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Marvel has released a preview for Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades, which will showcase Latinx heroes: Miles Morales, America Chavez, and more!
Warning: contains a preview for Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades!
A new preview has arrived for the next issue of Marvel’s comic anthology line. Marvel Voices: Comunidades will feature several of the company’s Latinx heroes. These include Ghost Rider, both iterations of White Tiger, as well as a new hero who has yet to receive a codename.
The Marvel Voices line has been showcasing the many diverse heroes created by Marvel writers and artists over the years. These have included Native American, Asian American and Pacific Islander, Black, and LGBTQIA+ heroes in Marvel Voices: Heritage, Marvel Voices: Identity, Marvel Heroes: Legacy, and Marvel Voices: PrideThe next issue showcases Latinx creators telling brand new stories centered on popular and new Latino, Latina, and Latinx heroes.
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In a new preview from Marvel for Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades, several stories and their creative teams have been revealed. There are also sneak peeks at heroes fans can expect to find within the anthology. These include Miles Morales, America Chavez, and Nina the Conjuror, among others. Marvel’s first Latino hero will also be included: Hector Ayala. He is the first White Tiger’s legacy will be explored and then continued with an additional story focused on Ava Ayala, Hector’s sister who took up this Marvel mantle.
The first preview page features Eva Quintero and Germán Aguilar who are attending Strange Academy. Eva was recently introduced in Reptil, where she was first shown to be a bruja (witch) capable of using magic. She promised her cousin Humberto (Reptil) that she would continue to learn. She’ll do so alongside her classmate, who is a Nahual (he can project animals when in an animage state). Their story, “Just as Strange as You” has the creative team of Terry Blas, Julius Ohta, and Erick Arciniega. The next two pages are centered on the White Tigers. The first is a story titled “Pa’lante Juntos” with the creative team of Daniel José Older, Germán Peralta, and Jesus Aburtov. Pa’lante is a combination of para adelante, meaning “forward”; it was used by the Young Lords as a title for their periodical in the 1960s. This organization began as a street gang and will be featured in this story. “Legados” (Legacies) will be set in Puerto Rico and feature Ava Ayala, having the creative team of Amparo Ortiz, Caio Majado, and Dono Sánchez-Almara.
The next preview pages provided by Marvel feature Miles Morales, Anya Corazon, America Chavez, and Nina the Conjuror. Miles and Anya will be part of “Latinx and Proud” by Julio Anta, Enid Balám, Oren Junior, and Federico Blee. This story aims to open up discussion about the term “Latinx” – which has faced some criticism within communities – and inclusivity. America Chavez stars in “You’re Not Alone” which has the creative team of Claribel A. Ortega, Adriana Melo, Victor Nava, and Dijjo Lima. She is seen fighting a large creature with Amadeus Cho (who appeared in Marvel’s Voices: Identity alongside Silk). Nina the Conjuror is the Sorcerer Supreme in Brazil during the 1950s. Her story, “Fate and the Sorcerer Supreme” has the creative team of Juan Ponce, Wilton Santos, Sean Parsons, and Dijjo Lima. Her fellow sorcerers Doctor Strange and Kushala are included in this preview page.
Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider will appear in “Loco-Motion” by Yehudi Mercado, Mauro Fodra, and Fernando Sifuentes. Risque, part of the X-Men, stars in “Operation: New World” by Desirée Proctor, Erica Harrell, Paco Medina, and Federico Blee. Another X-Men character, Sunspot, will be in “Homecoming” by the team of Alex Segura, Alba Glez, José Marzan Jr., and Cris Peter. The last preview page highlights Miles Morales once more, but with Black Panther in “¿De Donde Eres?” by David Betancourt, Alitha E. Martinez, José Marzan Jr., and Bryan Valenza. Fans can see what all of Marvel’s Latinx heroes are up to next when Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades releases on November 10th.
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