists in the world of Marvel. He has mainly been an enemy of Blade for most of his history, but he has had encounters with some of the X-Men as well. Recently in the comics, he has sought to strengthen himself and his vampire nation by using the blood of superpowered individuals. One of these individuals is Wolverine.
His blood has already successfully been used on vampires, giving them the ability to withstand sunlight. Seeing a similar story to this play out in the new video game would be very entertaining and would surely provide Insomniac’s Marvel heroes a great threat to fight against.
Wolverine seems to have a habit of making enemies out of some very dangerous individuals. Raven Darkholme, aka Mystique, is one of these individuals. She is a mutant who has the ability to shapeshift, which, when combined with her skills as an assassin and spy, make her a very efficient killing machine.
Her skillset could also make for some very interesting video game missions. Stealth and strategy missions while trying to hunt down Mystique are something that Insomniac should definitely implement.
There are so many reasons as to why Gorgon, whose real name is Tomi Shishido, is such a deadly villain. First off, his skills as a fighter are extraordinary, as are his levels of intellect and wisdom. He also has the mutant ability to turn people to stone with his gaze, hence the name, Gorgon.
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He too has quite the long history with Wolverine. They have battled on multiple occasions, one of which ended with Gorgon’s victory and the brainwashing of Logan. His control over him didn’t last forever though, and Wolverine eventually got his revenge by killing Gorgon.
Nathaniel Essex may just be the most deplorable being to have ever existed in the Marvel Universe. It’s not surprising when one considers the fact that he basically became Mister Sinister because of the legendary X-Men villain, Apocalypse. As Mister Sinister, he has experimented on and tortured hundreds, probably even thousands of mutants and humans, all for his own amusement and personal gain.
On top of that, he constantly makes clones, which has resulted in horrible events, such as the original Inferno story. Having Mister Sinister play the role of the main antagonist in Insomniac’s upcoming game would be an incredible choice, as he’s always been a master manipulator and top-tier evil mastermind.
Whether it’s through comics, the many animated X-Men TV series, or the X-Men movies, if anyone knows of Wolverine, then they likely know of Sabretooth as well. Victor Creed is one of, if not the most homicidal people in all of the Marvel Universe. His abilities are very similar to Logan’s, in that he also has a healing factor and claws that have been enhanced with adamantium. Unlike Logan, he also has fangs, which have bitten into his rival’s flesh many times. Sabretooth has made it a priority of his over the years to completely torment Logan and everyone he cares for. There is no better villain for including in this game, and it’s very likely that Insomniac knows this.
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