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This fall, MARVEL’S VOICES: COMUNIDADES, is the latest installment in the series showcasing the  the cultural richness of Marvel Comics and uplifting new voices in the comic book industry. Like MARVEL’S VOICES: LEGACY and MARVEL’S VOICES: PRIDE, MARVEL’S VOICES: COMUNIDADES turns the spotlight on the Latino and Latinx heroes and creators from all corners of the Marvel Universe feature thrilling adventures of some of Marvel’s most popular heroes while celebrating the range of their cultural heritage as told by not only fan-favorite writers and artists and some making their Marvel Comics debut.
Marvel’s first Latino superhero was White Tiger, created by writer Bill Mantlo and artist George Pérez in 1974’s DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU #19. Since then, Marvel has introduced many new Latino-descent heroes from a multitude of different backgrounds including current stars such as Miles Morales, America Chavez, and Reptil.

Writer: Daniel José Older
Artist: Germán Peralta
Colorist: Jesus Aburtov
Daniel José Older had this to say about writing White Tiger, Marvel’s first Latinx Super Hero:
“As Marvel’s first Latinx Super Hero, White Tiger holds such an integral and iconic status in comic book history, and it was an incredible honor and privilege to be able to write a story about him and the legendary Young Lords, revolutionary activists from the same era. I’m thrilled to be part of this amazing project along with so many incredible creators.”

Writer: Amparo Ortiz
Artist: Caio Majado
Colorist: Dono Sánchez-Almara
Another story will feature White Tiger (Ava Ayala) written by Amparo Ortiz, who had this to say about the project:
“Writing a story for Marvel was already a dream come true, but to slip into Ava Ayala’s shoes in Puerto Rico is an honor I’ll cherish forever. I wanted to redefine what she considers strength and reinforce her commitment to the island her family calls home.”

Writer: Terry Blas
Artist: Julius Ohta
Colorist: Erick Arciniega
Writer Terry Blas had this to say about his contribution:
“It’s important for me that Latinas see themselves reflected back as smart and resourceful and brave and adventurous. Eva’s character is very much informed by that and sending her to Strange Academy and off on an adventure with fellow Mexican student, German Aguilar was such a fun way to showcase both of their powers and the possibilities they hold. She made a promise to Humberto/Reptil that she wouldn’t stop learning magic until she knew how to find his parents and Comunidades kicks off the beginning of her journey to do that.”

Writer: Julio Anta
Artist: Enid Balám
Inks: Oren Junior
Colorist: Federico Blee
Julio Anta, who is pairing Miles Morales and Spider-Girl Anya Corazon discuss the term Latinx and what it means, said about his story:
“I’m so proud to participate in this MARVEL VOICES anthology, and honored to have the opportunity to tell this story–a multi-generational conversation between Anya Corazon, Miles Morales, and his mother Rio about the term ‘Latinx. While this is no doubt a contentious topic within our community, I hope that this comic helps to explain it, and makes a case for inclusive language and respecting each other’s personal identities.”

Writer: Claribel A. Ortega
Artist: Adriana Melo
Inks: Victor Nava
Colorist: Dijjo Lima
Claribel A. Ortega, whose contribution features America Chavez, said about her experience:
“I am honored to be featured among so many amazing creators. America Chavez is an iconic character and getting to continue a small part of her story was a dream come true for me as a Marvel fan.”

Writer: Juan Ponce
Artist: Wilton Santos
Inks: Sean Parsons
Colorist: Dijjo Lima
Writer Juan Ponce said about his experience on the book:
“It’s truly an honor to take part in such an important book–in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t imagine this. Nina the Conjuror is the Brazilian Sorcerer Supreme of the 1950’s, her world is so unique, I knew early on I just had to tell a Nina story, because she’s truly one of a kind.”

Writer: Yehudi Mercado
Artist: Mauro Fodra
Colorist: Fernando Sifuentes
Yehudi Mercado, who gives readers a Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider story in the comic, said:
“I was absolutely thrilled to be able to play in the world of Ghost Rider, especially with Robbie Reyes. I’m a huge fan of Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore, the original creators, and I love putting car chases in my books. I think it’s more important than ever to highlight strong, heroic Latinx characters. My one-shot is definitely not subtle, but we live in very unsubtle times.”

Writers: Desirée Proctor & Erica Harrell
Artist: Paco Medina
Colorist: Federico Blee
Desirée Proctor & Erica Harrell, who feature the X-Men’s Risque, had the following to say:
“With the X-Men expanding their territory beyond Krakoa, we thought Risque would have an interesting point of view on this as both sides of her family (Cuban and Seminole) were oppressed by foreign colonizers. We’re so excited Marvel let us tell this story, and to work alongside Paco Medina, Frederico Blee, and Ariana Maher.”

Writer: Alex Segura
Artist: Alba Glez
Inks: José Marzan Jr.
Colorist: Cris Peter
Segura had these words about his contribution, featuring the mutant Sunspot:
“I grew up reading X-Men and New Mutants and have a love for the Claremont/Sienkiewicz run, so being able to add to that mythos through one of my favorite X-characters, Sunspot, was a huge honor  hope fans enjoy our story.”

Writer: David Betancourt
Artist: Alitha E. Martinez
Inks: José Marzan Jr.
Colorist: Bryan Valenza
Betancourt said the following about the opportunity to tell a Miles Morales story:
“The chance to be the first writer that is both Puerto Rican and African American to craft a story for Miles Morales was an opportunity I could not pass up. There isn’t a Super Hero in all of comics that means more to me and I’m excited to have contributed to this Spider-Man’s mythos.”
Other stories will include short tales by Karla Pacheco and Vanesa Del Rey, Edgar Delgado and Francisco Herrera, Leonardo Romero, Nico Leon, and Gustavo Duarte that highlight rich culinary traditions starring Robbie Reyes, Germán Aguilar, Shark Girl, and Reptil.
Along with these stories, the issue will feature a variety of variant covers:
Variant Cover by NATACHA BUSTOS
MARVEL’S VOICES: COMUNIDADES, the latest one-shot in the groundbreaking Marvel’s Voices series will continue the tradition of highlighting the cultural richness of the Latino/ Latinx voices in from Marvel Comics on November 10, 2021.
Chad lives in upstate NY and has been a life long comic book reader and collector. As a result of this, Chad has many issues, many of which are bagged, boarded, and sorted.
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